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Dating Shawn Mendes:

A/N: Thank you for the responses to Comfortable! This will be a part one, there will be plenty more

- Constant Harry Potter references
- 2 AM conversations while listening to John Mayer
- Sneaking out of your hotel room to sleep with Shawn
- He’d give the best fucking cuddles
- Being close to his family
- Singing to you over face time
- Having deep talks over the phone when he’s away
- Making Canada jokes to irritate him, but knowing he wants to laugh
- He’d get you something small from every country he’d visit
- Shawn getting sooo red when you’re brought up in interviews
- Workout buddies
- Making out in hallways of the venue
- Daddy kink, do not fight me on this
- Sex in his jeep
- Sex in hotel rooms 
- Sex right after he gets off stage
- Rough Shawn
- Him being vocal in bed
- Him finding it more enjoyable to please you

scars [peter parker]

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

warnings: mentions of sex, heavy make out, a bit of sadness in the beginning

request: @pradabiatch655 

word count: 1655

    Today had been one of the worst days of your life.

    It had started out just like any other day, you walked to school beside your boyfriend of two years, Peter Parker. The two of you always walked to school every morning, seeing as you lived in apartments that were close together. It was almost like a tradition for the two of you; meeting at the corner of the two of your building, before walking the fifteen minutes it took to get to school.

    Once the two of you had arrived at school, everything went downhill, fast.

    The moment you stepped into your first period class, your stomach had turned sideways, feeling as though your guts were turning themselves inside out. It felt as though something bad was going to happen as soon as you sat in your desk.

    And something bad was happening, indeed.

    Sitting in the cold, wooden desk aside Peter, you lowered your arm so that you could grab ahold of your bag. Pulling out a pencil, you straightened your back and relaxed into the seat. Raising your eyes, you noticed your teacher standing at the front of the room, a stack of paper in his hands.

    Pop quiz.

    An hour later, there were tears in your eyes, as you knew that you had down awful on the quiz. With the grade that you already had, this quiz would have decided your grade for the next few weeks.

    And that was not the end of the story.

    By the end of the school day, you had taken three tests, been bullied by the most popular girls in school, and tripped into the mud outside the school’s front doors on the way home. Now, you stood in front of Peter’s apartment, tears in your eyes. The cold, salty tears stung your dulled eyes as you knocked on his front door. Peter opened a few moments later, his body wrapped in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. His wide eyes scanned your shivering frame before he was immediately grabbing you by your waist. He pulled you into his chest, strong arms wrapping around your hips. You inhaled his familiar scent as he pulled you closer to his chest, something that seemed almost impossible. The teen in front of you seemed sympathetic, his eyes filled with sadness and his heart filled with hurt.

    If Peter was being honest, when he saw the tears in your eyes, he was filled with a sudden rage. He wanted to find whoever had done this to you and use his newfound powers to show them that they should never hurt you. The teenage, human spider hated that you were in pain, even if it were not physical.

    Peter pulled you out of the rain, his grip never leaving your body. He pulled you into his apartment with strong hands guiding you to his room. He ducked past his Aunt May, trying to avoid her pestering questions, wanting nothing more than to get you warm and happy.

    When he reached his room, he grabbed a pair of his old sweats and a large shirt of his. He handed them to you, not uttering a word before gently pushing on the small of your back. He pushed you towards his bathroom, letting you get changed out of your wet clothes and into his fresh, warm ones. While you changed, Peter moved across his room, turning on his television screen. He let the vibrant screen play quietly in the background of his room for a few moments before he grabbed a movie beside the television. He pushed it into the slot of the screen before moving back to his bedside, moving the blankets and bunching them up in order to make part of a fort.

    When you exited Peter’s bathroom, you were surprised to see what he had done. Your eyes scanned the small room and laid them upon Peter’s figure; he was sorting the blankets and pushing pillows to the side of his bed so that there would be room for the two of you.

    Making a sound from the back of your throat, you alerted Peter of your presence. The teen turned his attention in your direction, his eyes immediately falling upon your frame. His chocolate brown eyes took in your broken stature; scrubby, red eyes, sunken-in frame, and wet, knotted hair.

