Nothing More than Friends**

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Warnings: 18+ NSFW

A/n: This was my first time attempting to write smut! I’m sorry if this sucksss. Tell me to never write smut again and I’ll stop. I promise.

Word Count: 880

Summary: Shawn and Y/N have been friends with benefits for a while. Everyone involved in a friends with benefits relationship knows that feelings are the one thing to avoid. However, one of our characters has slowly fallen over the other. Typical. Typical. This character is our little Canadian singer that in this universe is not a singer. Shawn has been falling for Y/N. He doesn’t know how to say what he’s feeling so instead he tries to show Y/N how he feels.

I have my head between the crook of her neck breathing in her scent. I moaned into her skin her scent stimulating my cock. I hear a moan come out from her parted lips. She bites her lip afraid that another moan will come out and will be much louder. She constantly keeps looking at the door afraid that her roommate will come back from class and catch us fucking. I hold her hips to move her towards my crotch so our hips meet every time I thrust into her, her bed rocking softly along with our movements causing her breasts to bounce lightly.

I groan slightly at the sight of her bouncing breasts.

I move my right hand from her hip, to her side, and to grip her left boob. I squeeze it lightly and hold the nipple between my index finger and thumb twisting it lightly. She bites her lip harder muffling a moan. I kiss her neck down to her chest and replace my fingers with my lips on her hard bud. I graze my teeth over the hard bud and I gently bite down on it. She lets out a small gasp as she feels my teeth come in contact with her nipple. I look up at her and she has her eyes closed, her face filled with bliss. I suck and pull at the bud in my mouth while my other hand is playing with her other nipple.

She breathes out, “Oh god.” She intertwines her fingers in my hair, and slightly tugs at it.

I tug at it one more time and move to the other nipple, not leaving it out. I kiss between her breasts and she lets out a small protest knowing I won’t be sucking on her breasts anymore.

I get up on my knees and continue to thrust into her. I look down at my cock disappearing into her. I always loved watching how her pussy swallowed my cock whole.

I look up at her, she has her eyes closed, her cheeks were flushed and his lips slightly parted into an ‘o’ shape.

Few weeks back, we made a pact that this would be only sexual and that we shouldn’t expect a relationship out of this. We were both single and horny. We would use each other to relieve our sexual tension.

Now, I try to make this last as much as I can before I walk out of this room and we have to act like strangers. I slow down my pace. We usually just fuck, and leave without saying a word.

“Shawn, f-faster. Please.” I hear cry out softly.

“We’re trying something new.” I say not picking up my pace but sneaking my hand between her thighs.

“We have less than 10 minutes before you have to be out of my- oh- my room.” she moans out as I begin to rub her sensitive nub.  

She arches her back in pleasure. I grab her hands that were by her side and pin them next to her head. I kept thrusting myself slowly into her and I was able to reach in much deeper. Every time I hit that spot, she would clench herself around my sensitive cock, I know I was not going to last much.

I began to kiss at her neck, made up to her jaw and soon our lips met. The kiss was passionate and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Everytime she tightened around me I moaned into the kiss. My moan was muffled, so I was glad that I was not heard.

We stopped kissing each other for a few seconds to catch our breaths

She breathed out “We should do this more often.” I held her arms with one hand on top of her head and begin to rub at her nub again.

“Yeah?” I said while I kept thrusting into her. I didn’t ask what she meant because I didn’t want to over analyze what she meant.

“M close” she breathes out.

I kept thrusting into her and usually when we were both close I’d ram himself into her. I wasn’t going to do that right now. I wanted to take my time giving her what she wished for. I’d do it for her, when we’re having sex and when we’re not. I want more than a fuck and some blowjobs, I want to get to know her.

Her legs began to shake and she squeezed around me causing me to cum. We both were looking at each other panting, out of breath.

I looked at her and her (Y/E/C) eyes were staring back at me.

I leaned forward pressing my lips to hers. My heart fluttered but I didn’t get the same reaction from her.

“What was that?” She said laughing lightly.

“I don’t know.” I say getting off of her and walking towards my clothes scattered on the floor doing everything in order to avoid her eyes.

I dress up as quickly as I can and head for the door.

“Bye.” I say while walking out.

I shake my head at myself. I don’t know why I just kissed her like it was going to mean something.

Get it together Shawn, you’re nothing more than ‘friends.’

So about the Jevil ...

In combat with him: 

Talking to Shawn about the Jevil:


And even when you defeat him:



More mentions of   “The Knight”



You’d think we would meet such an important character.  but all we get are even more connections between Gaster and this world, not only on the surface, but also in the Dark world. Apparently, he might’ve presented himself as “The Knight” or created it.


Tom Holland looked pretty good today.

I didn’t see him but I know he looked good.


if you ever fall, i’d lift you up
if you lose your way, i’ll pick you up
and i’m in it with you
and i’m in it with you