shawn gus friendship

Psych-ic Friends

I can’t help it, I want a friendship like

The one between Shawn and Gus on Psych.

I’d totally be the Gus in that pair…

But of course with lady parts; pale skin; and hair!

This Gus is looking for a Shawn type–

A dynamic duo who banters and gripes

With mad love and unswerving loyalty;

I just long for someone to look at me

With that telepathic look, so knowing;

That unbreakable bond always showing.

**Image and characters from Psych are the rights of the USA Network

i can’t repeat this enough : psych would have been so much better if gus and shawn had been married

i’m rewatching the show rn and listen, psych would have been 100% better if all the boring “shawn hook up with random women” parts were replaced by shawn and gus having (more) married antics 

also i’m starting to ship lassiter/juliet ???

this is not something i was expecting to ship trust me but they are genuinely cute as partners in s1-s2 and juliet cares so much and lassiter is starting to open up and be less grumpy because of her

anyway if we go back to the whole shawn/gus thing, i love how them being in a relationship would change very little in the show (except the whole shawn/random woman or occasionally gus/random woman thing or even the shawn/juliet thing later on which honestly was far from the best part of the show) but would add more of the thing we already like : gus and shawn shenanigans 

henry clearly already considers gus to be family and everyone else think of them as a two for one pair anyway so 

also they ove each other

they really do