shaving is not taking care of hair it is hair murder


fandom: monsta x
member/reader: Hyungwon, female
genre/warning(s): smut, mob hitman!Hyungwon, tw: mentions of murder (brief)
length: 3K+  
summary: [request] hyungwon smut with female reader where he wears a suit and reader gets turned on and thinks he doesn’t know but he does then they do it when they get back home? ^_^

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Taking Control

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2194

Warnings: Dom/sub, breath play, dom!Dean, oral sex (male and female receiving), smut, unprotected sex, slight angst, fluff

Summary: Dean had a rough hunt, but luckily he has you to come home to, where the two of you can lose yourself in passion. 

A/N: This was done for anon who requested, I was wondering if you would consider doing a deanxgirlfriend!reader where he comes home from a bad hunt and needs a release or control or whatever and they have rough sex with dom!dean and maybe a bit of breath play? All consensual and everything where she trusts him not to take it too far. I hope you like it anon, I totally get breath play and think it is hot. This story has slight dom/sub undertones so read at your own risk if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable. 

He took a deep breath, his hand stilled against the cold metal handle that would open up into the bunker, and he was trying to relax before walking in and greeting you. Finally, he summoned the energy to push it open, and at first, he thought there was something wrong with the door because of the loud squeal that erupted as he swung it inward, but then you were flying into his arms, the source of the sound due to your excitement. A momentary smile graced his face, but it fell quickly as he thought back to where he had just returned from. He instinctively grabbed you underneath your thighs and he inhaled the scent of your strawberry shampoo that hung around your slightly damp hair. 

“Dean,” you nuzzled into his neck, he could feel the way his stubble from his lack of shaving the past week scraped against the soft skin of your forehead, “I’m so happy your home, I missed you,” you said. 

“I missed you too, baby.” He kissed the crown of your head and set you back on the ground. 

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every thought i had about 2x21 as i had it

buckle in ur assholes i had a lot of feelings

  • lena was definitely dreaming of kara when rhea was stroking her cheek
  • lena’s bed hair! lena in this episode is hot af
  • maggie yielding a fucking shot gun and then taking a break and calling her gf BADASS SMOL SOFT LESBIAN
  • slo mo alex danvers taking out daxamites and jumping out of a window is the closest i’ve come to calling someone ‘daddy’ HOLY HELL
  • yet again, i heart teri hatcher even though rhea can suck a fuck
  • u reckon lena considered marrying monel for a second just to piss of her mom? bc i think she might’ve
  • superfam!!!! james hugs kara! james hugs alex! james fist bumps winn cos no homo!
  • maggie there isn’t any fucking time to make funny quips, the world is literally about to die
  • that gun pull on lillian is the second best thing of the episode (the first is always sanvers)
  • i don’t trust lillian luthor but im love brenda strong
  • maggie and james fighting crime together code name big bear and little bear
  • tbh if cat grant was like ‘i’m the queen of earth’ i’d accept it and honor her accordingly
  • do u reckon alex danvers, a canon kanye fan, asks cat to introduce her to kanye and kim?
  • that democrat line tho. also, we all, like, ship cat x President right?
  • why is the president’s alien head so small
  • alex in charge is always the best love me some director danvers
  • okay so youre telling me that rhea is gonna make a fucking hair baby?
  • kara canonically loves lena fuck me up
  • cat: i’m not taking the robot cyborg superman: …. damn.
  • alex crying bc she’s imagining maggie dying and also BC SHE MIGHT KILL HER SISTER KILL ME NOW
  • cat asking winslow about james and keira bc she knows the truth she just wants winn to spill their secrets and confirm everything
  • “i have a trusted agent on my 6″ more like on your 6-9 eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sex
  • maggie needs to stop with the sarcasm and the cute gay shit THE PLANET IS IN DANGER, YOUR SISTER IN LAW IS ABOUT TO DIE STOP REMINISCING YOU USELESS LESBIAN
  • literally would vote for cat grant to be president or supreme ruler of earth whichever comes first. also winn saying ‘classic’ is all of us
  • cyborg superman has a hand dick
  • lena casually killing that guard fuck me up
  • alex and maggie: break into deo me: starts singing jingle *cop girlfriends, kicking ass and fighting crime, theyre gay!*
  • ‘thanks james’ cat grant has no chill and im love her
  • look, the cannon is destroyed, earth is gonna die, but AT LEAST ALEX DIDNT KILL HER OWN SISTER

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: you weren’t beautiful. And no, no sugar-coating that, you just simply weren’t. you didn’t have the perfect body and you were insecure about almost everything about yourself. But still, no matter how much you were in denial of your beautiful imperfections, Bucky couldn’t help but admire you more and more.

Author’s Note: hey! I am not dead. Okay so this is an introductory part of this series. It’s a pretty small one it will have two or three parts only. I really wanted to write a chubby insecure reader one so here it is. It’s more funny than fluffy but I guess it turned out well. Also, tags are open. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and sexual humour

Word Count: 1600

PART 2, 3

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‘so, who is this another one of you freaks I don’t know about?’ Bucky turned to Steve as they were making their way to the common room.

