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Midnight ride ; smut

I was awoken by someone gently shaking and saying my name repeatedly. My eyes fluttered open to reveal a messy haired and shirtless Shawn. 

 “Baby..” I mumbled, as I turned around to look at our table side clock. “It’s two in the morning.” I said, turning back around facing him again. 

 “I know daring..” He soothed as his fingertips traced shapes into my arm. “But I couldn’t sleep since I’m leaving next week.” 

 A smile crept my lips. “Shawn, we have to enjoy right now. In this moment. Every moment together. We can’t focus on the negative. Remember, this is your dream and I completely support you and the downsides to it. I love you so much, no matter what. ” I said, caressing his cheek. 

 Shawn said nothing for a few seconds then all at once, I felt his lips brush against mine. The last time we kissed like this was our two year anniversary, sweet and passionate, far from rushed. It was as if everything around us was moving in slow motion. 

 He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine. “I love you Y/N, you know that?” He said. I smiled, “Of course, I love you too Shawn.” Our bodies were intertwined and eyes closed, attempting to fall asleep once more.

 Ten minutes or so passed by until Shawn spoke. “Baby, I can’t sleep now. Can we go out for a ride?” I pursed my lips, debating if I should miss work tomorrow. Oh fuck it. “Let’s go.“ I approved. 

 Shawn’s jeep strong, cold air conditioning caused goosebumps to plague down my entire body. His warm hand touched the skin on my thigh, making me feel slightly better. The radio played softly as we drove to our spot. A comfortable silence engulfed us. 

 His jeep came to a stop, we’ve made it. We reclined our seats back, looking at the pure sky, drowning us in stars and the white full moon. My body turned to face Shawn. “I’m not gonna lie. I’m going to miss you like crazy baby.” I said, as Shawn’s eyes met mine. “And I noticed that we haven’t fucked in a while..” I hinted. His eyes widened knowing what’s going to happen next.

 I put my seat into it’s original position and climbed to the back seat. He caught onto my drift and did as I did. “I’m taking control this time baby.” I stated as I straddled him. He nodded quickly. “Lay back baby boy. Let me do all the work.” I insisted.

 His hands explored my bare back under my shirt. I quickly pinned his hands on the sides of him so he couldn’t touch me and trailed sloppy kisses down his jawline. He moaned in response. His head looked up, giving me more access. I got him where I wanted him. He was weak for me. 

 “Oh my god, Baby.” Shawn groaned as my hips started rolling on his. “Tell me you want it,” I teased. “Tell me you want me,” I demanded. His hooded eyes glazed at me, “Please Y/N,” He blurted. I loved seeing him like this, frustrated. 

Shawn bucked his hips forward hoping for more contact then we already were having, but I refused. My hands cupped his soft face and tugged at his hair as I kissed him. I finally let him touch me. His strong arms wrapped around me, yanking my shirt off revealing that I wore no bra. His smile seemed to glow in the dark. His long fingers dipped into my velvet shorts and pulled them off along with my panties. My hands found the hem of his shirt and ripped it from his incredible body.

“Has my baby boy been good for me?” I whispered,my lips against his ear surely sending shivers down his back. He nodded his head softly, mumbling a short yes. “I can feel how I affect you,” I added referring to his prominent boner through his basketball shorts. Just to mess with him, my delicate hand found it and slowly palmed him. “Ahh, Fuck Princess,” He moaned. 

 We were both now completely naked. His hands gripped on my sides, awaiting for me to lower myself onto him. I fulfilled his wish and proceeded. I whimpered as his cock fulled me up, he smirked. I started riding him, my hands held onto his shoulders and my lips met his once again.

 Our movements made his jeep shake. He pulled away from my lips, taking my bottom lip with him biting it. “You look so god damn hot on my cock baby,” He stuttered trying to be dominant. Not this time Shawny Boy. “No Shawn, I’m in control this time, I’m the one making you feel this way,” I stammered, quickening my pace. He groaned at my sense of control. My nails dug into the skin of his back from all the pleasure he was providing me. 

