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I miss those days when...

Carter only had about 1000 views on his younows.

When Nash and Cameron were just on Vine.

When Carter was single. At least he didn’t get so much hate then….

When The boys were actually free to Opinion, without drama.

When Carter never ever took off his Hat.

Nash was a full brunette.

Cameron had long hair.

Jack and Jack were still in high school , and not graduating.

When Shawn was a Vine singer. And when he was ONLY on vine.

When Bart wasen’t a blame to using the boys. And people actually thanked him for kind reasons.

Carter lip sync vines.

Matts Ariana Grande Fangirling.

Jack and jacks singing Car vines.

When Hayes Jack and Jack accidently stole a car and Hayes thought he could drive.

When Taylor ALWAYS wore bandannas.

When we were called “Magcon Family.” And we’re sure of the name then. But .. what are we now ?

The boys would hope in a basket in the toy section at Walmart for Vines.

Excuse my language.. but Im sick of all the rumor Bullshit from the newborns….remember when they were happier and could say what they wanted?

When Vine was new…Un popular.

Taylor and Aaron were atchually appreciated.

When Magcon wasen’t all about just Cam and Nash.

Cashew Moments.


Matt and Carter Moments.

When hayes told the crowd he smelled “Fabulous”

Taylor’s little funny freak outs for vines.

When Taylor and Carter walked in though that door to see the guy and their faces became viral.

Remember when Cam got wax stuck on his leg?

Did any of you know Nash had long hair last summer?

Remember when Cam was appreciated for his personality and not his abs. You people disgust me. LOOKS ARENT EVERYTHNG. God has made you all original and you are all beautiful <3 Famous or not.

When Matt could Live simply. so then we could simply live.

Every month before April 17….


Their Youtube Videos.

Their first hug….we didn’t want a last one…ever.

When less than 1000 ment more to then.
When they weren’t even near 1 million.

When the REAL Magcon Family..
Was together.

When magcon ment more than just “some name” to them.

When Carter and Matthew had their random hours on twitter… even if it was inappropriate…. At least they were happy then.

When Carter didn’t get so much hate.

When matthew never got so much force to follow to the point where people threat to kill them selfs.

Their twitter family slays. The way they stopped haters together. .. dusted them off like they were nothing.

When Cameron, Taylor, Carter, Nash, Jack, Jack ,Aaron ,and Hayes, Shawn called us their “Family.”

It seems like… we’re just fans now. All blended in with a mix of Magcults and some preteens who don’t know how the hell this family even got here.

I miss those days at school when the boys were MY SECRET.
Those days where no matter what… I could relate to their reality.

I can’t relate now.. They’re famous now.

Nash and Cameron and Possibly Hayes and Carter are getting closer to show buisness.

Carter mentioned himself on a a younow he would never quit Magcon without a good reason. ..but the fact is he just..left. that’s how I feel.

Taylor, Aaron, Jack and Jack and Matthew and shawn stand alone… wishing the boys were here.

Taylor said he would do anything to get them back together.

Matthew said he missed them here.

Taylor tried to keep his sadness low key.

Remember those days when they were normal like us ? They just came home from school and vine how they felt or just somethin damn random and we could laugh and relate.

I miss the family guys. I miss the real family.

After seeing Nash and Cam on Good Morning America. .. I realized something…

They did it guys.
We did it.

We got them up there.

But…now I wish we can bring them back down.

Taylor’s right …. He wrote on twitter: “@taylorcaniff: You Don’t realize how much you really care about people until they’re not there to pick you up.. whenever you fall..” I coulden’t agree more.

Now , before you go and press reblog… I want you not to cry, I want you to smile. Guess why?

1. You’re beautiful.

and 2. Because you should be proud of yourself..you right there starring at this. Thanks to you the boys are where they are now with their success and couldent have ever made it without a fan like you on their side.

Ohana <3

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