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Give!! Me!! More!! Dragons!! In!! Shawls!!

I had this idea that some dragon tribes share the tradition of wearing wedding shawls, humongous elegant shawls either hand made by the mother-in-law of the betrothed for more poor class dragons, or and handed down over generations and crafted by ancients or animus for the royal families.

Above is displayed a smaller, less intricate and somewhat poor class shawl crafted by a skywing mother-in-law for her young daughter.  The silk that Skywings use is expensive and imported, so only royal families can afford to have shawls that stretch over their wings, back, and trail behind them in some cases.  

Only the upper class Icewings have a few beautiful shawls stored away for royal weddings, an ancient gift from an animus dragon which are said to give the gift of fertility to those who wear it during their vows.

Rainwings hand craft their shawls from vines to form narrow and small but elegant drapings entwined with beautiful rainforest flowers and leaves.  The male often will present a shawl that he hand crafted to his mate as proposal.

Queen Coral wore a shawl on her wedding night to Gill, though it is not a tradition in the seawing kingdom.

Nightwings, Mudwings, and Sandwings don’t partake in this tradition, each for their own reason.  

Are you sick of my ocs yet? Well, here’s a ref sheet for another one!

Ria Claywood, the 13 year old only daughter of an apple farmer/ex-monster hunter who is dragged along on adventures to slay monsters because she needs the “experience”


Currently charging my crochet hook, rose quartz, and beginning chain of my shawl with peace, love, and purification. The beginning chain is 366 chains, one for every day of the year plus one for the pattern to work (I thought this fit nicely for leap years).

After I have the shawl finished I would like to share the pattern and spell with you all, I hope this enchantment turns out!


I was going to wear this to Rock in Rio on Friday, but I decided to give my wristbands to a friend of mine because… why not make someone smile. So, I’ll where this outfit today and dance around my office.

Starwars crop- Target

Shawl - Forever21

Skirt - custom

Cot Blanket

Handknit cot blanket, made on 2.25mm needles and knitted in cotton embroidery thread.

Okay, this just BLEW my mind!  Knitting with embroidery thread!?  That’s crazy, BUT amazing all at once! And how effective is this?  SO good!  Made by    Spellstone and found on Flickr.

To get started on something like this, here’s a simple pattern for a knitted triangle:


Cast on 2 sts.
Row 1 (RS): K1, yo, k1.
Row 2: K1, yo, k2.
Row 3: K1, yo, knit to end.

Knit until the triangle is the desired size you want and then repeat. (This is the basic pattern I make when making a quick and easy triangle shawl.  I love garter stitch and yarn overs!)


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 8.28.15

handmade nakoma shawl by goodcompanyco // black | ivory

hipsters, this one’s for you. rock a hand-painted and super-trendy shawl in either black or white — or camel, not pictured — with sweet geometric designs. WANT.


Alright let’s do this!

Super long photo post because there’s just so much going on in this outfit, and since the scene took place in a nightclub it’s difficult to get really good images.

It looks like what’s going on with Phryne’s dress is a silvery champagne colored underdress/slip (you can see it more clearly in pic #5 and 6) under a sheer/black striped overdress. With lots of bling. There’s some sort of extra glitter on the neckline, and the two embroidered/sequined appliques on her left hip. It also looks like the dress becomes more solid black under the dropped waist? It’s hard to tell since mostly we only see her from the hips up.

We don’t see much of her cape, but it’s spectacular! Some sort of lightweight crinkly shimmery fabric with a heavily beaded shawl collar. I love it.

For added glitz she has a jeweled head piece, a necklace/skinny scarf that hangs fairly heavy and is probably beaded fabric (maybe knit? maybe metallic thread?), and my favorite - glitter or tiny rhinestones on the ends of her eyelashes! 


Fall fashion is all about layering. I love finding the best colors and textures to go with the right outfit. Fall and winter are my favorite time of year. The holidays during the colder months I consider the best and I enjoy watching the seasons change.

I wear a lot of thicker neckties during the colder months. I never dress down and I’m usually wearing an overcoat, blazer, corduroy pants, a sweater and dress shoes. As much as I love wearing ties, I also love wearing shawl-neck cardigans and shawl-neck pullovers. Instead of wearing a scarf, the shawl keeps my neck warm. I like how this item can visibly be seen underneath my blazer and overcoat. Also, when worn, these two items convey a sense of uniform. This sets them apart from wearing just a basic crewneck sweater or cardigan.

One specific item I look forward to wearing before it gets too cold is a mahogany leather tassel loafer from a bespoke shoe brand called Cobbler Union. Cobbler Union believes in creating an affordable luxury product. These are the most comfortable pair of loafers I own. The foot beds have extra padding inside and after a few times wearing them, the leather has molded to my feet. I like shoes that I can easily dress up or down and these are the perfect example of that type of shoe.