shawn and jules


Psychtober: Psych Gang + Noir AU

Shawn Spencer has been a successful grifter ever since he ran from his overbearing cop father - but when he and his best friend got ratted out in the middle of a big job, he’s presented with a choice: either getting his ass dumped in jail, or using his skills to work with the struggling detective department. Who knows being a private eye isn’t all that different from pulling a good con?

Burton “Gus” Guster was meant to be a pastor, but is currently working in one of the best jazz club of the city… and acting as unofficial doctor/assistant/smuggler for his wayward best friend. His dream is a neat little medical practice and his name on a shiny tag on the door: meanwhile, he spends early mornings drinking loads of coffee and pouring over medical textbooks. Caught in the aftermath of Shawn’s failed hit, Gus can’t do anything but follow him in his new career, take advantage of the brand-new forensics labs, and hope they’ll make out of it alive. This time too.

Juliet O'Hara comes from a long line of con men – but she won’t be stopped by this, nor by the fact she’s a five-foot-two dream of gold-blond curls and legs to kill for. She’s wanted to be a cop all her life, and she will be – and considering the chronic shortage of not-thoroughly-rotten cops the department is suffering from, they can’t be that picky either. Through both her wits and her deep compassion, Juliet will rapidly rise to be the ace undercover agent of the PD, and its Head Detective’s right-hand and best friend.

It’s no Miss to you. It’s Detective O'Hara.

Carlton Lassiter has worked hard to get here: with Irish blood in his veins, raised by a single mother in a working-class neighborhood, everyone expected him to turn out a lowly laborer for some Irish mob family. Instead, he’s Head Detective - the hardest and the best this city has ever had. With a wrecked marriage on his back and the raging corruption strangling the force, he’s losing faith in his ability to change things. Till a bunch of improbable misfits – as improbable as he is, actually – suddenly tumble into his life, and Carlton realizes there’s still something worth to fight for.

The sun is scorching, but dark things lurk under blue skies.

It’s going to be a long summer for the Psych Squad.


Psych Gang + Uncharted AU (adapted)

Shawn has been lots of things in his life - a thief, a smuggler, an archaeologist, a relic hunter. Basically, he’s Gus’s best friend.

Burton could have been teaching Renaissance Art at Berkeley - instead, he’s dodging bullets while fleeing from the bloodthirsty gangsters Shawn has managed to piss off. Some day he considers it his blessing. Someday he really, truly, madly does not.

Juliet is a reporter. She likes people, she likes stories, she likes truth. She shouldn’t like Shawn or all the trouble he carries with him, and still.

Carlton is a ICE agent - one of the best. Having fought theft and trafficking of cultural items for years, he hates smugglers, treasure hunters, and adventurers. So, it only figures he finds himself working side by side with Spencer.

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