 Beads of sweat dripped down our foreheads. His teeth bit down on his bottom lip, trying to stop his groans from slipping out. “Tell me how I’m making you feel baby, I wanna hear you,” I insisted. “You made me feel so fucking good Y/N. I love you so fucking much,” He replied, almost out of breath to even speak. 

 My legs were about to give out. Shawn knew I was getting tired but he still wanted us to go into pure ecstasy. He started thrusting up into me, taking charge for the last few moments. “Fuck baby boy, I’m about to come,” I whimpered. “Me too Princess,” He wheezed. 

 Then we finally reached our high. We interlocked our lips, capturing this moment to remember forever. I pulled away out of breath, my head resting on his shoulder. “I love you Shawn,” I stated. “I love you too Y/N,” He replied.

This Isn’t You

Request:  Can you write about Shawn getting angry/ upset in public (a party or something) bc of someone said something rude to his gf?? And she tries to make him leave but ends up in a fight with the other person???

Word Count: 2,354

This Isn’t You

“You want another beer?” Brian asked me, well, yelled at me. The music was very loud and people were laughing and talking vociferously.

“Yeah, sure” I smiled. I turned around and patted Shawn on the shoulder. He looked at me.

“What about you?” I asked him. 

“What?” he mumbled back.

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nikkie-cherish  asked:

Drabbles 6, 90 :)

Sorry this took so long hun! Xx

6: (This is Shawn’s P.O.V)

I need a place to stay.” you heard your girlfriend say through the phone

“Sure, come on over I’ll-”

“I’m already outside.” your eyes widened and went to open the door

“My roommate is sleeping at her boyfriend’s house and I forgot my keys inside.” she explained and you chuckled a bit

“Your lucky I love you.” you chuckled and kissed her

“Yeah yeah, just give me some clothes so I can change.” 

“Bossy too.” you muttered under your breath and she playfully smacked you causing you to laugh.



“Violet please stay still.” you begged your three year old daughter

“Hi, honey.” Shawn said kissing your cheek

“Hey.” you sighed

“Having a hard time with Violet?” he asked and you nodded

“Go rest for a bit, I’ll watch her.” you smiled and kissed his cheek and made your way to the bathroom, but before you could even start the shower you heard something break from downstairs which made your run down the stairs to see the dining room table broken.

“Shawn! What happened?!”

“Violet broke the table.” 

“Well you are going to have to replace it.” you crossed your arms

I’m not buying ikea furniture again. They break too fast, a three year old could break it, literally.” he said picking Violet up

“Fine, but you’re still going to replace it.” you said walking upstairs to take your shower while your goofy husband looked after your daughter

Sorry this was horrible!!!


#60 Shawn Mendes – PCA*


You and your boyfriend Shawn are on your way to the PCAs, when you make an agreement. “If you don’t win one, you have to make us breakfast everyday for the rest of the month AND clean the dishes. But if you win, then you’ll get whatever you want.” You smile at your boyfriend who seems to like your idea.

“If I win… I want…” He kisses your neck and you instantly know what he wants. “Deal?” He mumbles against your skin.

“Deal.” You giggle and give him a kiss on his cheek. Shawn cups your cheeks with his hands and kisses you passionately and greedy. Only when the car that you are sitting in stops, you pull away from each other. You get out of the car and Shawn follows you closely, putting his arm around your waist as soon as he stands next to you. You get lead to the red carpet and after posing in front of the flashing lights, you get into the building and find your seats. The show starts and ends great. You and Shawn have a great time and he won.

All the way back to the hotel, that you are staying in, Shawn has his hand around your waist and doesn’t let go of you, not even once. As soon as you enter the hotel room, he takes both your hands, closes the door with his foot and presses you against the door. Shawn pins your hands above your head and presses his lower body part against yours. For a moment it’s completely silent and you just look each other into the eyes. But then Shawn kisses you and his hands hold onto your waist. You put your arms around his neck and pull him closer to you.