‘oh, she’s an absolute sweetheart.’ Steve smiled brightly as your image popped in his mind. ‘well, mostly she is.’ He snickered.

‘what do you mean?’ Bucky questioned as they entered the common room.

‘see for yourself.’ Steve pointed at the avengers who were surrounding someone.

The room had a warmth in it, a nice hustle and bustle. Everyone was laughing out loud at something you had said.

  ‘damn it (Y/N)! my stomach hurts!’ Clint said as he rolled on the floor laughing while. Natasha couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

‘yeah!’ Sam slapped your shoulder.

‘You never fail to make anyone laugh.’ Thor said grinning.

‘I think you are mostly mean.’ Tony said unimpressed and everyone looked at him. you gave him a sharp look before continuing to speak.

‘hey, how do you think Tony spices up his sex life?’ you asked and Tony’s eyes narrowed.

‘how?’ Wanda asked trying to stifle her laughter.

‘with just a little bit of pepper in his life.’ You smiled at Tony and crossed your arms over your just.

‘well- uh,’ Tony stuttered.

‘and the great Tony stark is defeated.’ Bruce kept a hand on Tony’s shoulder who stood there gaping like a fish.

‘ahahaha!’ Clint pointed at Tony as he sat on the floor and started to roll on the floor laughing again. That was enough to make all of them burst into laughter again.

Steve and Bucky who were looking from afar couldn’t help but join in. Steve walked towards you and Bucky followed.

‘hey pumpkin!’ Steve grinned at you knowing how much you hated that nickname.

‘hey!’ you stood up and hugged him. ‘how’s my favourite blonde?’ you winked at him. he rolled his eyes, he could never beat you in the worst nickname game.

‘you must be Bucky!’ you grinned at the long-haired man.

‘that’s me.’ Bucky gave you a small smile and shook hands with you. ‘Steve told you about me?’

‘you bet,’ you pointed at him. ‘Barbie over here, never shuts up about you!’ you said as you punched Steve lightly.

Bucky couldn’t put a finger on it but something about you made him want to know you more. He felt a certain… security around you, a sense of welcome.

‘I am (y/n) (y/l/n) by the way. I respond to almost everything ranging from witch, bitch, asshole, Gertrude and Shrek.’ You smiled and he snickered.

‘how can you depreciate yourself so much but still be so happy?’ Wanda asked.

‘oh, it’s a gift.’ You said sarcastically. ‘If anyone doesn’t get my sense of humour they are free to go fuck themselves.’ You said with your arms crossed over your chest.

‘you look so cute when you’re angry.’ Steve pulled your cheek. ‘our cute, angry, pumpkin.’ Steve chuckled while you shot daggers at him with your eyes.

‘why do they call you pumpkin?’ Bucky furrowed his brows.

‘she was all cute and round like a pumpkin when we first saw her.’ Wanda teased you.

‘yeah, but she’s lost a lot of weight now.’ Natasha said.

‘if anyone says anything about me anymore.’ You said calmly. ‘that bitch won’t have their head on their shoulders!’ you threatened.

 ‘aww.’ Tony cooed and everyone started laughing. You crossed your arms and cussed under your breath. You hated it when you became the butt of all the jokes.

‘I won’t call you pumpkin.’ Bucky gave you a soft smile.

‘then you will be my new favourite person.’ You smiled.

And since that day on, you and Bucky became the best of friends. You were practically inseparable. You could even enjoy the silence in each other’s company. You were the only one who could make him laugh till his stomach hurt, who would talk to him when he had a bad dream or a bad day, who would equally enjoy his weird music and, the one he had started to love.

The list of reasons why he adored you could wrap the moon twice. Your face, smile, eyes and hair were materialistic things. What made him fall for you were how you laughed, how you cared for every one, how you hugged him and made him feel that all his broken pieces had stuck back together, how you sang beautifully and threatened to cut him if he told anyone, how you would greet him by wrapping your hands around his neck rubbing your cheek against his then complain about him not shaving. He just couldn’t get enough of you.

But he was scared. He was scared to death to tell you about how he felt. How could he? though you looked like a person who murdered people just for the knack of it., you were insecure. You were insecure of your body and face. you were insecure of how you could get loud or too masculine sometimes. you were living in a crisis of your own mind and he didn’t want to push you away. So, he kept it all inside.

‘why are you taking that leather jacket? I thought you hated it.’ Steve said as he saw Bucky standing in front of the mirror.

‘do you know there is a thing called cold which makes you feel uneasy?’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘I can see how much of (y/n)’s rubbed off on you.’ Steve leaned against the door frame.

‘oh, he so badly wishes that.’ Sam scoffed as he passed the hallway.

‘the fuck did he say?’ Bucky turned to Steve who had a teasing grin on his face.

‘oh, you know, that you are in looveee’ Steve said in a sing a song manner.

‘who’s in love?’ you cocked your head from the went making them jump in surprise.

