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Can you write a jealous Shawn smut. 😏because your other writings are amazing. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Shawn Imagine #1

This imagine contains sexual content, so if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t read it.

(I combined this with another Shawn Smut request, so I hope it’s what the anon wanted too.)

„Wow.“ you gasped, walking in the hotel room, a panorama window in front of you. Shawn was currently on tour with Austin Mahone and asked if you wanted to come with him for a few weeks. You were able to get off of school, so you gladly accepted. “Nice, isn’t it?” Shawn said behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, placing his chin on your head. “It’s wonderful.” Turning around, you held him tight and laid your head on his chest, feeling his heartbeat and steady breathing. “How about we quickly change and then go to grab something to eat?” Shawn suggested, looking at you. “Sounds like a plan.” you smiled, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. Turning around, you went to get your suitcase when he lightly slapped your butt, making you yelp. “Shawn!” you scolded. He just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “I couldn’t help it.” he defended. Shaking your head, you unzipped your suitcase and searched for something to wear. Wanting something simple, you finally changed into this. You combed through your hair and freshened up your make-up. You knocked on the bathroom door. “Babe, are you ready?” you asked. “I’ll be in a minute, you can go to the lobby already, I’ll meet you there!” Shawn answered. Grabbing your phone, you opened the door of the hotel room, making your way downstairs. There was an elevator too, but you were always kind of terrified of using them.

Down in the lobby, you saw Bradley standing at the reception desk, looking kind of lost. You walked up to him. “Y/N!” he exclaimed excitedly, pulling you in a quick hug. “Hi Brad.” you laughed, pulling back, “Why are you standing here?”, as the other boys weren’t there. “Well,” he started, “the others are in their rooms already, but it seems like the hotel forgot me and I don’t have a room at the moment. They’re currently trying to fix it.” “Oh, that sucks.” you said, smiling encouragingly, “How long does it take?” Bradley shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, about an hour probably.” You felt sorry for him, so you had an idea. “Hey, Brad, Shawn and I were just about to go out to grab some food. Do you want to come with us? Shawn should be here any minute.” you suggested. “Oh, thank you so much Y/N! I’m starving.” he laughed, “Is it okay with Shawn?” Giving him the ‘are you serious look’, he laughed again. “Of course it is, idiot.”

You jumped a little when two arms made their way around your torso, hot breath hitting your neck, making goosebumps appear. “I’m ready.” Shawn exclaimed, pressing a kiss to your temple, “Oh, hey Brad.” he smiled, bumping fists with him. “The hotel forgot Brad and he doesn’t have a hotel room yet. I suggested that he can go eat with us.” you chimed in. “Sure man.” Shawn agreed, “Shall we go then?” Interwining his and your fingers, the three of you exited the lobby.

Shawn quickly regretted his decision, seeing the way Bradley looked at you and only spoke to you nearly the whole time, ignoring Shawn.

You attempted to integrate Shawn in the conversation, but he seemed a little bit off and was quite cold with you. Deciding to just shrugg it off, you spotted a little restaurant and pulled them towards it.

Still trying to integrate Shawn in your conversation throughout the whole meal, you finally gave up. You scoffed. If he wanted to be like that, fine. Two could play this game.

Little did you see that he was shooting daggers at Bradley the whole time, jealousy burning in his eyes. He absolutely didn’t like the way he was looking at you. As he laid his hand on yours, laughing at a joke you just made, he had enough.

Shawn grabbed your hand, pulling you up. “Y/N, we need to go. I forgot that I..I have soundcheck in 10 minutes.” Without any other word, he pulled you out of the restaurant, leaving a confused Bradley behind. Outside, you freed yourself from his harsh grip. “Shawn! What the fuck was that?” you whisper-yelled, not wanting to make a scene in public. “Like I said, I have soundcheck.” he grumbled, taking your hand and walking back to the hotel. “Shawn, you know as well as me that your soundcheck isn’t before 4pm and it’s only 1pm. So why did you do that?” you continued. Shawn didn’t answer though, he just kept walking. Frustated, you caught up to him, not saying a word. It annoyed you that he just did that, but a part of you liked angry Shawn.

