shaw gardens


Konoko Falls, located at the Shaw Park Estate in Ocho Rios, St Ann, Jamaica could easily be among the reasons that St Ann was named the garden parish. Set in the hills of the former Coyaba Gardens, its lush vegetation, calming waters, and scores of indigenous flowering plants make you want to forget you have a home to return to once you sample its delights.

The new name - Konoko - is the Arawak word for rainforest, and now it’s also the name of the newly recreated haven for both visitors and locals to retreat to for relaxation, students to study, take a journey through Jamaica’s historic past, or simply to enjoy nature’s bounty.


Is this the part where you tell me that I should live out the rest of my days in peace, grow an herb garden or something? | No. I chose you for exactly who you are. But there was something I think Root had wanted to say to you. You always thought there was something wrong with you, because you don’t feel things the way other people do.  But she always felt that was what made you beautiful. She wanted you to know that if you were a shape, you were a straight line. An arrow. 

slaurelz-blog  asked:

Good day, Tracy! My job is sending me on a business trip to St. Louis in a few weeks. Do you or any of the Lackadaisy characters have any suggestions for what I should check out in the city in my free time. I am so excited to be going to St. Louis and it's all because of your comic!

Oh, well…I’m glad you’re looking forward to your visit!  Don’t mind the tire fire….>_>
You could take a wacky elevator to the top of the Arch if it suits your fancy, but honestly, you’d probably have a lot more fun at the City Museum.  Wear sneakers and jeans.  It’s a proper museum…encapsulated by an abandoned factory turned elaborate jungle gym.  It’s full of caves, tunnels, ten story slides, labyrinths hidden in the walls and under the floors, metal contraptions built from industrial detritus, castle towers, tree forts, rope swings and sundry other trappings designed to encourage you to behave unabashedly like a ten year old for a few hours.  Later, stop by Ted Drewes for a frozen custard.

If the weather is fine, you might want to check out Forest Park where you’ll find a lot of scenery, one of the best zoos around, and an art museum too. The Science Center is nearby and always makes for a fun visit, and The Missouri Botanical Garden (Shaw Gardens) is a lovely, enchanting place to get lost in.