‘how many times do I have to remind you and Clint, no sneaking around in the vents.’ Steve straightened up.

‘oh, get that stick out of your ass cap’n’ you said hanging from your hands.

‘don’t blame him (y/n),’ Bucky looked at you. ‘that tends to happen due to a lack of-‘

‘sex!’ you and Bucky said in unison as you jumped down. Steve turned red because of both embarrassment and anger. you and Bucky could not be defeated together. you loved to get on everyone’s nerves, specifically his.

‘that’s not true!’ he defended himself.

‘of course.’ Bucky grinned.

‘oh don’t tease him, Sharon said she finds it cute when he tries.’ You said seriously and Bucky started laughing. You could even hear a distant laugh of the other avengers.

‘okay, now if you are done making fun of me let’s go, we have this spying mission to complete.’ Steve walked ahead and you both followed.

‘and a whole lot of orgasms.’ You whispered in Bucky’s ear and he snickered.

‘I heard that!’ Steve turned to you.

‘well, Sharon never quite felt that.’ Natasha joined in and Bucky and you started laughing like crazy. Steve groaned and walked away fast paced.

All four of you were cramped up in Steve’s car. Natasha and Steve were in the front seat and you and Bucky were sitting in the back.

‘you have no right to comment about my sex life,’ Steve turned to you. ‘you are a virgin after all.’ He said.

‘yeah, but we both are totally different case.’ You said.

‘oh, really?’ Natasha rolled her eyes.

‘hell yeah.’ You replied. ‘first of all, Steve’s a century old while I am the youngest of you oldies, second, I do not look like that.’ You pointed at him.

‘okay, but you had the chance with that guy at the club.’ Natasha said. Bucky was curious now, who was this guy you had not told him about? ‘he was hot and was giving you signals the whole night.’

‘he could’ve also given me AIDs!’ You shot back making Steve and Bucky snicker. ‘also, call me Steve,’ you said making Steve roll his eyes. ‘I believe in making love and not just having emotionless one night stands.’

‘aww.’ Natasha and Steve cooed. ‘you must’ve kissed someone at least?’ Natasha asked.

 ‘uh, well, I’ you struggled with words and started playing with your hands as you looked down.

‘what?!’ Natasha and Steve’s eyes grew wide. Natasha noticed Bucky’s unchanged expression. ‘you aren’t surprised?’ she grinned.

‘she tells me everything.’ He shrugged.

‘I am telling this to everyone!’ Steve said and you kicked his seat.

‘and I am going to jail for burning captain America alive or for extracting all the water and air out of him.’ you smiled.

‘that is still is not going to stop me.’ Steve simply stated. You groaned and Bucky gave you a sympathetic smiled.

You all were looking out for the man to come out of the building but it seemed to take too long. It was getting late and colder.

‘when will you get that damn heater fixed.’ You complained to Steve.

‘I am sorry I forgot.’ He simply said. ‘just use your powers.’

‘I can’t! I had taken a day off so I won’t use them until it’s utterly necessary.’ You argued.

‘well you’ll freeze if you don’t. I guess it is necessary.’ Natasha shrugged.

‘wait! Don’t do it!’ Steve turned around. ‘there is that gas pump thing lying in the back. Tony gave it to me and I forgot to give it to Bruce. It’s temperature sensitive so if you turn up the temperature we’ll die.’ Steve said.

‘what?!’ you said.

‘horribly.’ He added.

‘fuck you and your old memory.’ You whined. Bucky took off his jacket immediately and draped it around your shoulders. ‘hey! You don’t have to!’ you said.

‘don’t worry, I am used to cold temperatures.’ He said. ‘

you sure?’ you asked and he nodded. ‘thanks. But still.’ You scooted closer to him and rested your head on his shoulder. You summoned your energy and sparked a warmth in him.

‘this is nice.’ He said as a comforting heat grew in him.

‘you’re welcome.’ You smiled with your eyes closed. ‘did I tell you that I’m getting new piercings?’

‘nah, where you getting them?’ he asked.

‘ears. Where else will I get them? I already have a nose one.’ You furrowed your brows.

‘you know there’s lips, tongue, belly button..’ Bucky started to count. ‘nipples.’ He said and you giggled.

‘I already have them.’ You said and the three of them stared at your chest. ‘I was just kidding.’ You covered your chest with Bucky’s jacket.

‘why do you like piercings?’ Bucky asked.

‘why? You don’t like them?’ you asked with your eyes closed.

‘no! I love them. Just wanted to ask.’ He said and you shrugged in response.

‘I love the pain and I guess I love having some extra metal in my body.’ You replied and both Steve and Natasha turned around and wiggled their brows at him. he kicked their seat and they turned away.

‘why are you moving so much?’ you asked.

‘nothing, just getting rid of some bugs.’ He glared at them.

‘I am sleeping now don’t disturb me.’ you closed your eyes and soon fell asleep.

Bucky was playing with a lock of your hair and savouring this moment of having you so close. You weren’t a very touchy person. You would hug the best but liked to maintain your distance.

