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“I really do have a soft spot for pushing Tina Fey, I’m a HUGE fan of Tina, in that regard I’m no different than the rest of the human world.
But I’ve got to know Tina a fair bit in real life, so I know she has more colors to her, so I got really excited to get the chance to bring those out and encouraging her to what more she can do and what more she can be. That’s why I cast her first in this movie.” - Shawn Levy.

Entertainment Weekly has released the first official cast photo from a movie I am so proud to be a part of- “This is Where I Leave You”. Everyone in this photo is extraordinarily talented and I’m honored to be standing anywhere near them. The movie is based off of the great Jonathan Tropper’s best selling novel (he wrote the screenplay as well) and is directed by the amazing Shawn Levy. The cast includes (inhales)- Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Jane Fonda, Rose Byrne, Timothy Olyphant, Connie Britton, Kathryn Hahn, Debra Monk, Aaron Lazar, Dax Shepard, Abigail Spencer and somehow me. The film comes out September 12th and I am so excited for everyone to check it out.



The first trailer for the adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You which features the the most insane cast imaginable, including Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, Connie Britton, Kathryn Hahn, Rose Byrne and so many more.

This was supposed to be my first movie, I was hired and everything, but I eventually couldn’t do it.  Aw damn.

One thing I’ll mention by the way on Jed and Octavius: it took me three movies to finally realize that the magic of these two guys is the chemistry between these two guys.
—  Shawn Levy in the commentary for Night at the Museum 3
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“As a boxer? Charlie was the top contender, number two in the world. Then, the fight game changed. / Times have changed. Fighting has changed. But the crowd? They never change. They just get bigger. The human body can only take so much. But the steel never stops.”


“The one person that’s got it figured out in this family is Cole. You know, he sits on that can and he takes his dump, and he’s super happy.”

Films (re)watched in 2015: This Is Where I Leave You (2014), dir. Shawn Levy