shawn mendes fanfic

Dating Shawn would involve
  • singing
  • him teasing you because you are so small
  • kissing your forhead
  • holding your hand
  • teaching you how to play the guitar
  • writing songs for you
  • him kissing your cheek everytime you blush
  • him pecking your lips as much as he can
  • him being rough in the bed to show you that you are his
  • jaw clenching whenever a boy tries to flirt with you
  • accents
  • going to fucking award shows because he is not a secret anymore
  • lovebites
  • him calling you beautiful everytime he sees you smile
  • sitting on his lap
  • him carrying you into bed when you fall asleep somwhere
  • you being a fucking lucky bitch

1) Listen to this with headphones.

2. Listen to this and think of Shawn.

3) Listen to this and think of how you feel when you hear his voice.

4) Listen to this and think of how much love you have for him in this very moment.

 5) Now listen to this from Shawn’s perspective.

That’s exactly how much he loves you


Many weird, but cute pictures of shawny