“Jump.” He groans. You obey instantly, jump and wrap your legs around him. He carries you to the bed and drops you down before hovering himself over you. Shawn and you start to make out as you take off his jacket and shirt, not caring if it might rip or anything. As soon as Shawn’s shirtless, you unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants. Shawn gets up, takes them off completely. You get up as well, stand across from him and as soon as his pants are gone, you push him onto the bed. He sits there, in only his boxers with his hard cock showing through. You sit down on his lap, facing away from him and put your hair in the front. Shawn unzips your dress and kisses your shoulder before you stand up again and start to slowly undress yourself. When the dress reaches your hips, you turn around again and pull it down completely as Shawn’s eyes are clued on you. When your dress is off, you sit down on his lap yet again, this time facing him and your legs on either side of his thighs. You buck your hips and kiss his neck, leaving a small hickey. Shawn touches every inch of your body, before lifting you up and carrying you to the table that’s in the room. He puts you on the round table and spreads your legs, stepping between them. You’ve never had sex elsewhere than a bed and your ass feels cold against the table. Shawn takes your bra off and cups your boobs as you pull his boxers down and free his erection. He kisses each of your hard nipples before pulling your panties off. You both are already moaning messes when he thrusts into you. You instantly wrap your legs around his hips and pull him closer to you as he starts to thrusts in and out of you. Usually he’d be careful, staring of slowly but this time, he’s so greedy and impatient and he starts of fast and hard.

“Shawn!” You scream his name. He buries his head in your neck and starts to give you a big love bite. Your body starts to vibrate with every thrusts and you get wetter and wetter as he speeds up.

“Fuck (Y/N)” Shawn groans and shut his eyes, taking in all the pleasure you give him.

“Fuck Shawn. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Ahhh!” You scream and gasp as he starts to thrusts harder. You hold onto the table and feel yourself coming closer. Within seconds you hit your climax as Shawn continues to fuck you until you feel him coming inside of you. He rides out your orgasms until you lay down on the table and he bends down, resting his head on your stomach. You both try to catch your breaths and then hear it knock on the door. You two instantly get up and you take the bed sheet to cover your body. Shawn quickly pulls on his boxers and goes to the door.

“Who’s there?” He asks.

“Sir, I just wanted to ask if everything is all right?” A staff of the hotel is on the other side of the door.

“YES! Yes everything is fine.” Shawn says and turns around to face you. You blush and lay down in bed, burring your face into the sheets.

“Oh, okay. There’s a noise complain from other rooms, so if please–”

“We’ll keep it down.” Shawn cuts him off and you giggle quietly.

“Okay, thank you sir.” The staff member says and then it’s quiet. Shawn waits by the door for a couple few seconds and then comes back to you.

“Round two.” He says smirking. “And this time, keep it down, (Y/N)” He chuckles and climbs on you again. You laugh against his lips before he kisses you and lines himself up for the second round.

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can you write something for 17?

17b. “One small kiss, then devouring each other”

Shawn kisses my cheek lightly as I let myself out of his front door. I hate goodbyes, no matter how long or short it will be until the next time I see him, I always hate saying goodbye. I catch a glimpse of Shawn before closing his front door. I turn, walking down the five steps he has off his porch and walking towards the gate at the front of his yard. I turn swiftly when I hear the door open again.

I drop my bag where I was standing and run back to Shawn, jumping into his arms. I crash my lips into his, not bearing the thought of their departure again. The kiss is hard and passionate and consumes all the air inside my lungs as my hands roam through Shawn’s hair. 

We pull away both breathless. “I just needed one more.” He says in a low voice.