    “Oh, baby,” Peter spoke sadly, moving the distance to take you back into his arms. He let your forehead fall against his broad chest, new tears soaking his sweatshirt. Peter rubbed small circles into your back, his head laying atop of yours, breathing in your scent. He let you cry for a few more minutes before he pulled you towards his bed. He layed you down in front of him, letting him lay behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back into him. The position felt natural, as if he were meant to lay beside you.

    For the next hour or so, you and Peter cuddled into each other and watched movies, letting you get more comfortable.

    While you were focused on the movie, you did not see Peter watching you. You did not notice Peter’s eyes as he scanned your face with adoration in his eyes. He watched your eyes as they crinkled when you laughed, and the way that your lips curled at the end when you smiled. His eyes shined and reflected immense happiness when you smiled, grinning happily when you did. His eyes roamed every inch of your face, from the scars and lines. He knew that you did not like the scars and acne marks on your face. You claimed that they were ugly; that they made you look different and not perfect.

    But Peter thought differently.

    He thought the marks made you beautiful. He thought they made you look strong; as if you had survived through hell and much more. Peter thought that scars were not a sign of imperfection; they were a sign of strength and beauty. He loved the scars on your body, even if you did not.

    Lifting his hand, he let the tip of his index finger trail along the scar behind your ear, dropping it to follow the short line to its end. He moved his hand again, towards another one of your scars. It was one caused by acne, a scar that you hated because it was on your face, right underneath your cheekbone.

    When you felt the tip of his finger trail across his face, you turned, watching Peter as he stared at your face. His chocolate brown orbs gazed into your eyes, taking in every feature of your face with complete and utter awe. His lips twisted into a smile as he watched you take in his features as he did to you.

    With one final look, Peter lowered his lips until they were inches away from yours, “You are so gorgeous, love.”

    You shook your head with a blush, before you leaned up to connect your lips to his. Peter responded almost immediately, his lips moving against yours. He tilted his head so that his lips could slot against yours in a smoother fashion. You groaned against his lips, moving your lips faster so that you could keep up with him. Peter moved, his back muscles shifting as he let you fall back against his bed sheets. You sighed happily, complete euphoria and love rushing over your body.

    This was Peter Parker.

    The man you had loved since the day you met him.

    The man you would love for the rest of your life.

    You moved, your back lying flat against the sheets of Peter’s bed. Your hands clutched the sides of Peter’s face, one pulling itself through his hair with a groan. Peter smiled against your lips, his contagious personality rubbing off, causing you to smile as well.

    “God, I love you,” Peter groans. His hips roll into yours for a short moment, eliciting a moan from your mouth. He continues to roll his lips into yours, sighs of happiness and love coming from both your mouths.

    To anyone other person, the scene may have looked like two people wrapped up in lust and euphoria.

    However, that was not what was happening.

    No, this was different.

    This was something bigger; something pure and beautiful. Something that no one could have predicted, a motion that most people would never achieve in their entire lives. This was something that made the stormy days brighter, and the bad days just a little bit happier. It was the sort of thing that made your stomach flutter with excitement and your heart beat just a little bit faster. It made your eyes shine brighter and your steps feel lighter. This thing made you happy, sad, and excited all at the same time; the simple mention of it made you nervous and happy all at once.

    It was love.

    This love was the feeling in your stomach when Peter mumbled how much he loved you; it was the feeling of Peter’s lips against yours. Love was the ache in your gut as Peter’s hips rolled against yours.

    And most of all, it was what you felt for Peter; and similarly, it was what he felt for you.

Kids in Love (Valentine’s Special)

Request: Can you do somethin’ somethin’ cute for valentines day?

Word count: 2,890

Kids in Love (Valentine’s special)

Shawn unlocked the front door to their house and made his way into the hall. He was humming a joyful melody, nodding his head along to the music in his headphones, blasting on the highest level.

She never really understood, how he could stand the noise being that abnormally loud.

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Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 2,000-ish
Warnings ~ Some very questionable smut?
Request: Can you write one with Shawn where you live together and it’s really cute and fluffy but at the same time a bit smutty? ~ By
Note ~ Sorry I didn’t go into detail about certain things, but I hope you like it anyway. Also, sorry for the bad ending :D

“Shawn?” I call out into the seemingly empty flat, waiting for Teddy to waddle in before closing the door, shutting away the chilly air. Shawn yelled back a muffled response. I kicked my shoes off while dumping my bag and Ted’s lead on the sofa next to a pile of unpacked boxes and followed the sound of his voice to the bathroom.

