shaving it for later

Today, on the 5th of November, let’s take a moment to talk about something very important: John Watson’s mustache. He’d been growing the thing ever since he chose to “move on” by settling down with Mary Morstan. He looked awful, no one liked that mustache, but he was just “trying it out”. It didn’t suit him. Didn’t help the fact that he still looked awful from mourning his other-half Sherlock Holmes. But on this day, the morning after finding out his other-half lives, he shaved it off…. and hours later was promptly thrown in a bonfire.

One more time:

In order to move on, John grew facial hair and attached himself to a woman. He’s usually clean-shaven, but he was willing to try this instead just in case. No one thought this “new John” was better, and clearly it was just a mask for his mourning. The day he found out his reason-for-life lives, he tossed the mask… but then was thrown into a bonfire.

Let’s make the subtext even clearer for those who haven’t quite caught on yet, shall we?

John turned to a woman as a final “i guess this is how my life will end” way. He grew the mustache to better fit in with the heterosexual identity (yes, it’s a beard. For real. He wanted to blend in. “How many times… Sherlock was not my boyfriend”). Clinging to this facade didn’t suit him and everyone could tell it was just because he was mourning Sherlock. He was gonna keep that mask on, too, until he found out Sherlock was still alive. Once hope came back, John ditched the facade. There’s no one he’d rather be with than his other-half, Sherlock Holmes. But hours later he’s thrown in a bonfire while the townspeople watched – exactly the way homosexuals used to be executed.


“the first reason was because if you had a rehearsal for a school band you could leave a lesson, that was the first reason we started this band.” 

My brother's Rey identity theory

She’s not a Palpatine.
She’s not a Solo.
She’s not a Skywalker.
She’s not a Kenobi.

She’s a Wookie. Rey is Chewbacca’s daughter. They had to shave her in order to protect her identity and later to protect her from the desert heat. Han Solo DID find his long-lost niece, but she isn’t Luke’s kid. She’s Chewie’s.

Rey and Kylo Ren could have the first inter-species romance in the Star Wars movies, and Rey could be our first non-human protagonist. I’ll bet Kylo Ren has been wanting to reconnect with Rey for a long time, because he used to look after her for Chewie.

My brother might be onto something.


Her story:
“I never felt so strange inside my own body until I stopped shaving. Then a year later, I stopped worrying about the looks or the questions, or worrying someone would be ‘turned off’ by something natural. I don’t miss razors or shaving cream, but I do think allowing myself to accept parts of myself I was constantly trying to hide has empowered me in ways I never imagined.” - D

Dion museum, Pieria, MacedoniaGreece

Photo from a postcard, from the collection of the Archaeological Museum of Dion: This was not displayed when I visited- it is kept at the archives’ building. It’s the bust of a young child found at the sanctuary of Isis. The statue had a different hairstyle when it was made at the 2nd century AD, but was resculpted later. Resculpting older statues was a standard practice in later antiquity. The shaved head with a single tuft of hair at the top indicates that the child has been dedicated to the goddess Isis. This dedication happened probably after the death of the child, to ensure that the child would be protected by the goddess in the afterlife. This bust along with one more found at the same site, are unique in Greece, in other similar statues, the tuft of hair is usually at the side of the head.

by Greek-Museums

Lestrade X Reader

Greg Lestrade pulled on one of his nicest suits and prepared for his date later that night. He tied his tie, shaved his face, and grabbed his coat to go pick you up.

You and Greg had met while working on a case with Sherlock. Sherlock got a new flat mate after John moved out and you turned out to be just as intelligent as him, making you Sherlock’s perfect partner.

Your intelligence met Sherlock’s but thankfully for Greg, your heart was completely your own. You were kind, caring, and attractive. You were everything Greg was looking for and he couldn’t have been more thrilled when he asked you on a date and you said yes. He decided to take you out on a date to a very nice restaurant that he could barely afford normally but thankfully, he got Sherlock to pull some strings.

Greg knocked on the door to 221B and was greeted by Sherlock in his dressing robe. “Lestrade? Is there a case?” Sherlock asked confused.

“No, Sherlock. Tonight is my date with Y/N. She’s here right?”

“Oh that. Yeah, she’s getting ready. Y/N!” Sherlock called down the hallway.

“What?” you yelled back from the bathroom.

“Gavin’s here!”

“Who’s Gavin?” you called, confused.

“It’s Greg,” Greg told Sherlock.

“Oh. I mean Greg!”

You came walking out from the bathroom, putting in an earring. You turned to look over at Greg and Sherlock. Greg looked great, all dolled up in a nice suit. You gave him a goofy smile and uttered a “Hi, Greg.”

“Hi Y/N,” Greg said, thinking about how stunning you looked in your tight black dress.

Sherlock looked between you the two of you and scoffed. “Are you two going to stare at each other or are you actually going to leave the flat?” Sherlock said gesturing towards the door.

“Right. Shall we go?” Greg said, holding out his arm for you.

The two of you left 221B Baker Street and headed towards the restaurant. When you arrived you were taken away by how nice the restaurant looked. “Greg are you sure?” you asked him.

“Don’t work about it Y/N,” Greg assured as you were seated.

The rest of dinner went swimmingly. You and Greg talked, laughed and got to know each other better. There wasn’t any awkward silence and you two really hit it off. After dinner, you decided to walk back to Baker Street because the night was beautiful.

“Did you have a nice time?” Greg asked you, as you were approaching your flat.

“I had a wonderful time,” you answered truthfully.

“Good. I had an amazing time, Y/N. I’d love to do this again,” he said as you both stopped outside of 221B.