17c. “Pressing their foreheads while…”

Shawn walks over to me slowly, softly grabbing one of my hands with his. He places his hold on one of my fingers, his soft skin rubbing over mine. He opens the box and pulls out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. Slowly, he slides it over my knuckle and onto the base of my finger. He presses his forehead on mine as we both admire the ring on my hand that symbolises an eternity.

“I love it.” I whisper.

“I love you.” He replies.

Kiss on the Cheek {requested shawn imagine}

A/N: so I have been slacking hard core with my imagines and they are getting short and sloppy and getting barely any notes, so here’s a long one that is awesome and I hope you guys like it! Im sorry if it was your imagine that was next, im GONNA skip ahead and do an imagine where it is you are a youtuber and his sister recognizes you at a concert and invites you to meet shawn.

It was crowded to say the least. The room was packed with teenage girls who were just crazy for this guy. There where girls in crop tops and high waisted shorts and vans. Just about every girl in the room was wearing the same thing, in different variations. About ten girls at the concert had come up to you and your best youtuber friend, who was more like an older sister, Zoë Sugg, for photos. You and Zoë where pretty popular youtubers from the UK, and Zoë just so happened to be a huge Shawn Mendes fan. You both sat in your seats while you scrolled through social media and Zoë got ready to jam out at the concert.
“I can’t believe you actually like this kid.” You grumble as you watch another group of screaming teenagers walk down to the pit.
“He’s talented, y/n, and I’ve wanted to see him live for so long!” She smiles at you as she puts her Shawn Mendes concert t-shirt on over her tank top. “Cute right?” She smiles. You roll your eyes and stand up.
“Im going to go get a snack.” You walk down the isle from your seats as a girl runs up to you that looks somewhat familiar. She looks at you and smiles.
“Are you y/n?” She says with a huge grin on her face. You smile back, loving to meet your fans, and nod your head.
“Why yes I am!” You said a little bit to cheerfully, but this girl was just do adorable. She couldn’t be a day over twelve.
“Im a huge fan, and my brother even likes some of your videos!” She laughs.
“That’s so sweet! Tell your brother I said thank you!” You say just as overly cheerfully as the last comment.
“You wanna come tell him yourself…?” She says her grin growing bigger, if that was even possible.
“I have to get back to my friend…. But do you wanna take a photo with me?” You ask, feeling kind of bad that I can’t go say hello to her brother. Your audience of boys was very limited and they are always the cutest human beings ever. The girl cocks her head confused. That made you confused. After a moment, she seemed to have a realization and she pulled a laminate out of her shirt. It had a photo of Shawn Mendes and VIP written in large blue letters.
“Well I would love a photo, but are you sure you don’t wanna meet my brother?” She says with a light laugh as she pointed to the photo, implying that Shawn was her brother.
“Oh my god are you serious?” You say getting a little over excited, even though you weren’t not a huge fan. The girl, who you now realize is named Aaliyah since she has her name written in large bold letters at the bottom of her laminate.
“Let me go get my friend, is that okay?” You ask still giddy. She nodded as you scurried off to get Zoë.
“I thought you were getting snacks.” Zoë whined but you yanked her up by the arm. “OW!”
“Do you want snacks or do you wanna meet shawn Mendes?” you squeal and Zoë squeals as well.
••an hour later••
It was only an hour and a half until the show, and you had been hanging out with Aaliyah for an hour now, since you had to wait a while for shawn to get back from meet and greets. But you and Zoë didn’t mind waiting backstage with Aaliyah. She was extremely nice and wasnt go crazy and was quite calm. She went on about how much she looked up to Zoë and you.
“Shawn will be back soon.” She says, and if it’s on cue, Shawn walks back stage, and down the hallway. You, Zoë and Aaliyah were sitting in the hallway playing UNO until Shawn came back. When he spotted Aaliyah, he smiled and started to walk over. When he saw you and Zoë, his smile grew larger.
“Gosh I didn’t think it was true you girls were coming to my show.” He smiles as we stand up. He looks me in the eye and then looks away, blushing a little.
“I have been dying to come to a show!” Zoë says and she hugs shawn. Shawn smiles at you and gives YOU a hug. Your heart was racing and you didn’t know why. He made you nervous. And not just because he was famous, because you were also quite famous.
“I love your videos, and I was hoping you would come!” Shawn said, still looking overjoyed. He kept looking at you, indicating he was more excited to meet you.
“We like your music. Thanks for being so kind and letting us back stage.” You smile at him. His cheeks go bright red and yours do as well. You looked over at Zoë and she smirked.
“Hey Aaliyah, mind giving me a small tour?” Zoë asked and Aaliyah agreed, quickly catching on.
“You are prettier in person wow.” Shawn smiles at you, almost stuttering the words out. You look down at your feet.
“Thank you.” You laugh a little.
“I know this is weird, but can I take a photo with you?” Shawn asks you, showing a slight smile and the blushing cheeks he has had since he saw you.
“Yea of course! Where’s someone to take the photo…?” You look around. You finally spot a crew member and wave him over.
“Can you take are photo?” Shawn asks the crew guy and he nods as if he was bored as ever to take a photo of two celebrities. You and Shawn stood together, and much to your surprise, Shawn leaned down and kissed your cheek. You didn’t pull away, but you did show a Cheshire Cat grin. As soon as the camera snapped, he pulled away.
“We should hang out backstage more often.” You laugh a little.
“I do hope we see each other very often.” He says and places another kiss on your cheek. At that moment you were thanking the crap out of Zoë in your head.

