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So as a decorator, nothing I could do but decorate my own room with his beautiful lyrics. The drawing of Shawn was made by Jill / @trendygilinksy on Instagram as Shawn once uploaded it. But the rest of the lyrics designs were made by me. This is my motivation. Hit me up if you need help with decorating! ❤

Best Friends

[title]: best friends (basic am i right or am i right?)

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes - (x)

[summary]: #13 | “i could kiss you right now!”, #53 | “i’m flirting with you” & #55 | “i fell in love with my best friend”

[warnings]: swearing

[a/n]: this took so long i’m so sorry

+ “WRITING PROMPTS” prompt list

Shawn was nervous. He had no idea why, since you are and have been his best friend since forever, but he just was.

“Bro, you’re gonna be fine, it’s just Y/N.” Ian assures from across the room, typing away on his phone.

“I don’t know, man. We had this encounter last week and I don’t know if she’s gonna have a good time, or it’ll just be awkward between us.” Shawn sighs, pacing.

“Shawn, you and Y/N have been best friends since the fucking womb, why are you nervous? It’ll be just like any old hang out, except there might be some… thrusting involved later on—"

“Ian, shut the hell up. I’m not having sex with her.”

Ian coughs mockingly, Shawn shooting him a glare.

“She is the one who agreed to your dumb way of asking her out, so she must really like you.”

“Hey, it was not a dumb way to ask her out.”

“Shawn, you literally bribed her to go out on a date with you.” Ian points out. “You asked her out, didn’t let her answer by slipping a twenty dollar bill in her hand, winked, and fucking walked away.”

“She loved it.” Shawn mutters under his breath.

“But for real, man. You can really tell she likes you. And I know you’re head over heels for that girl.”

“There’s really no way to explain how I feel for her, Ian.”

“I know bro, you love her, don’t you?”

Shawn freezes. In the seventeen and a half years you’ve known each other, Shawn has never thought about loving you. Sure, now he really likes you, seeing as he spent around 5 hours one night thinking about how to ask you, scrolling back and forth through Pinterest, and then that was all he came up with. He loved you as a friend, no doubt, and he knew you loved him as a friend… But what about something more than that?

Did he really love you?

Well for one thing, he second guessed himself, wondering if it really was a dumb way to ask the girl of his dreams out. Shawn overthought everything when it came to love and relationships. For example, when he discovered these newfound feelings for you, he’d always suggest something for the pair of you to do, but immediately backtrack his suggestion and say something like, “—I mean, only if you, uh, if you’d like to do… that.”

He always seemed to get super nervous in your presence. It’s not like he wanted to be nervous and flushed around you, he just was; he couldn’t help it. You’d almost never leave his thoughts. He’d dream about you time and time again. He hated and loved it.

You on the other hand, didn’t really pay attention to that. You always knew Shawn was an awkward kid in a lot of situations. Shawn has the biggest heart of anyone you know and loved that about him. He treats you right, despite the fact the two of you weren’t dating. You kind of just thought this was an awkward stage he was going through. Maybe puberty was late for him… Then you look at him and think, “Oh yeah, puberty hit him like a fucking truck.”

“Wait, have you guys kissed yet? And what was the encounter last week?” Ian asks.

“Um, yes. We have, and that was a part of the awkward experience. So uh, after I asked her out, the next day, we hung out like we do every Saturday.” Ian nods.

“Shawn, guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what—”

“What, Y/N?“ Shawn chuckles as you radiate excitement.

”So since you’re my handsome best friend and have been since forever, I decided to get you a ‘Shawn appreciation’ gift.” You smile widely.

“Well you, are quite a sexy lady yourself, ma'am.” He answers cheekily.

“Stop, Shawn.” You laugh, blushing.

“I’m flirting with you, Y/N. You’ve taught me well, baby girl.” He smirks.

“Oh my God, stop.” You giggle, blushing crazily. “Now shut up, so I can get your gift.”

He furrows his eyebrows when you walk over to your closet to grab his gift.

“Aw Y/N.” He coos as you pull a rather large rectangular box out of your closet. “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to, Shawn. Words don’t even come to mind as to how much I appreciate and love you, best friend.” You smile, giving him a quick side hug.

He anxiously unwraps the paper, then using a pair of scissors to open the cardboard box. You excitedly watch him to see his reaction. You knew he was gonna love it, and he knew he was gonna love it. You were the most thoughtful person he knew and you spent a shitload of time on present giving. It wasn’t even his birthday, it was June!

As soon as his eyes land on the case, a gasp slips past his lips.

His head whips in your direction immediately, a wide smile making its way onto your lips.

“Y/N!” He nearly screeches, making you giggle.

He nearly tackles you in a hug, knocking you over onto the floor. You let out a yelp at his sudden weight on top of you. His large arms wrap around your small figure, as he continuously whispers in your ear, “I can’t believe you got this.”

He pulls his head back and leaves multiple kisses all over your cheeks, forehead, nose, and temple, making you giggle and laugh. But then maybe by accident, he kisses your lips quickly. He doesn’t seem phased by that as he’s probably in cloud 9, but your eyes widen just a tad bit, his action catching you off guard.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…” And so on.

You attempt to brush off the tingling sensation you feel in your lips, hoping Shawn can’t see the light tint of color resting on your cheeks.

Shawn holds the guitar case in his hands, before opening it up and carefully pulling the guitar up and out of the case. Shawn stares at it in awe, admiring its small intricate details, tracing the edges of it with his fingers.

You watch him in admiration, knowing how much passion he has for music.

“How can I ever repay you, Y/N? You got me not just a really expensive guitar that I’ve wanted for two years, but Ed Sheeran tickets too?!” Shawn exclaims.

“Don’t repay me, please. This is to thank you for being so kind to me, loving, and for being my bestest friend in the whole universe.” You smile, kissing his cheek.

I’m so happy, oh my God! I could kiss you!“ He nearly yells before falling silent. He stares into your tantalizing eyes, his stare flickering down to your awaiting lips. You gulp, before leaning in to place a lingering kiss on his lips.

He kisses you back, placing a hand on your cheek before you pull back slightly, before pulling back completely.

You stare down at your hands awkwardly. At the time, you were confused about your feelings for Shawn. You knew you liked him a lot but you’d never been in a real relationship before. Although, being with Shawn all the time, it did sorta feel like oh were in a relationship… Whatever being in a relationship was like.

“I uh, I should p-probably go…” You don’t say anything. “Thank you so much for the gifts, Y/N. I’m planning on taking you with me to the concert if you want to,” you smile weakly at him, “but uh… I’ll see you maybe tomorrow and next week for our date?” He asks hopefully, in which you smile and nod.

He smiles widely. He goes to pick up the wrapping paper and scraps but you stop him.

“Don’t worry about that, Shawn, I’ve got it.” You say, getting up and leaning up on your tippy toes to place a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

The awkwardness didn’t last long, for you both hung out the next day, him teaching you how to play a few chords on his new guitar and fangirling over Ed Sheeran.

“But uh, yeah.” Shawn grins, finishing his story. “I fell in love with my best friend.”

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