“I think that would be a great idea,” you told him, smiling up at Greg, forgetting about how close the two of you were. Slowly you both brought your lips together and shared a small kiss before Sherlock threw open the door.

“Ah, good. There you two are. Y/N, I need your help with something,” Sherlock said as he grabbed your arm.

“Sherlock!” you yelled at him but he pulled you into the flat anyway. “Bye Greg!” you yelled after him before Sherlock slammed the door, ending your date.

anonymous asked:

Hi im looking for a smut fic where ron was abusing/scolding hermione when they were having sex for not shaving, then hr somewhat becomes with dr later on. The main subject of the fic is about shaving or not. Thanks!

I only found this:

Title: What you want
Author: LalendaFenvarrow
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hermione gets stuck in a bathroom and finally finds out what she’s always wanted. 


Project Freelancer Christmas Headcanons:

•York gets EVERYONE “I <3 NY” tshirt (I know I’m not the first to say this one but I loved it so)

•Carolina gets everyone shitty gift cards because she has no idea what they would what.

•Carolina gets the gifting somewhat from her father because Allison always picked out gifts when she was growing up. So after she passed he would send somewhat impersonal cards with certificates like “$50 to Olive Garden” or “$25 at Bed Bath and Beyond”.

•They have to specifically say on the post up gift exchange guidelines (you know, like the price limit that no one follows and such) that Wyoming can’t give anything having to do with puns.

•Wyoming settled with getting puny Christmas Eve sweaters for everyone including himself. His says “I Mustache You a Question” on the front and “I Will Shave it For Later” on the back.

•Christmas morning, Wyoming wakes up to find that CT and South shaved off half of his mustache. Their replay was “it WAS later”. He returned the sweater the next day.

•Tex is the unofficial secret Santa and leaves everyone personal gifts in their lockers. She doesn’t know how she knows these somewhat personal gift ideas but she just for some reason loves giving them in secret. Especially Carolina’s.

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{Some a collab with lonestardove}

  • Tim: Bruce! Good, you're here. Now we can finally begin.
  • Bruce: Yes, of course, Tim. What was so urgent?
  • Tim: Bruce. I mustache you a question.
  • Bruce:
  • Tim:
  • Bruce:
  • Tim: :3
  • Stephanie: Tim! Be serious! We don't have time for that!
  • Bruce: Thank you, Stephanie. This requires our full--
  • Stephanie: But you could shave it for later?
  • Bruce:
  • Stephanie: :3
  • Bruce:
  • Both: :3
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce:
  • Bruce: *leaves*
A Perspective on a Year without Shaving

Last May was full of revelations in my life. And somewhere in all the revelation having, shaving my legs fell by the wayside. And stayed there. Followed by anything else that required shaving, nair-ing or waxing. A year later, this is what I’ve discovered.

What’s it like to be a hairy woman in today’s world obsessed with infantilizing and objectifying women? 

It’s actually pretty fantastic

After a lifetime of body image issues, poor self-image, and spending ridiculous sums of money to remove the dark, unseemly hair from my legs, arms, armpits, upper lip, stomach, etc - going razor-free was strange. At first I was ultra self-conscious. After a paranoid 45 minute train ride to the beach with a friend (I was wearing shorts and what would people think?!) I realized that no one was going to say anything. People certainly saw my legs; among the business commuters and the somberly dressed Europeans, the brightly attired Americans in beach clothes certainly stood out. I got zero dirty looks, no snide remarks, and quite frankly, no one seemed to be concerned about anything regarding me. Let alone were they concerned about what I did or did not do to the hair on my legs.  

I hated shaving. And strangers didn’t care if my legs were hairy. It seemed like a win-win situation so far. Next up was what those close to me would think. My friends didn’t discuss it unless I brought the subject up. And then they were mostly of the “do what makes you happy” opinion. The few naysayers were not the types of friends I needed in my life. My hairy armpits elicited more mixed reviews from friends, but again, no strangers approached me about it. It taught me who really accepted me as I was, and who was only a fair-weather friend

My family was a different story. My mother was horrified, and my sister (who loathes body hair on any and everyone) actually cried when she saw my armpits. There were threats to shave my legs in my sleep and of getting me so drunk that I’d let them wax my upper lip. “What will people think?!” and “You’re gonna get judged so hard!” were thrown at me daily FOR MONTHS. But the act of standing up for myself built my self-confidence and taught me how to have a backbone.

And a year later? My body image issues are mostly gone. Sure, I’ve got some insecurities, and I still have times where exposing my very hairy underarms makes me anxious, but it’s nothing compared to what I felt a year ago. I approach all of my beauty and hygiene rituals now with a simple attitude - “Is this for me, or is this for someone else?”. If the answer is anything but a solid resounding “ME”, I reconsider. I really didn’t think self-acceptance was possible in a world where I will never meet the ideals, but strangely, going exactly counter to the ideals is what brought me acceptance.

I have no plans to start shaving again anytime soon, and hope that anyone else who has considered putting down the hair-removal tools in their life will do so, even if it’s only for a short time. You’ll see the world differently, and you’ll see yourself differently. (And you’ll save a ton of money)

{JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure : Steel Ball Run}

Barber: “What would you like?”

Wekapipo: “I’m currently studying Wrecking Ball’s Rotation on a grid…”

Barber: “Say no more fam!”

by @chibidarkness1111

he HAD a beard okay… he shaved it off later in the later parts.. my reference picture was from his first appearance… now I look like a retard.. aaand yeah, I suck at drawing this crazy hairstyle….