So I thought that was cute, im sorry if the literature isn’t the best, I was trying to make it move faster so it didn’t get crazy cluttered and long.
But keep requesting, im doing better at getting to them and making them longer!

Treat You Better- S.M. Imagine:

Requested: No💜
Reader x Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 470
Warnings: language, smut and a very cute Shawn Mendes

Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

Today was the day Shawn had dropped the “Treat You Better” video and unlike the asswipe in the video Shawn was nothing like him. I sat at the desk watching the video and feeling all different emotions some sad and happy and one really bad one that I probably shouldn’t been feeling but horny. Seeing Shawn’s amazing body he had work so hard on made me the slightest bit damp in the panties.
“Hey babe.” Shawn says kissing my cheek
“Hey love, this video is so amazing and eye opening.” I say
“It was great to send a good message.” He says
“What’s up tater puff?” I said
“It’s just my shirtless scene and my body, I’m not impressed.” He says and puts his head in his hands
“Shawn your body is fine, trust me. You have been working hard on it and you look amazing with or without clothes on.” I say with a giggle
“We all know you like me better with clothes on.” He says and lays on the pillows
I crawl up on the bed to sit across his waist and rub his chest and stomach.
“I love every part of you.” I say and lay kisses to his jawline
“Every part?” He asks with an eyebrow raise
“Every single part.” I say and kiss down his already shirtless body
He groans as I suck at his neck and move my thinly covered crotch over his bulge.
“YN.” He groans and holds my hips
“What?” I ask
“Please stop, this isn’t helping.” He says
“It’s helping.” I say
I kiss down his body to his V-line and untie his sweats and pull them down. I jerk him in my hands a bit.
His breathing rapid and heavy as I jerk him a bit more. I crawl back up, pushing Shawn’s t-shirt to my hips and pulling my panties to the side, rubbing his tip along my wet folds.
“Shawn.” I groan and sink down as he holds my hips
“YN fuck.” Shawn breaths
I throw my head back and grind my hips faster on him.
“Shit baby.” I moan and thread my fingers in his hair and bounce up and down causimg my breasts to bounce.
“YN, YN, fuck YN.” Shawn repeats over and over
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” I moan over  and over
He cradles his head between my breasts and lays gentle kisses all over them as I bounce a bit.
“I’m so close.” I moan
“YN.” Shawn groans
“Shh don’t.” I rock my hips faster and close my eyes clenching and unclenching rapidly around him
Soon we both ride our highs out as my head falls onto his shoulder.
“I love you and your body so much.” I say
“I love you and your body and your heart.” He says

