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Girly question - what kind of body hair removal method do you prefer? I shave and its literally left me with these "strawberry" like legs and ingrowths so now i wax but do you have any secrets to smooth skin? :D

i shave and have legs as soft as a baby’s butt! i can’t stop waving them in people’s faces post shave!

the trick is to shave them with a scrub of sugar and oil (can use a cheapo oil like canola) - do like 3tbsp canola oil, 3tbsp raw sugar and 1tsp vanilla essence for flavour, and mix it all up. then use that to exfoliate your legs in the shower, and then shave them. once you’re dry, apply coconut oil to your legs and you’ll be baby soft (and superior to a baby because you’re toilet trained!). i do this all the time and have literally never gotten an ingrown hair xx

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Free butthole bleaching! Courtesy of Baba, baba will shave it. Scrub it and lick it. for 29.99+tax

N-No, you most certainly will not!

one of the things i hate about myself is that i have so much performance anxiety that the moment i’m doing something for a grade or for some kind of assessment i fuck up stupid shit but do fine when left to my own devices

like they fired a girl last week (yike!) so i’ve had to be more autonomous to pick up her slack and yesterday i set up surgery for dr b for her spay all by myself and the only thing i forgot was her blade which she caught before surgery started and said i set up everything great, and then i shaved the dog and scrubbed her and monitored her by myself and it was fine

and we use like an esophageal doppler to monitor heart rate and it’s not super reliable but it can give you a baseline to work with, and the husky we were spaying had a pretty big respiratory sinus arrhythmia (which is just a benign condition where the heart rate speeds up when they inhale) so the monitor was averaging it at around 55-60 bpm. anything lower than 60 bpm in dogs is Bad but when i listened to her personally with my own stethoscope i consistently got around 72 bpm which i relayed to the vet and she said the arrhythmia was probably just throwing off the monitor and she wouldn’t be worried until it got down to 50 bpm anyway, PLUS she hadn’t even started surgery yet and usually the heart rate increases when they start hacking away at them lol

so she wasn’t concerned and i wasn’t concerned so i went ahead and started prepping while she scrubbed up and naturally the more critical/micromanaging tech came in and saw the monitor and freaked out and listened to the heart and said she got 60-something like the monitor and i was like okay but i didn’t… and dr b came in and was like “nah i’m not concerned” and basically dismissed the tech which tbh was kinda nice that i was trusted to continue monitoring. like she prepared atropine just in case but we ended up not needing it because the heart rate shot up to about 100bpm when she started the spay so like l o l