shawn 2.0

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blurb — complimenting Shawn admiring his beauty and looking at him adoringly and he gets all shy and blushy

 + blurb about Shawn telling Y/N while they’re in bed at night about how much he’s fallen for her?

merged and changed it a little, idea is still the same x (I’m also shamelessly proud of a couple of metaphors in here lol) 

“Honestly think you’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen”

He’s all messed up by his covers and pillow, curls a ruffled mess – greasy, hasn’t showered yet – and his skins a little blotched, blemished around his hairline and nose. 

Shawn’s lips are slightly chapped from the winter air and his constant need to chew at them, and his face is freshly awakened – features yawning and saying ‘five more minutes’

You swear he’s an angel, and the white of his sheets doesn’t help either – an actual angel. An angel who’s blushing a deep peach shade when your words meet his ears.

“Think you’re lying” Shawn goes, as insecure as ever. He pulls his duvet up over his shoulder more as he faces you, the light cracking through his curtains and illuminating his slightly greasy features. His voice is a honey coated wafer, a biscuit dipped in tea and it’s burning your tongue, but by God are you more than happy to endure the pain. 

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riley is out for worlds, ilyankhova might be joining her, everyone is doing wolf turns, songsong retired, khorkina is trump 2.0, and shawn moved in with nastia – all in the past week

@ god where are you and how are u letting this happen

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+ ANYTHING DAD SHAWN PLLEEAASSEE +  Dad Shawn???? Ya girl thinks fuck yes. (Baby is named Ella again, this works as a part of my Baby firsts series: Baby’s first guitar)

“…and this one is a 1972 Gibson Blonde J-200, plays a dream – bought it off a guy in Chicago who didn’t know her worth”

Shawn’s got baby Ella in a baby carrier. She’s strapped facing forward, letting her young eyes take in Shawn’s studio as he drags her around the large room.

 He’s showing off his guitars, grinning as he takes Ella’s clenched fist in his enormous palm and pointing it to the instrument hanging on the wall with a “Was scared the guy would know who I was so I got your mother to haggle him for it” he waves her little hand. 

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Something really, insanely, disgustingly fluffy of the first time they say I love you maybe, like full of affection and intimate and so ciuttee

and the September blurb night/week 2.0 begins. Also, anon, your wish is my command. 

“Well which ones do you want more?”
“My gut instinct says cool ranch”
“Well get them then”
“But the cheese ones…”

You’re in the middle of a roadside supermarket, debating about which Doritos flavour to buy. 

The pair of you were driving home from Shawn’s parents when you’d decided to make a well-earned pit stop, stacking up on snacks before getting on the road again. Dressed in a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms – hood pulled up around his curls – Shawn’s got his chin rested on your shoulder and hands sitting in the front pocket of your own hoodie. 

His fingers are playing around with the tassels coming off of your purse and he’s calm – content – as he holds your waist and sways you with him to the melody playing in his head.  You let out an exasperated sigh as you purse your lips at the sight before you. 

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