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Requested: Hey love!! How are you? Can i ask you one thing? Alright… I hope you can make an imagine where reader and shawn are all goofy, sassy, bitchy and all those playful relationship. i hope you can make imagine just based on how playful their relationship is. thank you very much.

Note: I thought a lot about how I wanted to write this concept and I finally settled with writing four completely unrelated scenarios or moments to illustrate the type of relationship requested. 

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“Babe, I love you and that song, but shut up.” You tell Shawn partially joking, but also partially serious because Shawn has been singing the same two lines of Barcelona by Ed Sheeran practically non stop for the past twenty minutes and you’re getting to the point where you really can’t take it any longer.

“In Baaaaaarcelona!!!” Shawn sings very high pitched for a reason you don’t understand obviously ignoring your demand for him to stop. You barely even look up from your phone. Instead, you just reach out your hand and place it over his mouth. But you feel his teeth graze your palm and then he moves and bites down lightly on your fingers.

“Ow!” You say, retracting your hand and pretending it hurt a lot more than it actually did.

“Don’t even lie, y/n, you like when I bite you,” Shawn says, and your eyes widen and you immediately look around to see if anyone heard Shawn’s comment because he didn’t even bother to say it quietly and his band is all in the dressing room with you. Luckily, they’re all busy doing their own thing so no one seems to have heard Shawn’s comment.

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love No Promises and would love if his new album had maybe one or two songs with a similar casual vibe. I enjoy his other heartache and love songs but I'd like some other stuff thrown in there as well. Also, something like aftertaste maybe? That's the sassy Shawn I love too. Well, not necessarily sassy but you know.. we'll just have to wait and see


and i’d love to see him trying different things the way he did with TNHMB? I want to see him expanding his lyrics. I want more songs about social issues kind of (i have issues with the lyrics) like Bad Reputation. I want to see him growing as an artist and talk about heartbreak from different perspective and not just his. I want to see different sides of him than just a “love struck teenager” I WANT TO SEE THE EVOLVED VERSION OF SHAWN GODDAMN

handwritten: a summary
  • life of the party: i have 4 copies of this song
  • stitches: the music video made everyone laugh
  • never be alone: this is low key about laur
  • kid in love: sex
  • I don't even know your name: no, it's not about you
  • something big: Skip
  • strings: I'm dadada down
  • aftertaste: sassy shawn feat. sex
  • air: Astrid feat Shawn
  • crazy: this is also about laur
  • a little too much: sometimes life become hard
  • this is what it takes: a little too much part 2
  • bring it back: shawn moaning for like 3 minutes
  • imagination: wow swearing
  • the weight: he can 100% lift the weight have u seen those biceps
College Parties - AU

Anonymous requested: Hey!! Can you do one where you and shawn are best friends and you go to the same college and you attend a party that gets both of you really drunk and you both try to get to your dorms but end up getting lost around campus basically you’re just laughing and stumbling all cutesy fluff! Hahahahah thanks 

Note: I tried to do the best I could with this one! lol, I hope you guys enjoy.


To say that you were a “party animal” would be overreacting, you think. You simply enjoyed the parties that local frats would host, nothing wrong with that.

Tonight, there was another party - supposedly the biggest of the year and you were determined to go and have a blast. Only problem was, your best friend Shawn wanted to go see a movie with you tonight. You loved Shawn to death and would do anything for him, but you really wanted to go to this party.

“Shawn, please, come to this party with me.” You beg.

He shook his head as he laid on your bed, staring at the ceiling.

“No, Y/N, I wanted to go see Rogue One, yet you want to go to a stupid party?” He sounds genuinely hurt and you feel bad, but you also believe that he would have a great time if he went.

“We can see Rogue One tomorrow! Shawn,” you try to get him to look at you and when that doesn’t work, you collapse on top of him.

He lets out a grunt by the sudden impact and you look at him.

“Shawn, please.” You say cutely, knowing he can’t resist your puppy dog eyes.

“Ugh, fine, get off of me and I’ll go to your stupid party with you, Jesus.” He rolls his eyes at you and you celebrate internally because you knew you would win.

You do know however, that now you have to find time to go see Rogue One with him tomorrow. Definitely not a bad thing, any time with Shawn is time well spent.

“So when do we go to this party?” Shawn asks, sounding annoyed, but less this time.

“Now.” You reply, smiling as you reach for his hands to help pull him up.

You both exit your dorm, not even trying to be quiet since you know literally everyone is at that party tonight.

Shawn hadn’t been to too many parties, in fact, whenever you had any spare time, he would go home and do something with his family - or you, of course. Shawn’s family only lived about fifteen minutes away while you, on the other hand, were not so lucky. You had actually decided to come to Canada for schooling reasons while your family lived in Arizona.

So, Shawn’s family basically became your family and it couldn’t be any more comforting to feel so welcomed into your best friend’s family.

As Shawn and you came upon the frat house, you both could already tell how huge this party was. You made a mental note to only stay for a little, knowing the campus police would be coming to break this up in a while.

