shawn and gus

Every Episode of Psych Ever
  • Police:We found this dead body and we're pretty sure it was either an accident or a suicide.
  • Shawn:No it was a murder.
  • Police:Ok what evidence do you have.
  • Shawn:...none. But just put me on the case I'll find some!
  • Police:No!
  • Shawn:Fine. *convinces a reluctant Gus to take the case* *sneaks onto crime scene through the help of one of the police officers that is not Lassiter*
  • Lassiter:Get off my crime scene or you'll be arrested!
  • Shawn:lol ok. *doesnt leave crime scene* *finds evidence there or elsewhere*
  • Police Chief:*Puts him on case in light of the fact he mysteriously knows so much that it's 'impossible for him to know about'*
  • Lassiter:*reluctantly works with Shawn* *arrests wrong guy*
  • Shawn:* has a "psychic episode" once he knows who did it*
  • Police:he's probs wrong but lets go anyway
  • Police:*do what he says* Fuck he was right.

The best thing in the world is when you find your platonic soulmate. There’s no hassle of the drama of romance. It’s just two people who are completely in synch. It’s the ultimate of all bromances. It’s JD and Turk, Abed and Troy, Shawn and Gus. Nothing is better than finding that person and holding on to them.