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Howard University, one of the nation’s top historically black colleges, has seen the neighborhood around it change drastically over the years.

The area, located just a couple of miles north of Capitol Hill, was once working-class and black. But as hundreds of new residents move to D.C. each month, more nonblack residents move into Howard’s neighborhood. And as property values rise, the university is trying to capitalize on the hot real estate market.

For years, there was little interaction between the residents of the neighborhood and the middle-class students and faculty of the university. At times, the relationship wasn’t always harmonious, despite a shared cultural experience.

When A Historically Black University’s Neighborhood Turns White

Photos: Tyrone Turner/WAMU


Overcoming Fear and Coming Together: Celebrating @aniekanreloaded’s Bold Murals

To see more of his murals all over Washington, DC, follow @aniekanreloaded on Instagram. This post is part of Instagram’s #MakeYourMap, a project to capture and celebrate local culture and heritage during #BlackHistoryMonth, which runs throughout February in the United States.

It only took one man, Aniekan Udofia (@aniekanreloaded), to paint this larger-than-life mural of music legend and activist Marvin Gaye, but an entire community came together to make it a lasting image in Washington, DC’s cityscape. The wall Aniekan originally painted his commissioned mural on was torn down, so the people of the Shaw neighborhood in Northwest DC raised money to start fresh.

“I actually like the second one because there was no control in terms of the creativity, the timeline or the style,” says Aniekan, a DC illustrator who paints murals all over his city — no easy feat for a man terrified of heights. “The funny thing is, once I’m up there for a few minutes, I’ll get the swing of it — as long as I’m not looking down.”

Aniekan spent 16 years living in his parents’ native country of Nigeria before moving to the US to study fine art, but didn’t hold a can of spray paint until years after he graduated. “It’s like someone giving you a can of Cheez Wiz to create art,” he jokes. He still holds a special place in his heart for the trusty pencil, using the image as a sort of signature: “The pencil represents persistence. You can use the pencil to the last drop of lead.”


If Dr. Evil got more than a shark with a freekin’ laser beam on it’s head … I’m not sure why the pandas are fighting each other … one may be in league with the cardinals … it’s really a complex situation, for being a wall in a bar … really complex ;-) 

But, they brew some very nice saisons … really!

Inside Right Proper Brewing Company. Shaw District. Washington. DC. May. 2015.

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Hi! First just wanted to say you re doing an excellent work, really God's work, and i wanted to ask if the police have killed anymore people in Ferguson. Thanks in advance.

Kajieme Powell was shot and killed by two police officers in STL on August 20, 2014.

VonDerrit Myers was shot and killed by off-duty police officer Jason Flanery in the Shaw neighborhood of STL on October 8, 2014.


Fans mark 5th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death

Michael Jackson’s fans – still as loyal and fervent as ever – will participate in tributes worldwide to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the singer’s death.

Brad Sundberg, a longtime member of Jackson’s technical team, presents his “In the Studio With MJ: The Homecoming” seminar in Los Angeles June 23 through 26, featuring music, photos and stories about working with the King of Pop; tickets are $249 to $339.

Channel Islands Helicopters in Oxnard, California, will offer private helicopter tours over Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley on June 23 and 24; $175 per person.

Fans holding a candlelight vigil at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for pop star Michael Jackson, days after his death on June 25, 2009.

Fans are invited to dress as the late icon for a celebration of his music and videos at Watha T. Daniel-Shaw Neighborhood Library in Washington, D.C., from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on June 25; free admission.

The San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California, will host Who’s Bad, a Jackson tribute band, for a special performance at 7 p.m. on June 25; concert included with $14 fair admission.

Jackson fans in the Netherlands will gather at Scheveningen Beach to commemorate his death by lighting lanterns at 8 p.m. on June 25; free admission.

Spanish fans will hold vigils at Playa Catalunya in Barcelona and Playa de la Victoria in Cadiz beginning at 8:30 p.m. on June 25; free admission.

Los Angeles fans will gather at Jackson’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame at 10 p.m. on June 25 to sing, light candles and display flags from around the world; free.

(Reuters) - Riot-gear clad police arrested at least 17 people on Sunday after they refused orders to disperse from a spontaneous sit-in outside a convenience store in St. Louis during a weekend of otherwise peaceful protests against police violence.

Thousands of people are staging protest marches, vigils and other demonstrations in the St. Louis area this weekend, calling for the arrest of a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager in August.

Another fatal shooting of an African-American teenager by an off-duty cop last Wednesday has further inflamed tensions. Sunday’s arrests were in the same neighborhood where Wednesday’s shooting occurred.

St. Louis police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said 17 people had been arrested for unlawful assembly early on Sunday at the parking lot of the QuikTrip convenience store.

Mervyn Marcano, who is handling media relations for a group that provides jail support for protesters, said at least 19 people had been arrested.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson tweeted during the protest that protesters were throwing rocks at the police. But the protesters tweeted that they had not thrown anything.

Witnesses transmitting live video from the small overnight protest in Shaw, a neighborhood of St. Louis, showed a few dozen people sitting on the ground outside the convenience store and said some people were hit with pepper spray and what appeared to have been tear gas, though that could not be confirmed.

Last Wednesday, an off-duty white officer working for a security firm shot dead 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers Jr. in the Shaw neighborhood in what police described as a firefight.

There were no reports of arrests at protest rallies on Saturday that drew thousands of people. The police have largely adopted a non-confrontational stance and protest organizers work to maintain order and a non-violent approach.


The mother of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old shot dead on Aug. 9 by a white officer in Ferguson, Missouri, walked at the front of a rally on Saturday evening in the suburb of Ferguson.

Lesley McSpadden, who has criticized Ferguson police, has only rarely participated in protests. She eventually left the group, which grew to over 1,000 people and moved on to Ferguson police headquarters.

Brown’s death triggered a national uproar in August over police accountability and protesters have called for the arrest and prosecution of the officer, Darren Wilson. A grand jury is now considering the case.

At the culmination of the Ferguson march on Saturday night, protesters shouted insults at a line of police in helmets and shields, with some demonstrators wearing bandanas or scarves over their faces. But there were no arrests or violence, a police spokesman said.

Earlier on Saturday, thousands of protesters in downtown St. Louis marched and rallied at a plaza, where organizers included Hands Up United, an activist group that emerged after Brown’s death.

Union members, gay rights activists and people from the Occupy movement joined in. Civil rights organizations and protest groups had invited people from across the United States to join vigils and other weekend events in the St. Louis area.

“This isn’t going to stop until there is change with police and black youth,” said Tory Russell, a founder of Hands Up United.

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Hello. Fist i want to thank u for everything u are doing and really appreciate all of the info u are posting on here. Second: im a full time student and didnt hear about the shooting of vonderrit myers, jr. Until last night on tumblr. When i tried to look up info all i could find was misinformation and articles defacing the victim. Do you have some creditable sources that you can post on here saying what actually happened as far as eye witnesses can tell so far?