Shavuous is tonight! Bring on the cheesecake and blintzes. :) [It’s traditional to eat dairy on Shavuous…I don’t know why.]

My family is having two girls from Stern staying with us. Apparently, they’re coming as part of a program called Torah Tours where students from YU/Stern travel around the country and go to different congregations.

Guess who’s also coming to our community on Torah Tours?


External image

In case you haven’t heard of them, the Maccabeats are YU’s all-male Jewish acapella group. They’re most well known for their Chanukah-themed version of “Dynamite”, called “Candlelight”.

As my sister said, “This is the most exciting thing that’s happened since that family of con artists stayed with us!” [Long story.]

Anyway, a freilichin Shavuous [or do you only say that for Chanukah?]/a gut yontif. See you all in around three days.