You both came upon a couple making out on the grass in the front yard while loud music blared from the speakers inside the house. You looked over at Shawn, knowing he felt slightly uncomfortable for never having been to a frat party with you before. People were yelling and lights were flashing, giving the place a quite chaotic vibe.

“Just stay by my side, okay? It gets crazy around here and I don’t want us to get separated, okay, Shawn?”

“Yes, mom.” He rolls his eyes and fixes the snapback he is wearing backwards on his head.

Sassy Shawn has made an appearance tonight already and he hasn’t even had anything to drink.

You notice your roommate is here with a couple of your other friends and you walk over to them; you quickly notice that they all have drinks in their hands.

“Where can I get one of those?” You ask your roommate Renee and she points you in the right direction.

It’s about two drinks later when you realize that Shawn has mysteriously disappeared from your presence. You quickly scan the living room, trying to spot a very unenthusiastic, six foot one boy. You eventually find him sitting by the TV, on the couch, smushed in between two random people.

You walk over to him, knowing he’s not having a good time.

“Shawn, you could at least pretend you’re having a good time.” You yell over the loud music.

“Oh, you mean lie?” He yells back. “Great idea, Y/N! Let’s build our friendship on lies!” He sassily replies to you.

“Shawn, stop!” You whine.

You honestly thought he would be having a better time than this and with the large consumption of alcohol you’ve already had - your ability to care is getting less and less.

“Shawn, please, just have one drink, okay? And then we can leave, I promise.”

You pull him up and hold onto his arm, honestly trying to keep yourself steady, but you can’t ignore the way his biceps feel under your hands.

“One drink, Y/N, I’m not playing around.” Shawn says, following you to the kitchen to receive his one drink.

Well, one drink turned into two, then three, then four, then six, and then to a point where you stopped counting - or you couldn’t remember.

You definitely had more than Shawn did, who was still somewhat there, but you put that lightly. He was pretty drunk.

“H-hey Y/N,” he stumbled into you, swinging his arm around your neck and shoving his mouth towards your left ear. “We s-s-should go because police and the aliens.” He raised both of his eyebrows in a serious manner, making you laugh really hard.

“Okay, let’s go. B-but, wait!” You drunkenly held up your hand and looked at it for a second. “Why is my hand purple?” You snort, causing both you and Shawn to burst out laughing.

“Okay, we have to go!” Shawn needily tugged at your arm and you all said goodbye to your just as drunk friends.

The cool air felt good on your hot skin and slightly calmed your nerves that made you feel as if you were on fire.

“Shawn-n,” you stumbled, almost falling causing Shawn to laugh until he tripped on something on the sidewalk. Now that was hilarious. You walked over to him, trying to help him up, but of course Shawn was much bigger and much stronger than you, definitely making it hard to help him up - especially while drunk.

“Sorry, didn’t see that fire thingy there.” He said, his forehead creasing as he tried to think of the word.

“Hydrant.” You said, your brain clear for a second before it went back to foggy.

“That’s the word.” Shawn sighed and sat up, taking a full minute before he was actually able to stand - barely.

You take a look around, trying to find out which way to go back to the dorms, but to your surprise, nothing looked familiar.

“Shawn, where are the dorms?” You ask.

He also looks around, scratching the side of his face, the ring on his right middle finger glistening in the light.

“I think we’re lost.”

“Great, now I can never eat my microwave popcorn.” You pout, suddenly remembering you had a couple packs in your stash.

“Y/N, do you know what this means? We’ll never get back to the dorms and we’ll be eaten by dinosaurs.” He makes a T-Rex noise, pulling his arms back to resemble a T-Rex, making you roll your eyes, but crack a smile.

“You just made that up. Dinosaurs aren’t real.”

“But they used to be, so there’s that fact.”

“Shawn, I know dinosaurs used to be real.”

“Did you really though?” He stutters, looking at you with glazed over eyes.

“You want to know what I know?” You ask, sitting down on the sidewalk, scrunching up your legs and resting your fuzzy head on them.

“What’s that?” Shawn comes to sit next to you.

“That I like you, a lot.”

It suddenly gets very quiet and you’re hoping that in his drunken state, Shawn can’t fully comprehend what you just said. However, you were also kicking yourself because you knew that even in your drunken state, you shouldn’t have said that.

“I like you too, that’s why I wanted to go see Rogue One, I was going to turn it into a date.”

You don’t look at each other, but you can tell that for some reason you both are hauntingly sober, even with the amount of alcohol you drank.

“We can go back to my dorm and watch a movie with microwave popcorn as my way of saying sorry I screwed up our unofficial first date?” You laugh, hearing Shawn laugh with you.

“Sounds good. Oh god,” Shawn moans, rubbing his face with his hands. “I’m going to feel so shitty tomorrow because I am so wasted.”

You laugh, poking his nose with your finger.

“You can stay at mine and we can sleep all day tomorrow.” You suggest, knowing he won’t say no.

“Sounds good. But, Y/N, seriously, which way are the dorms?”

“Guess we’re going on a scavenger hunt for the Elkwood dorms.” You say, resting your head on Shawn’s shoulder, knowing that you two were going to feel so awful tomorrow.