Hitched | Shawn Mendes

Summary: After a wild night in Vegas you and Shawn end up married according to the tabloids. Will these rumors change your dynamic and be the push the two of you need to finally admit your feelings for each other, or will it be the end of your relationship both professionally and personally? [personal assistant reader] [fake married] [accidentally married] [non au theme] 

Word Count: 8.5k 

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Early morning sun blinds you through the windows of your hotel suite. Your head pounds, body feeling like it’s been hit with a sack of bricks. Your mouth is dry like sandpaper as you reach for a bottle on the nightstand. There’s a heavy weight across your stomach and you look down. An arm. A bulky thick arm with the tattoo of an orchid in a light bulb. Shawn.  

You push back the blankets to reveal the sleeping giant. He is sprawled out beside you on his stomach, arm across your waist, face pressed into the pillows. This wasn’t the first time the two of you ended up in bed together, and it wouldn’t be the last. At least he went home with you last night. As soon as the tequila shots had come out, you started to worry. Shawn and tequila don’t mix well and he gets a little crazy.  

A pang of sickness washes over you and you need to get up. It’s not like you to drink when Shawn drinks. It’s sort of your job to keep him out of trouble and on task. But shit happens. At least he’s with you, like you said. You did your job well enough. You push at his arm and instead of removing it, he curls it tighter around you, pressing on your stomach.

“Shawn, I have to get up. I feel sick.”

“Mmm.” He groans and rubs his face into his pillow. “No, stay with me.”

“Shawn. Now.”

“Stop talking.” He rolls over, toward you, and tugs you closer to him. “My head hurts.”

“You’re hungover.”


You run your hand over his hair and glitter falls out. You have no idea where that came from but it isn’t what you’re really focusing on. No. The ring on your finger is what catches your eye. It’s Shawn’s, his pinky ring, the rose gold one. Why were you wearing it on your wedding ring finger? Why were you wearing it at all? Oh no. A portion of the night comes flooding back to you. Brian had been joking with Shawn that since he lost his passport yesterday morning, he was illegal in the USA. Oh God Shawn no. You love Shawn, hell, you know him better than most at this point. It’s hard not to fall in love with someone like him, but those feelings were counterproductive to your job and he could never know. Though you suppose he already does, the two of you couldn’t deny looks and familiar touches. It was complicated.

“Shawn get up,” you push him off of you and he sits up quickly. “What happened last night?”

He holds his head and groans loudly. He’d had far more to drink than you did. “I don’t remember.”

You put your hand out for him. “Did we get married?”

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good for you

a/n: i wrote this in about four hours so let’s be nice sksksks this is a one-shot based on some sub!shawn anons i got a while ago. even tho im a bigger fan of dom!shawn  (cause im a slut for that shit) this was a lot of fun to write and im happy with how it turned out. hope you enjoy! huge thanks to @shawnsmoose and all the anons that sent in ideas, ily!!

warnings: smut, oral (female recieving), no condom (safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex), basic filth,, literally just filth (w a little fluff?)

“P- please, honey.”

 He’s on his knees in front of the bed, doe eyes staring up at you with a small pout gracing his lips. He can tell you’re mad at him, deciding to stay still until you give him permission to get closer.

 You’re laid out in front of him, your legs hanging off the bed, thighs spread and exhibiting your most intimate part to him. Completely naked, propping yourself up on your elbows as you stare down at your boy teasingly, “What do you want, Shawn?”

 “Wanna taste you.” You can tell it’s taking everything in him not to break and submerge himself in you, but he’s already been bad, and knows the punishment will be worse if he steps out of line again. “Please baby, please let me make you feel good.”

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better than sex

A/N: I’ve been writing on this for ages, holy shit. This is based on that thing Shawn said about performing being better than sex lmao. @particularrose​ basically wrote this one with all the ideas she gave me tbh so special shout-out to her for being so incredible! So here you go, dudes, here’s 6k of some flirty sub!Shawn with a guest star appearance by Niall Horan himself!


Summertime in Los Angeles is positively scorching. When the sun is high in the sky, it can feel a bit like you’re boiling. Niall’s house thankfully has stellar air conditioning, but it doesn’t stop things from getting a little heated at times.

When Niall had suggested that you could spend your summer with him in his Hollywood home, you hadn’t even hesitated to accept the offer. The prospect of spending several weeks alone with one of your best friends was almost too good to be true. And, of course, it was.

What Niall hadn’t told you when he made that offer was that he’d also made that same offer to someone else. Shawn. And it’s not that you don’t like Shawn; it’s more that you perhaps like him a little too much.

You’d met Shawn through Niall, and you’d initially been a smidge smitten with the curly-haired and brown-eyed boy who was nothing if not cute. But the more you got to know him, the more you realized that he wasn’t just cute; he was hot.

It’s even worse now, to be honest. The heat means that Shawn is never wearing too much clothing, and every goddamn time you see him, he’s got some part of his body on display. When you’ll be trying to read a book by the pool, for example, he’ll come out in nothing but swim trunks, his glorious torso on exhibition. The amount of times you’ve caught yourself fantasizing about running your hands over those defined abs or biceps or that back of his is astounding and almost worrying.

You don’t ever want to make it too obvious that you’re staring. Niall is much like a brother to you,  you treat each other like siblings, and openly thirsting for one of his best friends seems like a bad idea.

You catch Shawn staring too, though. When you’ll go to take a dip in the pool in nothing more than a bikini, his eyes will linger a few moments too long. When you’ll walk around the house in booty shorts, the looks he gives you when he thinks you’re not looking are definitely indecent.

Almost subconsciously, it develops into a game of who can be the biggest tease, and it’s exhausting. Your only break from it is when Shawn goes off to the studio to write, although he always comes back frustrated, annoyed with the writer’s block he’s going through.

Niall does his best to help him, but there’s not much to do. Niall says it’s just something that happens every once in a while and that Shawn just has to let it pass. Shawn is not one for patience when it comes to things like these, however. He tells you that he’s looking for inspiration, and about two weeks into your stay is when he finds it.

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