‘you are in a little heaven back there, aren’t you?’ Natasha asked.

‘please do shut up.’ He said.

‘reply with outmost truth buck,’ Steve said.

‘you took the jacket because you wanted to do that, didn’t you?’ Steve grinned as he faced Bucky.

‘nope, I also keep my chains in it in case I have to strangle someone.’ Bucky replied sarcastically.

‘just tell her already! Be her first kiss.’ Natasha said. ‘you will be the cutest couple at the tower.’

‘it’s not that simple.’ He sighed. ‘she has had a whole lot of stuff. You know what she says sometimes?’ he looked at them. ‘she says that no one can love someone like her.’ He looked at you with a sad expression.

‘why does she think so lowly of herself?’ Steve asked.

‘you do that when you are made to think so.’ Natasha replied. Bucky brushed away a stray lock of hair from your face and looked at you adoringly.

 ‘only if she would believe me.’ he sighed again.

‘damn, this car should be named “the sadness wagon”.’ Natasha said as she realized that at that time. All broken souls were sitting in that car. Each of you had lost something or the other.

‘Bucky?’ you said and Bucky froze. Had you heard everything?

‘yeah, (y/n)?’ he asked hesitantly.

‘why aren’t bra’s called booby traps?’ you asked with a dead serious voice. He took a breath of relief and they all started laughing.

‘she talks in her sleep?’ Steve asked.

‘only when she is exhausted.’ He replied.

‘I almost forgot!’ Natasha exclaimed. ‘ I have to take her shopping. She literally has no clothes.’

‘would you mind if I take her instead?’ Bucky asked. ‘I can spend some time with her that way and I have never seen her in anything but those baggy sweatshirts or tops of hers.’

‘yeah, sure.’ She said.

‘great.’ Bucky said to himself.

fic rec!!!

ok so as some of u may know the 80% of my time spent on the internet is dedicated to reading fics (bts ashame..) and now that my ass has bookmarked more than 30 fics i thought it was time to do a fic rec :))) all of these fics are yooNMIN bc i hate myself but there are a couple with namjin and taekook, and taekook appears as a side pairing in some of the yoonmin ones. all of the links will take u to ao3 bc thats where i keep them saved more easily but i invite u to check my recs page where i have reblogged some awesome fics u cant find in ao3!! lastly almost all of them are fluffy!!!! bc angst makes me crY. also i would love if u guys could rec me fics u have loved n want me to read!!! thank u

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Imagine: Being Evan's girlfriend and he's finally coming home.