A very lovely sight was laid out before me; Shawn stood shirtless in front of the mirror, razor in hand as he swiped away at the white foam covering his face. A smile lit up his face when he saw me through the mirror as I tried to sneak up on him.

“What you doin’?” I asked as I squeezed my arms around his bare waist, leaving a small trail of kisses down the middle of his back. His body was so warm compared to outside, which I was grateful for as he instantly started warming me up.

“I’m shaving.” Shawn chuckled at my sort of stupid question while cleaning off the blade.

“I know, but why are you shaving when you don’t have any hair there?” I teased. He had to stop shaving for a second as he was laughing too hard.

“Aren’t you sassy today.” Shawn shot back, “And maybe I’m doing it because you constantly complain about kissing a carpet.”

I giggled at the thought of having to kiss Shawn’s prickly face again, “On second thought, maybe you should shave.”

“That’s what I thought.”

I watched silently as Shawn finished up what he was doing. The repetitive motion was surprisingly relaxing. Occasionally, he would start humming some random song, only making it harder to stay awake. I could happily stay in this moment for the rest of time.

“We still have to finish unpacking.” And Shawn just ruined the moment with that lovely piece of information. I groaned and reached up on my tip-toes as to rest my chin on his shoulder. He started wiping away at the remaining foam with a towel.

“Can’t you just do it?” I pouted, knowing he was watching through the mirror. Seriously, I already had about five videos to edit and upload this week, the last thing I wanted to think about was all the boxes that we still needed to get through. Also, I just really hated unpacking.

“What do you think I’ve been doing all morning, alone, little Miss ‘Ted needs a walk’!” Shawn chuckled and rolled his eyes as I started pressing kisses against his neck, hoping he would cave again like this morning. Eyes closed, his breaths became shallow as I brushed over the sweet spot at the crook of his neck.

“I could just repay you.” I offered playfully. Shawn’s eyes snapped open when I gently bit the spot.

“Baby…” His voice trailed off as I tugged him closer by the belt loop of his jeans. Shawn eventually gave in and turned around, quickly bringing our lips together. His hands found their way to the back of my legs as he picked me up, flipping us so I was now sitting on the counter next to the sink. I pulled back so I could catch my breath, “I know what you’re doing.”

“Well that’s good, I wouldn’t want to be doing this without your consent.” I joked light-heartedly while my fingers ran over the newly shaved skin, smiling when Shawn caught my hand in his and brought it to his lips. I felt something rough scrape along the back of my hand, “I think you missed a spot.”

Shawn looked at me confused as I squirted some shaving cream into my hands, foaming it up before smothering it over the stray spot of hair on his chin, and maybe some on in other places too.

“Thanks baby.” He laughed and wiped off the foam his nose while I grab the razor. A flash of nerves shot across Shawn’s face, “You know how to do this, right?”

I gave him a very reassuring shrug, “I mean, I shave my legs. This can’t be much different.”

Shawn stayed as still as possible as I ran the razor along the covered area, but he soon loosed up a bit after the second or third swipe. Though I was trying to concentrate, I got a bit distracted as Shawn’s hands moved from my back, slowly traveling south.

“All done.” I smiled happily and kissed his cheek before jumping off the counter. I was about to walk away when Shawn stopped me.

“I love you.” He laughed while rubbing away the foam that ended up on my chin. The way he was looking at me made him look like a little lovesick puppy.

“I love you too.” I escaped his hold before he started kissing me or something worse. Even though I would really love that, but I also really wanted to get in the shower. Not wanting to wait for Shawn to leave, I stripped off my shirt. 

“Wait, what are you doing?” Shawn choked out, his eyes on my shirtless body. I smirked and walked closer to him.

