shawn mendes fanfic


#109 Shawn Mendes – Insecure

You are not the skinniest girl in the world, not a super model, not sporty of obsessed with your weight. You are you and that was enough to make Shawn fall in love with you. He doesn’t care how you look, doesn’t care what other people say. He loves you unconditionally.

It wasn’t how you look that made him fall in love with it, it wasn’t the way you dress or anything like that. It was your personality and the fact that just the thought of you makes him smile. Shawn always tells you how beautiful you are even if you don’t think so.

He’s cute, tall, toned, got gorgeous eyes and a gorgeous smile. He’s all you ever wanted and more. When you fell in love with him, you thought it would never work out between you but you thought wrong.

Now you and Shawn are walking through the streets. His arm his around your shoulder and your arm is around his torso. Shawn gives a kiss on your temple, making you giggle. You walk pass stores that have pictures of models in their display window and start to slowly but surely feel self concious. Your smile fades away as you and Shawn continue to walk. A group of thinner girls than you walk pass and smile at Shawn. Shawn doesn’t notice that though and continues to walk. “Why is he with her?” You hear one girl whisper.

You swallow and look down. That’s when Shawn notices that you aren’t smiling anymore.

“What’s wrong?” He asks and holds you closer to him. You don’t answer and just shake your head. Shawn stops to walk and cups your cheeks, lifting up your face to look at him. “What’s wrong?” He repeats his question.

“Nothing.” You mumble but he doesn’t believe you. Shawn knows you too well already and can tell when you’re lying to him. “It’s not important.” You say but he still gives you a questioning look.

“If it makes you upset, it is certainly important.” Shawn and gives you a kiss on your forehead. “Tell me.” He demands and takes one step closer to you

“I’m not beautiful.” You mumble and look down again, avoiding his eyes because you know you’d start to cry.

“Yes you are, (Y/N). You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. With your gorgeous eyes and lips and body. Please don’t be insecure ‘cause there’s nothing to be insecure about, alright?” He says and wraps his arms around you. You put your hand around him and rest your forehead on his chest. “You are all I ever wanted, (Y/N).” Shawn reassures you and gives you a kiss on your head.

“Look.” He says and you look up at him. “I fell in love with you because you are you. I don’t want a model or beauty guru or whatever. I want you, okay? You are what I want and nothing can change that.” Shawn smiles and you feel tears building up. You take a deep breath and smile back at him as a tear escapes your eye.

“Believe me, alright? Just me. It doesn’t matter what others say. I’ll protect you from their shit. Always, (Y/N). I love you, okay? I love you.” Shawn leans down and kisses you. You kiss him back instantly as he tightens his arms around you, holding tightly in his arms, making you feel safe and loved.


1) Listen to this with headphones.

2. Listen to this and think of Shawn.

3) Listen to this and think of how you feel when you hear his voice.

4) Listen to this and think of how much love you have for him in this very moment.

 5) Now listen to this from Shawn’s perspective.

That’s exactly how much he loves you


Many weird, but cute pictures of shawny

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