I missed him so much, it hurt. All of the late night Skype calls, facetime, phone calls, and texts through out the day, were nothing compared to actually having him with me. Feeling his warmness, his fingers tickling my hand, his soft kisses, his wide smile. It was driving me crazy I couldn’t go with him this time, 5 weeks seemed liked 5 years. I dressed up, putting on my nicest clothes, doing my hair, makeup, everything. I made sure the house was extra clean, then decided to make dinner. I was anxious, continuing to straighten out my skirt, and mess with my hair. That’s when I heard his key go into the door, and in he came, carrying bags, looking at me and smiling excitedly. He was wearing his black peacoat that I loved, his scarf tucked in neatly. His facial hair had grown out a bit, and his curls were starting to re-appear from when it was cut all off, to play James March. He dropped his bags at the floor, and I ran to jump into his arms, him catching me, giggling. “Hi! I think you might have missed me, Y/N!” “Like this much!” I said, pouting my bottom lip, then showing him with my thumb, and pointer finger a small amount. He smiled and bit his lip, then kissed me. Holding my face with one hand. As he let me down, I showed him that I had cooked for him, he smiled and looked so relieved. He scarfed it down like he hadn’t eaten in days, he then released he was still wearing his jacket. As he took it off I looked at how toned his arms were starting to get. Focusing on every detail of him, Evan caught me staring, raising his eyes at me. “Checking me out?” He asked as he flexed. “Check out these guns, baby,” my face grew a brilliant shade of red. “Stop!” I said laughing. He came up to me and kissed me on the forehead. “Fuck, I missed you so much, you have absolutely no idea. Thank you, for making dinner.” I smiled up at me as he kissed me, then made his way upstairs to shower. I sat down on the couch and sighed deeply, turning on the TV to see what was on Netflix. Evan soon was out of the shower walking passed the stairs with only a towel on. I bit my lip as I hoped he would want to fool around since it had been so long. He came downstairs in basket ball shorts, and a plain black t-shirt, “I need to shave,” he said scrunching his face as he scratched his chin, he sat down ontop of me and I squealed. He looked down at me “What are we watching?” He asked with a teasing smiling “Get off me!” I Laughed as he laid down on me. “No!” I protested, laughing as I pushed him. “You’re not a very comfy girlfriend.” He teased, he rolled over to where he was facing me. “That’s better.” He said smiling as he pulled my hair from my face. “I missed you so bad, being able to just touch you is so amazing. You’re never not going again, I don’t care what your job says.” My stomach hurt with aggressive butterflies, as his soft lips touched mine. We stared at each other, his serious gaze piercing through me. I leaned up and kissed him, running my fingers through his wet hair, feeling his tongue parting my lips, the taste of mint still in his mouth from brushing his teeth. His breathing grew heavier as he adjusted his position to right between my legs. He pressed himself against me, leaving no space between our bodies. He held my face in his hands, caressing my skin with the tips of his fingers on my cheeks. He kissed down my chin, my jaw line, and down my neck. I exhaled sharply, as he gently bit my skin. He took no time as he pushed up my skirt, taking first one finger and pushing it inside me, then another. He moved his thumb over my center, at the same time as he fingered me, his lips moving back to mine. A soft moan escaping my lips, while I bite his bottom lip. He giggled “I wanna show you how much I missed you, Y/N.” He whispered, his lips brushing my ear, making me shiver. He pulled up my shirt, then his too. He laughed as he tried to pull himself out of his shorts. “I am incapable of being sexy,” he said with a sigh, making his way back to my mouth, while pulled off my skirt and panties. He unclipped my bra in a fast motion. “Uh ooooh we’re naked,” I said, acting like I was dumb founded. He smiled, biting his lip. “You come here often?” He said awkwardly. We were terrible together. He pressed his forehead against mine, positioning himself with my opening. He held my face in his hands, thrusting himself inside of me. We both sighed, as he continued to thrust into me, first slowly, taking his time, looking into my eyes. He reached down and held my hands, moving them above my head, then started to go harder, and faster. Hitting me in all the right places. He then moved around, putting me ontop of him. He looked up me, holding onto my hips, as I began to work my hips, he leaned his head back, moaning, his breath catching as I moved faster on him, his nails digging into my skin. Pressing me further and further until I felt myself getting close. I could tell he was as well as he started to thrust up. He pulled me down, holding me there, thrusting up fast and faster as he held me close to him. He kissed me passionately, until we both finished nearly at the same time. He came deep inside me, sending me over the edge, feeling him finish. He held me there for a moment just kissing me, still inside me for a long time. I laid my head on his chest, him running his fingers through my hair. “I love you,” he said sweetly, “As I love you, Evan.” I said softly, so happy to have him in my arms again. We both got clothes back on soon after. He pulled a blanket over the both of us, turning on Netflix, just silently holding each other. I memorized every detail of his beautiful face. Staring up at him, as he looked perplexed bh the show we were watching. He was so gorgeous, it always made me sad to think that he didn’t even realized how gorgeous he was, but at the same time he was so humble that I probably wouldn’t want him any other way. I loved kissing him, being with him, holding him. Loving him. It was… beyond anything that I could have imagined, and he was mine all mine. The next day I woke up to the fire alarm sounding, finding Evan was not on the couch any longer, “Fuck!” He yelled, giving out a sound of frustration. I ran into the kitchen, to see him attempting to make pancakes. He turned around and pouted, holding a pan, with a black pancake in it. “I was trying to make you something, and I am just terrible at cooking.” He laughed, reaching up and turning off the fire alarm. I walked over to him and smiled “Thank you, it’s the thought that counts. I’ll take over from here.” He smiled “Thank god,” he said kissing me on the forehead, and walking into the living room. I made the pancakes as I knew that he liked them, with bananas in them. He was so perfect, no one would ever realize how god damn perfect, and how lucky I was.

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I would be that girlfriend to mess up his clothes and closet whenever we fight about something just to piss him off LOL can we have a blurb for that? ;)

Normally you were the lazier, messier person in this relationship.  But since Niall had been home he hadn’t switched off of “tour mode”.  He was still living out of his suitcase, leaving dishes everywhere, and generally acting like he had a team of people that came around and cleaned up after him.  You understood it would take a few days for him to reset and get back into the swing of being at home.  But this was getting ridiculous.  It’d been almost 3 weeks.  

This morning you’d gotten up and decided enough was enough.  You’d cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of dishes, swept the floors, sorted the mail, and finally sat down to go through Niall’s huge suitcase to do laundry.

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Times of Sakaki Yuya

Summary: Peek into the different times of Sakaki Yuya’s life with his three beloved brothers. 

Pairings: Yuya, Yuto, Yuri, Yugo

Warning: Incest. Story contains sweet shounen-ai moments and brotherly fluffs…with the exception of Yuri.

Rating: T

Status: Complete (One shot)

Author: Canna / Yellow Canna

oO Brother Time Oo

For as long as he remembered, Sakaki Yuya was never alone.

The tiny six years old boy squirmed within the strong arms of his older brother as he glanced around at all the people dressed in black. He looked behind him to see them all staring at two ceramic jars with some sort of wooden signs. There were writings carved on the wood, but it was too difficult for the young child to understand. There were also these weird tall red—and really, really thin—candles with funny smelling smoke trailing out.

“Nii-chan.” He tugged at the shirt of the person holding him. “Where’s mama and papa?” He asked, not noticing the way the arms around him stiffened.

“Mama and papa are…they’re going on a long journey.” The voice responded a few minutes later before a larger hand rested on his head.