After a few minutes you reached the hotel, Shawn’s grip on your arm still tight, not losening it until you were back in your guys hotel room. As soon as the door was closed, you were smashed against it, your wrists pinned above your head. His action knocked the breath out of you and you stared at him wide eyed. His eyes were full of anger and lust. Smashing his lips onto yours, he forced his tongue into your mouth. He let one hand wander under your shirt, squeezing your breasts, keeping your hands pinned above your head with his other. You moaned in his mouth, making him smirk in the kiss. You couldn’t deny that you liked Shawn’s dominant side. Even though he always seemed so innocent, he he definitely wasn’t behind closed doors. His lips wandered down your neck to your collarbones, leaving marks on their way. He bit down on the thin skin, soothing it with his tongue. Your eyes fluttered close as you whispered his name over and over. “Louder babygirl, I want everyone to hear you.” he whispered in your ear. You felt your arousal grow as you moaned his name louder. “S-Shawn, oh g..oh god.” That’s it Y/N, let them know.” he growled, leading you to the bed, your back hitting the soft sheets. You kicked off your shoes as Shawn wasted no time in pulling off your shirt and jeans, his clothes following soon after. Placing a trail of wet kisses down your stomach, he moaned, a shiver going through your body. He slipped a finger into your panties, running his fingers along your folds. “I want you to scream Y/N. Everyone should hear who you belong to.” he growled. “Then make me.” you purred, teasing him. Not even a second later, he plunged two fingers into you, making you scream in pain and pleasure. Shawn went at a fast pace, your body squirming underneath him and your hips bucking up to create more friction. He pushed them down again and lowered his mouth, blowing on your heat, goosebumps rising on your body. “S..S-Shawn, I-I’m gonna c-cum..” you pressed out, dots starting to cloud your vision. “Do it babe, cum all over my fingers.” he purred. This was everything you needed to let go. Waves of pleasure rushed through your body as you screamed Shawn’s name over and over. By now everyone probably knew his name. Shawn helped you through your high and pulled out his fingers. Fumbling with the hooks of your bra, he took it off, pulling down his boxers as well. Pumping himself a few times, he connected your lips in a passionate kiss, lining up with your entrance. “Are you ready Y/N?” he whispered in your ear. “Sh-Shawn, I-I can’t, I’m s-still to sen..sensitive.” you stuttered out, but Shawn wouldn’t take it. “But you will, babygirl.” And with that he pushed into you. Squeezing your eyes shut, you screamed out loud once more. His grunts and your whimpers filled the room as he pounded into you at a hard and steady pace. Scratching your nails down his back, he hissed and closed his eyes. “Shit, Y/N, I’m gonna cum.” he pressed out, increasing his speed, making your body jerk forward with every thrust. You whimpered and grabbed his biceps, signaling that you were close too. With one deep thrust you felt him twitch and release inside of you, you following soon over, screams and profanities falling from your lips. The pleasure was nearly unbearable and everything went black for a few seconds. Shawn pulled out and fell next to you, panting hard. Tangling your sweaty bodies together he pressed a kiss to your temple, his soft side coming out again. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.” he whispered, concern lingering in his voice. “You could never.” you whispered back, slowly falling asleep.

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"I'll Wait Until Marriage, Mom"

“Can you write a shawn mendes smut story were i and him are like 15-16 and we have our first time in a bathroom”

I loved writing this! Please send more requests so I can write more things like this x

Requested: yes
Smut: yes
Word count: 1,734

I never thought that I’d end up losing my virginity in high school. I had made a promise to my parents in middle school to wait until I was married, and I always thought it was just immoral to have sex at such a young age when I heard about the girls who went around sucking dick like they were Popsicles, and then there was me, who was always this nerdy girl that no one seemed to like. I didn’t even think I was that ugly, I mean, i wasn’t a goddess but I never understood why guys seemed to avoid me like the plague. Maybe they thought I was a lesbian or something.

I met Shawn in 3rd grade when he moved to my school and sat with me at lunch and complimented my Hannah Montana shirt and told me he was a fan of her too. We had Hannah Montana dance parties at my house and we became best friends in no time. Our moms became friends too, and they went out and had girls nights with their other friends regularly and Shawn and I spent the night watching movies or something at his house all throughout middle school.

We were now 16 and we’d been together for a year and a few months. Of course my parents stopped letting me spend the night after we got together and they watched us more closely, but Shawn was driving now and he took me out to dinner and to watch movies and we’d make out in his car afterwards before we got home.

Shawn was on tour for a while with Taylor Swift, but was back home with us before preparing to leave again after the break. I was going with him to a party with him and a few other extremely famous people that Shawn had connections with now that he was getting more famous. I was surprised my mom even let me go considering there was going to be alcohol and adults around everywhere, but I think she trusted Shawn a lot and knew he would keep me safe.

I got ready, waiting for Shawn to come pick me up. I was wearing his favorite dress on me, a fitted black one with my hair curled and makeup done nicely. I had a funny feeling about that night, like something huge was going to happen.

My mom called me downstairs to inform me that Shawn was there to get me and I walked down and met him at the door. He looked so good in his dark jeans and leather jacket, my breath nearly caught in my throat as my mom hugged and kissed us on the cheek goodbye before I walked out with Shawn and he helped me into his car.

We talked and laughed together on the way there, the music on the radio playing softly in the background. His warm hand rested on my bare thigh, and I found myself thinking dirty thoughts about him moving it up my dress.

We hadn’t done very much together. My parents were always watching us and making sure nothing was going on, but in a few instances, our steamy makeout sessions in his car had led to some blowjobs and hands up my skirt. I was comfortable with Shawn, more so than anyone else and I knew I wanted more with him, but I didn’t want to push it if that’s not what he wanted.