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Badboy!Shawn Mendes Imagine

It was around midnight when your phone first went off. Sleep slowly released you from it’s sweet grasp due to the disturbance, but you thought nothing of it, and kept your eyes closed begging for the dark paradise.
As soon as the unruly noise ended, it started back up again. Groaning, you rolled over to answer your phone, ignorant the caller ID. “Hello?” You let out groggily,
“Y/n, you need to come down to the school parking lot,” you would’ve recognized the speakers voice if it wasn’t for your foggy mind.
“Ugh why?” You groaned
“It’s Shawn. You’d better hurry.”
At this point sleep was no longer an option. Partially because you were too awake by now but mostly at the mention of Shawn.
You had no clue if he was in trouble, in the process of getting in to trouble or if he just needed you. Since it wasn’t him that ringed you, you knew it couldn’t be any good.
You tried to contain your wandering thoughts the short ride to the school. The last thing you needed was to over think what Shawn may have gotten into while your body was enjoying the warm, relaxing blanket of sleep. You had spent time together earlier today and everything seemed fine. No lingering glares to or from anyone. He showed you the same amount of affection as he would on any other good day. He was happy. He was the Shawn you knew.
You brought your car to an abrupt stop in the parking lot not caring about the position you left it in, if it was in anyone’s way or not parked properly.
Your eyes were glued to a crowd of shuffling students. An uneasy feeling welcomed itself at the bottom of your stomach and clung on.
Shoving the drivers door open, you sprinted to the loud, obnoxious sea of teens, knowing damn-well that Shawn was at least one of the persons that were in the middle of it all.
You wove your way in between people, trying to shout his name over the noise.
Just as you broke through the crowd you saw Shawn take a nasty hard blow to the cheek. His head whipped in the direction the punch was thrown, while stumbling back a step. He regained his balance and turned back around ready to throw the next punch. Before he got the chance to, you stepped closer to the two anger fueled boys, “Shawn.” You called in a desperate voice. You hated him fighting, you hated seeing him hurt, and you knew he was capable of killing the other person if he didn’t stop.
His eyes shot to yours at the sound of your calming voice. The crowd turned into white noise as your voice echoed in his ears.
The man he was fighting turned to you, “Hey, why don’t you come back when we’re finished here,” he spat at you while shoving you, sending you stumbling back towards the crowd. Luckily someone had caught you or else you would have fallen to the rough pavement.
“Hey!” Shawn bellowed to his opponent. The man turned back to face him. He only made it halfway before Shawn’s fist came in bone crunching contact with the side of his skull, sending him to ground in agony.
Gasps’ and silent murmurs came off the crowd. Shawn kept his gaze locked on you. You could make out the sound his heavy pants, as his shoulders rose and fell in sync to it, clouds of his breath formed and disappeared in front of him.
He didn’t dare move an inch toward you, in fear of you running away from the beast standing in front of you.
You took the initiative from his silence and took slow steps over to him. Your eyes glued to his, and his to yours. You stopped just before him and gently took his hand in yours. His fingers and palm easily over lapped yours and held them tight, not running the risk of you letting him go. “C'mon,” You spoke softly and quietly him, leading him through and away from the circle of students.
You had him, you had him closer than anyone else ever could in his lifetime. He could never hide himself from you, his efforts to try were only useless. Just holding your small, silky hand in his could bring him to his knees for you. He wanted to explain himself to you, he wanted to tell you exactly why he had gotten into the messy feud, it was all at the tip of his tongue. But he was more desperate not to break the soothing silence.
The car ride back to your house was comfortably still. His hand still clutching yours. The tips of your fingers were stained with his blood that slowly seeped out of his bruised and cut knuckles.
You escorted him through the door and up the stairs to your bathroom. He placed him self on the counter next to the sink as you rummaged through the closet for a first aid kit and rubbing alcohol.
You stood in between Shawn’s legs and grabbed an old knotted rag and soaked it in the rubbing alcohol.
“Y/n,” he began in a soft raspy voice. You shushed him before he could make out another syllable. You ran the rag over the first cut on his eyebrow, it wasn’t too deep but still dripped scarlet substance. “Ow,” he murmured under his breath. You let out a breathy laugh, trying not to smile. “Do you often find humor in other people’s pain?” He smiled down at you, adoring your smile, and the way you tried to hide it. He was locked in on your trance, you didn’t even have to try, you had him wrapped around your finger, and you didn’t even know it.
“Well no, but you just always make me laugh,” you smirked in response. You repeated your actions to the cut on his lip but applied more pressure than before. “Ow!” He let out, pulling away and curling his lip, “Alright you did that on purpose.”
You giggled at his playful accusation knowing it was true. He grasped your waist and brought you in closer, locking his legs at the back of your thighs. He pinched your sides tickling you in revenge for your actions. You giggled even more, trying to hide yourself in his chest black clad chest. His chuckles rumbled out from his chest projecting onto your body.
His arms circled around you and relaxed on the curve above your hips. His head rested on top of your shoulder, his eyes fluttered shut peacefully. “You know,” he started slowly and cautiously, waiting to see if you’d interrupt him again, “I only fought him because he was tormenting me,”
“Is that all?” You questioned him expectantly,
“No. He was tormenting me about you. He knows that I hold you special to me, but he doesn’t actually know you. He’s heard people talking. So he started going on about how weak I must really be, which didn’t bother me. But then he started going on about how ‘ravishing’ and 'sexy’ your body must look, and how he’d love to have a piece of you in 'a long night of fun’. I was seeing red and I lost it, I just-lost it.” He explained, tugging you impossibly closer to his body.
“I get you got angry and I understand that you hated what he was saying, but Shawn you’re better than that, you know you are.” You said pulling away slightly and cupping his cheeks in your hands.
He let out a sigh in agreement to your words. You landed a soft, delicate kiss on his forehead and went back to cleaning his small wounds.
“The slice on my eyebrow is aching.” He groaned.
You smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on the cut, the sour taste of the rubbing alcohol still lingered over it.
“Now that I think about it, the one on the lip is just killing me,” he smirking, waiting for his kiss,
“Nah I think you’re pretty good.” You giggled up at him, removing yourself from his warm hold and walking out of the room.
“No no no. Come back and take care of me!” He called after you.
This was so much fun to write….


Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling [2015]

“Don’t get me wrong… a lot of wrestling… sucks. But, when it’s good? It’s fucking GREAT.”

In only 24 hours, this video has gotten over a half a million views on YouTube, and for good reason. Max Landis’ Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling is a fan’s story on the evolution of Triple H (albeit, slightly inaccurate), told along with a parody video featuring women actors as the guys, and vice versa. It’s astonishingly well-done, and worth watching, even though you’ll be like “24 minutes? Yeah right!” Trust me, it’s awesome.

It also features a TON of great cameos, including Joey Ryan, Johnny Mundo, Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green, Cryme Tyme, Haley Joel Osment, Drake Bell, Colt Cabana, and stars the impeccable Chloe Dykstra as Triple H. Trust me when I say, this is WELL worth the watch. The summation at the end will touch your heart, as a wrestling fan, because it totally nails why we all love it.

Busted ~ Part 1

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 700
Warnings ~ Swearing
Request ~ Hi love your stories so much!! ❤️❤️ could you write one you and Shawn have a secret relationship and like the crew doesn’t know about it because you guys keep putting yourself in situations where you almost get caught until the point u do get caught? Haha thannks xx

Note ~ Sorry this is a piece of poop, but I haven’t posted all weekend so needed to get something out and I still have a bunch of school work to do (It started out so promising, I don’t know what happened!) Hopefully the next part will be better :D

“Shawn, I need to leave.” I giggled quietly but his arm only tightened around me, drawing me closer until our fronts where pressed flush together. A brief ‘no’ followed by a slur of incomprehensible mumbles as he burrowed his head under my chin.

“Don’t leave.” He whined sleepily when he felt me trying to move away. Another small sound escaped as I ran my fingers through his fluffy bed hair, lightly scratching at his scalp knowing that it relaxes him. If I could get him back to sleep I could leave the room without any more complaints.

I pressed a kiss against his head, “I don’t want to leave, but someone will catch us if I don’t.” I giggled again, remembering how Jon walk in yesterday morning to, catching us in bed together. Luckily, he didn’t walk in a few minutes earlier otherwise that would have been very awkward.

“Five more minutes.” Shawn pleaded, pulling back just enough to look at me with half opened eyes.

I was about to decline but then he wiggled his way onto my pillow. Our inches away from each other as his arms around my waist tightened, trapping me. His lips brushed over mine for a short second, then again, and again. I pushed at his chest softly, not wanting to start a make out session at four in the morning.