“Then…I wun’t see mama and papa?” The child asked, tears beginning to gather in his eyes as he looked up to see three identical frowns.

“It’s alright.” Another voice said as a different hand caressed his cheek and gently wiped away the small bead of tear that escaped from the corner of his eyes.

“We will take care of you, Yuya.” Spoke another as one more hand rubbed at his back.

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Expeirmention of Passion - A Sherlolly Fanfiction

It had been a couple weeks since they had first become intimate with one another. A slight hand touch, a peck on the cheek, this was the definition of intimate to Sherlock Holmes but for Molly, this was the definition of pure agony. She craved more than just sweet pecks or the occasional and quite rare kiss upon the lips. But will she ever get her wish?

Words: 2,398, Chapter 1/?, Language: English

Rated: R (for smuttiness) WARNING! 

Requested: Yes, “Public Sex Sherlolly

Author’s Note: It has been quite awhile since I last wrote fanfiction let alone smut, so hopefully you all will enjoy this and as always, I love feedback from my follows. Will be taking fanfiction requests unit January 1st.

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Heat Wave

Word Count: 1,845

Summary: Summer is at its peak and the Reader is determined to have some “fun in the sun” with the boys.

Warnings: A tad bit of fluff, some mild language.

A/N: This is my entry for @faith-in-dean  May writing challenge. My prompt was: “I don’t need it”. Sorry it took a while but please let me know what you all think! Thanks everyone <3 

Summer was at its peak all across the United States, temperatures ranging from a bearable 80F to a dehydration-inducing 100F and unfortunately, Kansas was on the upper end of the spectrum. You and the boys had stayed cooped up in the bunker for most of the week given that even stepping outside of the bunker would have probably caused a heat-stroke, at least until the central AC started malfunctioning. Sam had tried fixing it but it was going to require a little more than his experience to fix it. As luck, or lack thereof would have it, the repairman wasn’t going to be able to come for another two weeks. With the temperature not ceasing its upward rise, it was getting really hard for everyone to keep their cool around each other, especially you and Dean; every little thing made you guys snap at each other so after a while you all just tried to stay out of each other’s way. That was until found a case in one of the cooler parts of the country, “Sam, Dean get in here!” you called from the library.

Sam walked out first, followed by Dean who was a little more ticked off. “What is so important that you needed us out here immediately?” You took a second to take in what you were seeing; for the first time since you moved into the Bunker you saw them in t-shirts. Where or where has the flannel gone? You joked to yourself.

“I found a case in Wisconsin. It’s a quite a drive, but it looks like a salt and burn and the best part, there’s a beach within 20 miles!” You were trying to contain your excitement but you needed them to say yes. You couldn’t remember the last time you’ve been to the beach but this weather is beckoning for a vacation.

Sam and Dean shared a look before nodding in agreement, but of course Dean wasn’t 100% on board, “We can go to the beach, but I’m not wearing shorts, I’m not getting in the water, and you better not get any sand in my Baby”. And with that he left to pack his stuff.

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I do not like thinking about the possibility that there will not be a season 4 of Hannibal. It’s like thinking of the possibility of President Trump *HRK* except less global disaster and genocide. But they both involve crying until I’m sick and unresolved self-righteous anger.

But! In the event there is not a season 4, I have come up with this beautiful headcanon of Mads and Hugh producing THEIR OWN season 4 because no one would be more upset and more gung-ho to ABSOLUTELY fucking do season 4 than these two bbs.

And with that, I present to you… (a special holiday treat inspired by @kristsune)

NOT! Hannibal Season 4:

Early 2017

The youtube video opened to Hugh Dancy sitting down in what appeared to be someone’s garage, “Hi, guys, Hugh Dancy here.”

“And Mads!” the scruffy, lanky Dane leaned over his shoulder, smiling at the camera.

“Yes, and we’re here in Mads’ garage because, as you might know, Hannibal, the show that we were in together two years ago, was cancelled. And we hoped and we prayed and we crossed our fingers really hard that there would be a season 4, but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be one,” Hugh and Mads both pouted at the screen.

“And everyone was really sad about this,” Hugh continued.

“Heartbroken,” Mads interrupted.

“None moreso than we ourselves,” Hugh glanced up at Mads knowingly, “but also you guys, the Fannibals out there, and um… well, we didn’t take the cancellation lying down. We thought there was… more of the story to be told, enough of it left that we could make a fourth season, and Mads and I,” Hugh looked up at Mads for confirmation, “we both felt that you guys deserved more. And we wanted to do more, to give you more. So we’re going to produce our own fourth season of Hannibal.”

“Surprise!” Mads beamed, squeezing Hugh’s shoulder in excitement.

“We’ve never done anything like this before. We’re doing it literally out of Mads’ garage, this garage that you see before you,” Hugh lifted his phone, to quickly pan around Mads’ storage space, “We have no production team, no budget, no affiliation with anyone else, we’re just doing it because we really felt Hannibal and Will deserved another chapter. So um…” Hugh cleared his throat, bringing the view back to him and Mads, “I have no idea how this will go. It might flop after one episode, we might make it through a whole season! Who knows! But I hope you’ll come watch this because we really are doing it for you.”