When we got to the party, Shawn led us inside, and I thought I would faint as I walked around and got to meet Taylor Swift and a few other of my favorite artists that were at the party. Shawn took pictures of me with all of them and I was having a blast. We drank punch since neither of us were even close to being old enough to drink, and snacked on the trays that appeared here and there throughout the party.

“I have to use the bathroom,” Shawn said to a couple people he was talking to, excusing himself. He walked next to me, his lips brushing against my ear and whispered, “meet me in there in 5 minutes.”

He left without looking at me again, or giving any hint about what was going to happen next. I looked around anxiously, but no one seemed to even notice that he had said anything to me. I watched the time on my phone with zero patience, the longest 5 minutes of my life going by painfully slow.

I approached the bathroom and knocked lightly on the door, and Shawn immediately opened up enough for me to slip inside. He shut the door and locked it, backing me against it, his hands on either side of my head.

“I don’t want to go back on tour without doing this with you first,” he said quietly, looking down into my eyes as my heart started to race. “And we won’t get any other chance to do it so it’ll have to be here. But if you don’t want to then we don’t have to.”

“Shawn I’ve been waiting for you to say that to me for so long,” I said, reaching forward and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and bringing his lips to meet mine. His hands fumbled around my waist as he kissed me, lifting me from the ground and onto the counter of the bathroom, standing between my legs as he kissed me.

His lips worked against mine, and his fingers dug into my sides as his sloppy kisses moved down my cheek to my neck. I closed my eyes and moved my head so he had more room to work and dug my fingers into his shoulders as he ground his hips against mine.

My breathing picked up as he pulled up my already hiked up dress and slid his fingers down the inside of my panties. He rubbed against my entrance teasingly, collecting my arousal on his fingertips.

“Ready for me already,” he smirked against my neck, sliding just the tip of his finger inside and rubbing my walls, making me moan in need of more. The boy knows how to tease.

He pulled his finger out and pulled my panties down my legs, tossing them on the floor behind him. I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, unzipping them and yanking them down his legs, boxers and all. His erection sprung up unexpectedly, and I pulled him to me to kiss me again. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom.

“Please hurry,” I whined as he rolled it over his length and moved closer to me. He spread my legs apart on the counter and rubbed his tip against me.

“Just tell me if anything hurts and you want to stop,” he said, and I nodded as he leaned his forehead against mine and pushed himself inside of me, a little bit at first and then filling me up completely.

“Oh,” I said, a little pain coming from the foreign feeling, but nothing unbearable. He looked me in the eyes, silently asking to move. I nodded slightly, closing my own eyes as he pulled back out and moved back into my slowly.

It wasn’t long before the pain faded and he moved in and out of me at a slow and steady rate, his face relaxed as he let out small moans here and there.

“You can move faster,” I said, wanting more of him. He immediately obliged to what I said, moving even faster in and out of me. I closed my eyes again, letting him fill me up over and over again. His fingers held tightly onto my sides, his face falling into my neck. The more he moved, the better it felt and soon I was also moaning, letting his name fall from my lips.

He pulled my closer, leaning me back so my head rested against the mirror. He angled himself differently, hitting my sweet spot as he thrusted, this time going faster. I let out an unintentional loud moan, his hand clasping over my mouth as it came out. He continued to hit that spot over and over again and I was no longer feeling pain, it was just pleasure, wave after wave of pleasure going through my entire body.

His hips rocked against me, my own moving in sync with his as he moved even faster than before, a small amount of sweat beginning to form on his temples. I tangled my fingers in his hair, tugging slightly as he bit my neck and dragged his teeth against my skin. I felt a tension rising in my lower abdomen as he continued to pleasure me, my head falling back as he thrusted into my faster than ever.

“Shawn, I’m getting close,” I moaned and he kept his relentless pace, grabbing my head and holding me to look at him.

“Look at me, baby,” he said, his eyes looking directly into mine.

“Oh my god I love you so much,” I moaned, my release coming near.

“Cum for me,” he said softly, my whole body tensing. He hit my spot a few more times and my high hit me, my back arching off of the counter and against his chest, and he bit into my neck as he hit his own high right after me, moaning into my ear as it washed over both of us, and he thrusted a few more time to ride out our orgasms.

“I love you so much,” he said, kissing me on the lips and cheeks, holding my face in his hands. I was breathless, my heart pounding fast and sweat slightly collected on my skin.

Shawn pulled off the condom and tied it off, throwing it in the garbage as he helped me down from the counter. He kissed me after I picked up my panties, his lips lingering against mine for a few seconds.

“I love you so much, (Y/N),” he said, smiling at me a little before he pulled up his jeans and boxers. “I’ll meet you out there in a few minutes.”

As he left, I sighed and thought about what had just happened between us. It was totally worth the broken promise I made to my parents in middle school.