shawn and jules


So I was studying all these Gifs and in the first one it sounds like Juliet has to leave Santa Barbara or something like that and in the second one it looks like she’s getting ready to leave, in the 3rd Shawn is saying something is hard for him and in the fourth Juliet looks surprised hence her Jaw dropping.  SO what i'm thinking hoping is that Juliet is leaving and her and Shawn decide to have a long distance relationship but after a while Shawn decides that it’s just too hard for him to deal with but then he realizes that he needs Juliet so he comes to wherever she is and surprises her and they have happy Shules and forever together stuff. If not than hopefully something else good happens and we have happy Shules again…. if not that then I think i’ll start writing my will now

The signs as Psych characters
  • Shawn Spencer: Gemini, Aquarius
  • Gus: Libra, Leo
  • Lassie: Aries, Pisces
  • Jules: Cancer, Virgo
  • Henry: Taurus, Capricorn
  • Chief Vick: Scorpio
  • McNab: Sagittarius


Shawn: Thank you. 
Lassiter:  Why don’t you let us ask the questions for a while? 
Gus: I already have a job. 
Juliet: Am I? 


Shawn: Do not make me slam on the brakes! […] Where?
Lassiter: Hello, Lilly… This is your daddy…
Gus: You let go of the wheel, I have the gas! […] Shawn!
Juliet: Oh, a labradoodle!

I’m fairly certain that Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an alternate universe where Psych’s Shawn Spencer actually became a cop like

~extremely hyper adult male lead who acts like he’s 12
~suppresses feelings and distracts others from them with ridiculous stunts
~actually really good at his job
~parents are divorced
~loves his mom
~MAJOR Daddy issues
~parents sort of fall in love again (?)
~has an unconditionally devoted BFF
~flirts without meaning anything and then eventually falls in love with his amazing female co-worker
~has a “rival” who doubts his methods and is hard on him but eventually becomes a good friend

Basically Shawn and Jake are both my sons and husbands and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been filling the hole that Psych left in me when it ended