Hugh leaned back, looking up at Mads, “Mads, anything to add?”

Mads crouched down, peering into the lens, “Um… just that we love the Fannibals and thank you for staying strong all this time and never giving up. We’re so sorry we can’t do this properly for you, but we’re gonna try!”

“And! Before I forget, we’re on a really tight time budget as well,” Hugh poked his head under Mads’ arm again, “We’ll be shooting this on… one or both of our phones, I guess, over the next few months because in June, I have to fly back to the states and Mads has that thing… you know that, that thing,” he snapped his fingers, pretending to forget that Mads was in Star Wars, “that thing in space with the infinitely marketable merchandise…”

Hugh grinned widely as Mads shoved him playfully, “Shut it, Dancy.”

Hugh giggled, straightening the frame again, “Okay, I think that’s enough for now. We’ll be back, hopefully soon, with the first episode of Hannibal season 4! Bye!”

(it was at this point I got very tired because Christmas so the rest is included in the style of bullet points)

  • Everyone is half convinced this video is a prank. To the point that Hugh and Mads have to email Bryan to confirm it on twitter on their behalf. Bryan, meanwhile, has been crying and drowning his sorrows in ice cream because HIS BABY WAS CANCELLED AND HE IS NOT OKAY WITH ANOTHER ONE OF HIS PRECIOUS CREATIONS NEVER COMING BACK. But seeing his beloved actors doing this, the fact that they are dedicated to the point of doing this purely out of the generosity of their souls, in their off-time from real work that pays the bills, brings a smile to his face and he wants to do anything he can to help them achieve their dream!
  • Everyone is so moved by this the Fannibals start a kickstarter to back the project, which is immediately shut down because Mads and Hugh freak. out. “NO NO NO NO! We don’t want your money, please, really, we’re happy to do this. We love you guys, but this is not about you supporting us, this is about us giving back. Please don’t send us your money and please don’t give money to anything that says it’s for us because it isn’t, we’re not getting a cent of it, people are literally stealing your money. So don’t give money, just watch and enjoy.”
  • With that taken care of, Mads and Hugh each try their hand at script writing. This goes disastrously.
    “So how do we get out of the sea?”
    “I don’t fucking know, Bryan was keeping that a secret for season 4.”
    “Which we’re not going to have.”
    “Should we just ask Bryan?”
    “He said something about skipping ahead 4 years, giving Hannibal the 4 years he’s owed with Will.”
    “The fans would want to see how we survive though, we have to do something about it.”
    “Do we have to go shoot on the beach?”
    “You on the beach Mads? Even in the dead of night we couldn’t get away with that, you’d be mobbed. I’d be mobbed, probably, if only because I was with you. Also, shooting in the dark and wet on the North Sea? We’ll freeze to death! And I think we need a permit or something, or a lifeguard to make sure we don’t die trying to do this.”
    “So back to skipping ahead 4 years…”
    “But we caaaan’t…”
  • Family members on both sides are enlisted to paint sets. There is one particularly fine and realistic looking pine tree, then everyone realized how fucking time-consuming set design is and gave up. Hannibal’s office became a few cardboard boxes of varying size that have ‘Chair,’ ‘Other Chair,’ and ‘Desk’ written on them respectively. That one pine tree tho, fucking gorgeous. They put it in every shot, indoor or outdoor, just because it’s the one piece of their set that they can be proud of.
  • Hugh and Mads are both forced to forego make up and costume. This is unfortunate on both sides. Hugh, for one, was REALLY looking forward to wearing his first Murder Husbands suit of haute couture and now that will never happen and he’s really kinda bummed. Mads, for another, is impossible to take seriously as the world’s most terrifying serial killer when he’s in Adidas and yet he refuses to change. This proves a topic of stress and dissension for the entire filming process, eventually culminating in Hugh threatening to burn Mads’ entire wardrobe if he won’t fucking put on a goddamn tie YOU’RE HANNIBAL LECTER DAMN IT HE DOES NOT WEAR RUNNING SHOES TO THE OPERA.
  • Beards. Beards are also an issue. Hugh is allowed to keep his, under the qualification that he is Will Graham who has never been clean-shaven in the entire show. As long as he keeps it tidy, he gets to be a scruffy manly man. Mads feels that he is WHOLLY within his rights justifying why Hannibal would wear a beard. And while some of these arguments are convincing, Mads in his natural habitat looks so much like a suburban dad he couldn’t intimidate a skittish gerbil. So, as Hugh’s lighter draws ever closer to his jogging pants, he consents to shave off his fluffy, silver beard that he had been quite proud of, in order to look more the part.
  • However, Mads vetoes cutting his, by now, shoulder-length hair. There is literally zero, in-character justification for this as both he and Hugh know Hannibal is far too tidy and detail-obsessed to miss a hair cut or let it grow out so long it started to become an issue for personal hygiene and/or distinguishing evidence at a crime scene. But he’s already sacrificing his beard and putting on slightly less Adidas themed clothes, so he clings to this as his last dignity and he looks so good with the long hair, it actually accentuates the long, harsh bones of his face, perfect for Hannibal, that Hugh agrees. And thus the Hannibun becomes canon.
  • Hugh and Mads STRONGLY REGRET their decision to film this on their phones and not just break the bank buying a fucking camera, cameras plural even, and set them up around the garage. Their arms ACHE after filming the 20 minute long episode. On top of which, the phones pick up every nudge, jerk, and wobble, their mics are terrible so half the time you can’t hear what they’re saying if the phone isn’t in range, but their terrible light sensitivity means that the new episode is filmed in traditional Hannibal style. No lights, camera, action.
  • Hugh and Mads are introduced to the new and exciting world of Editing Software. They find a new appreciation for the the entire Post-Production crew. They WEEP and prostrate themselves before the digital editing gods that they were because EDITING IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Even considering they can’t do any special effects because they don’t know how to, simply cutting the film and then putting it back together so it runs smoothly and coherently is awful! It’s hours of sitting there staring at the same 5 seconds of film, trying to figure out the least abrupt place to cut and then shove it in where it needs to go. Mads and Hugh instantly agree they need to hire someone to do this for them because neither of them has the patience to sit there and fiddle with it on the computer for hours.
  • Public reception of the first episode is blatant adoration, even though it’s nearly incoherent. Fannibals put up subtitles, gif the fuck out of it, display it everywhere, and are generally as encouraging as humanly possible.
  • Bryan headdesks when he hears how bad the script is and resolves to write them scripts off to the side, even though he’s incredibly busy with American Gods and Amazing Stories. He just CAN’T let the two of them suffer through writing it themselves and he’s SO GODDAMN PROUD that they would do this, he just has to step in. He wishes he could be there in person to cheer them on, but will have to satisfy himself through vigorous emailing for now.
  • The rest of the cast of Hannibal eventually sees it and DEMANDS TO KNOW WHY THEY WERE NOT INVITED. Hugh and Mads are overjoyed and extremely welcoming, but everyone is all tied up with different work schedules so a full episode with everyone back is impossible. But! Little by little they all trickle in, getting at least a cameo in an episode:
    Caroline is the first, which is a little awkward since the Hannibal-Will-Alana reunion will almost certainly end in a bloodbath and it seems cruel to kill her after they haven’t seen her in two years. So they work out a way to put Alana in the episode without her actually interacting with Hannibal or Will. They’re just so happy to see her and they do a bonus video so she can say hi to the Fannibals herself.