Dedication to @ollgmendesss 💕


shawn imagine

“Can you do a Shawn imagine where you have a nightmare that he dies and when you wake up he’s not there so you have a massive breakdown and maybe try to commit suicide but he gets there in time and you don’t get hurt”

requested by lexiswit


I ran into hospital not caring security was after me. I had to see Shawn. I ran all around and I finally found him. I walked in with tears streaming down my face. I went over to him and he was lying there peacefully. I took his hand and kissed him on the cheek.

“Shawn if you hear me, I love you so much. I had never been so in love with some one. I believe you can do this. You are strong. Please stay here, for me.” I said as more tears streamed down my face. 

Minutes later the machine stopped beeping and the line went straight. 

“No, no NO!” I screamed. “SOME BODY HELP MY BOYFRIEND IS DYING. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP HIM!” I screamed on the stop of my lungs.

Doctors came running in and tried to shock him. It was the most traumatizing thing i have ever seen. After multiple tries, the doctor came over to me and gave me a sympathetic look.

“I’m so sorry Miss, but we did everything we could. You may stay in here to have a few last words with him.” The doctor said.

“Isn’t there m-more y-you c-can do.” I said in between sobs.

“I’m sorry miss but we did everything we could.” The doctor said as he put an arm on my shoulder.

I went over to Shawn and sobbed on his abdomen, “no, no” i would repeatedly say.

I blacked out and gasped for air as I sat up in my bed. I started to cry realizing everything that happened was real. I could not live with out shawn. I go into my bathroom and grab my sleeping pills. I pour a handful into my hand but I heard a voice, a voice that sounded like Shawn’s. I must be hallucinating. As i was putting the pills up to my mouth, Shawn barged the door open.

“Y/N Oh my god what are you doing!” Shawn panicked as he came over to me and put my hand down having the pills going to the floor. He brushed my hair back and cuffed my face.

“What made you do this Y/N?” Shawn said concerned.

“I-I thought you were dead.” I stuttered.

“Dead? No i’m here Y/N i’m here.” He said soothingly as we sat down on the bathroom floor against the tub as he pulled me into his lap.

“I must of had a nightmare but it seemed so real.” I said and then tears started to go down my face.

“It’s okay i’m here.” Shawn said once again as he soothed me. “I’ll always be here.” He said as he kissed my face.

I’m just so desperate for domestic Shawn/Katy:

  • cheek and forehead kisses
  • Shawn making Katy breakfast and having to do really unusual things because she’ll be damned if she sees another plate of eggs and bacon
  • Katy singing along to the radio and Shawn just watching her
  • Arguing over 1% vs 2% milk at the grocery store
  • Shawn being super ticklish and Katy using it to get her way (at this point he doesn’t even argue, he just automatically does the dishes)
  • Figuring out what to get Maya for birthdays/Christmas
  • Falling asleep on the couch together on a Sunday afternoon
  • Kissing at midnight on New Year’s while drinking cheap champagne and watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
  • Making coffee together in the morning
  • Reading in bed together
  • Shawn going to the store to get Katy pads/tampons/advil etc and calling her like “wtf do I buy”
  • Reading fortune cookie fortunes to each other and laughing about them
  • Katy always making the bed because Shawn is a fucking mess
  • Shawn always making sure that there are groceries and dinner on the table because Katy works so much that she doesn’t always have time to shop, let alone cook
  • Shawn giving Katy foot rubs because work is so tiring
  • Katy distracting Shawn from his writing with kisses
  • Decorating the apartment for holidays and Shawn is super into it (especially for Halloween) and Katy thinks it’s adorable. Doing things like pumpkin carving and putting up Christmas lights and putting out flags for the 4th of July and little paper hearts for Valentine’s Day
  • Cuddling up with lots of blankets and pillows when it’s cold in the winter time