shawn mendes dirty imagine

1) Listen to this with headphones.

2. Listen to this and think of Shawn.

3) Listen to this and think of how you feel when you hear his voice.

4) Listen to this and think of how much love you have for him in this very moment.

 5) Now listen to this from Shawn’s perspective.

That’s exactly how much he loves you

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Y’all are definitely going to kill me for this one but I don’t give a shit anymore because GUYS just imagine Shawn keeps whispering your name under his breath and you are sucking him off teasingly and you’re looking up at him and making eye contact and not breaking your gaze and every time he says he is about to come you pull off and shake your head no and he is a writhing, whimpering mess because of you and he is tangling his hands in the sheets because you had already told him that he wasn’t allowed to put his hands in your hair or touch you in general and before too long you finally stop teasing him and climb up and put a condom on him and you start riding him slowly and he’s staring up at you with hooded eyes and he keeps moaning your name over and over again and getting louder and louder and you pick up the pace gradually and he is begging you to let him come and you finally say, “Ok. Since you’ve been so good.” And he has the most intense orgasm of his entire life thanks to you.

I just need to have a black Lamborghini specifically made for me with my name engraved in gold on it for when I drive my ass to Hell because it’s going to happen either way.


Being a cute adorkable dork….😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😝😎 Idk what happened to the second and third gif

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Currently crying my eyes out

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Many weird, but cute pictures of shawny

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Favorite pic

“Matt Is 17”

But guys just imagine you and Shawn going to the state fair and y’all ride every ride there and you hold his hand during every ride the whole and y’all walk around with his tatted arm around you and constantly kisses you on the cheek or on the forehead, his cool lip piercing always feeling cold against your warm skin, and y’all finally stop to get some cotton candy and he orders a huge one to share with you and he takes a large bite out of it and he grins proudly and says, “Tastes just like you, babe.” And you blush really hard at his statement and when Shawn finishes up the cotton candy and ride a few more rides again, y’all head home and Shawn eats you out and says, “Mmm.. you taste so good, baby girl.”

Let me just fuck myself to Hell already.


Sometimes Shawn can be sexy, other times he’s a total weirdo……😍😘