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Hey, do you think Shawn would be with someone who is sassy? I mean like someone who likes to sticks up for herself, family and friends as well. I don't mean like rude but for example sticking up for him, cause I wouldn't hesitate to curse someone out if Shawn was mine and they were nasty to him. Doesn't mean I would reply to everything but maybe really rude comments,reporters, papa. How do you think he would feel about that? Personally I think he might not like it sometimes

I think Shawn would love a sassy girl. Like sassy with humour but also with sticking up for herself and her friends. I think he’d love it if you stick up for him in real life, but I might agree with you in the fact that he wouldn’t like it if it was online.

I feel like Shawn doesn’t really do drama and he surely wouldn’t want to start it, so he might not be so thrilled about having you write back on comments or something like that. Because if you comment on the internet it spread like crazy and soon everyone would be blowing it up.

But like, if you told off a pap being nasty (as we know they can be) but like did it respectfully and like being sassy and funny, I think he would love it. He would love you for being fierce enough to joke/mock them a little, when they were being assholes. And as far as sticking up for your friends or family when someone mistreated them, he would fucking love it, because Shawn is all about being kind to people. So if someone weren’t kind, he’d say something as well.

handwritten: a summary
  • life of the party: i have 4 copies of this song
  • stitches: the music video made everyone laugh
  • never be alone: this is low key about laur
  • kid in love: sex
  • I don't even know your name: no, it's not about you
  • something big: Skip
  • strings: I'm dadada down
  • aftertaste: sassy shawn feat. sex
  • air: Astrid feat Shawn
  • crazy: this is also about laur
  • a little too much: sometimes life become hard
  • this is what it takes: a little too much part 2
  • bring it back: shawn moaning for like 3 minutes
  • imagination: wow swearing
  • the weight: he can 100% lift the weight have u seen those biceps

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I've seen videos of fans meeting Shawn on the streets, and Shawn is sometimes rude to them 😂 (at least that's what I view as rude)...

Really? I mean, I live for sassy Shawn and when a fan oversteps boundaries I find it really comforting to know that he will call them out on it? Though I don’t know what you ate referring to my love, so… Guess who is going to spend the evening looking at videos of Shawn meeting fans???

shawn mendes was playing in the cafeteria today at school and i literally started slamming the table and screaming, and then my friend said

“its just a stupid song.”






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