“Okay.” Shawn smiled, his eyes instantly falling shut again, small snores escaped his parted lips.

It became real difficult to keep my own eyes open. I kept myself entertained by tracing shapes along his arm, but the repetitive motion didn’t help my case. My gaze landed on my boyfriend’s sleeping face and he looked so relaxed, something that was rare to see when he was on tour. It made me happy to see him like this.

My eyes snapped open as warm light shone against my face. A loud knock echoed through the room. Shit.

“Shawn, wake up.” I whispered while attempting to shake awake the snoring log next to me. Another knock, this time more aggressive. I sat up and scanned the room until I spotted a bottle of water on the bedside table.


“What the hell was that for?” Shawn spat as he shot up, water dripped from his hair and face. His eyes winded at the knocking.

“Shawn, you have two seconds to open this door or I’m coming in.” Even with the door between us, Jon’s voice still rang loud and clear, and it still made me shit my pants.

Shawn let out a quiet laugh as I jumped. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before leaping from the bed and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms. I slid into the bathroom as Shawn opened the door. Not the best place to hide, but it was better than nothing, I guess.

“Why is your hair wet?”

“I was taking a shower…”

“Sure you were. Where’s Alex hiding?”

She’s not here…“

"You’re a terrible liar. I went to her room and no one answered. Look, I know something is going on between you two and I really don’t care. I’m just here to keep you safe. Just don’t let Andrew find out. He’ll end up telling the label and they’ll blow their shit. Anyway, tell your girlfriend we have ten minutes before we leave.”

A few more words were exchanged before the door slammed shut. I emerged from the bathroom and was greeted by my very smiley boyfriend.

"I thought you were leaving.” Shawn laughed and circled his arms around my waist, swaying us from side to side as he leaned down to peck my lips.

“Sorry, but who wanted me to stay?” I joked and pushed him away, “I’m gonna get changed. I’ll see you in a bit.”

Shawn caught my arm as I walked away, tugging me back so our bodies were pressed together. His hands cradled my cheek as our lips collided. And as much as I loved this, I really needed to get ready.

Giggling, I finally broke away as Shawn’s hands slid down to my waist and up my shirt, “Just get ready Mendes.”

Part 2

Moments Series – “I’ll let you keep it.”

8 months 

You have to pack all your clothes by the end of finals week to move out of your apartment since the school year is over. You’re already stressed about finals, so your boyfriend kindly volunteered to help you pack. You have to study for your chemistry exam, but Shawn insisted that he’d pack for you. You, of course told him that he should just hang out and wait until you get out of your exam in a couple hours then you could help him pack, but he insisted that he could do it while you studied.

You’re now lying on your bed, reading through your chemistry notes obsessively, while Shawn rummages through your drawers and places your clothes in boxes. His voice breaks the silence and pulls your attention away from your notes. “I was wondering what happened to this shirt.”

Looking up, you see that he’s holding up one of his plain t-shirts that you stole from him a while ago, thinking he wouldn’t miss it. You smile at him guiltily. “You have like fifty of those, I knew you wouldn’t miss it.”

“But this one’s my favorite.” He counters, using a voice you know is meant to make you feel guilty.

“Fine, you can take it back.” You respond. You don’t want to admit to him that you sleep in it when you miss him, but he probably already knows.

“No, I’ll let you keep it. I was just teasing.” He says, folding it back up and placing it in the box with the rest of your shirts.

anonymous asked:

Ok your tags with that gif about him on campus and your fic, I can't stop thinking about university bro Shawn. He'd be like the unattainable hot but still nice guy that everyone on campus loves and you'd see him like playing frisbee on the grass or walking from class to class with his bros. FUCK


Shawn all cozy in the morning getting food in the dining hall, he’s half asleep and with his hood up because he wanted to sleep but food is life

walking to class together outside before the weather is shit

Shawn talking to a group of people in the library 


Shawn showing up to class with minimal effort in his look but you know that 99.9% of the girls (and some boys lets be real) wanna be getting that D instead of the A (including you)

then really really minimal effort Shawn as you walk by one another to class. 

sending you snapchats from the gym as you sit in bed eating peanut butter from the jar 

friday night instagram posts during the pre-drink with stupid ass inside joke hashtags oh and #beauty 

I’m done fuck