shawn carney

Abortion - our current day holocaust

The irony is that we are living in the midst of this injustice and you can’t go back and interview somebody who was living in Nazi Germany, they would have said well things are unsettled but we don’t know where this is going…but now in hindsight we would look at them and say where was the outrage, why weren’t you alarming everyone and we would jump all over them. Apathy has to be very dense and very thick for something like this to go on and that’s what we have in our culture and that’s why particularly if you’re in the pro-life movement, when you start to speak on behalf of the unborn, it’s so easy to say they’re religious nuts or they’re zealots or they’re radicals …because if what we’re saying is true, then it’s so alarming, it’s so overwhelming that most people don’t want to admit that we live in a culture that has killed 55 million children.

~ Shawn Carney, co-founder of 40 Days for Life

Abortion - rejecting religion and science

We have to show people the reality of life in the womb and it’s the only religious effort really that’s in the political realm where science proves our point and yet people just reject it. 

Nothing is more powerful in American politics than the human will.

Abortion survives on our radical personal autonomy that if you want the baby, it’s a blessing and if you don’t, it’s a freedom and a choice and it can be tossed to the side and that’s a very dangerous mentality because it allows you to reject the two most powerful institutions in the history of western civilization - religion and science.

~ Shawn Carney, co-founder of 40 Days for Life