    Scott and Aaron manage to coordinate to come together and do a week-long series of vines about wandering around Denmark, with and without Mads, mispronouncing things and making as many Hannibal references as possible. There is one in which they are deeply embarrassing and Mads pretends not to know them as they butcher their way through Danish words. In retaliation, they threaten to draw attention to him, which of course cuts to Mads doing a lovely impromptu Hannibal impression and Scott and Aaron are reminded who they’re fucking with. They don’t get to do much in the actual episodes, but they are a HUGE help with filming and it’s a very lovely, easy week while they stay and help with the odds and ends of production.

    Laurence shows up about half-way through the season, complaining that NO ONE TOLD HIM and loudly suggesting they ought to have flown him out. Hugh and Mads are thrilled to see him and are very excited about attempting to do a fight scene with Jack, something they haven’t safely been able to coordinate thus far in the filming. Laurence is ALL FOR IT and Mads does his best improvising as a fight scene choreographer and teaching them to be graceful, like he is. Not really, but they do film a bonus scene where Mads tries to teach them ballet while both Hugh and Laurence insist that they can do it perfectly! Mads stands off to the side, biting his tongue.

    Gillian manages to fly down, very late in the season, which is awkward, given where we left Bedelia, but she is a delight to have on set again. Mads manages to squeeze in a scene of pure flirtation between Hannibal and Bedelia, with much rolling of the eyes from Hugh (perhaps a trace of jealousy, obviously residual from Will. Obviously.) They do a quick Q&A with international superstar Gillian Anderson and she talks about how much she misses the show and would be missing it anyway since she was clearly about to get eaten. She hopes her leg tasted delicious.
  • There is a plus side to no longer being tied to a production company though and no longer publishing on television. All the episodes are released exclusively on youtube which has much laxer censorship laws. This means that Hugh, Mads, and Bryan no longer have to play to a homophobic audience that couldn’t deal with two men who are clearly soulmates kissing. Which means in episode 10 of the series, when Will makes his first solo kill and brings it home to Hannibal, Hannibal’s bursting heart can be expressed by a full-on kiss on the mouth. For several seconds. Possibly minutes. Just… full minutes of Mads Mikkelsen kissing Hugh Dancy. Because this is fucking youtube and WE FINALLY CAN.
  • After the episode, with full-length kiss intact and unedited, full of heavy breathing and grainy blushes, Bryan reveals that the kiss was not even in his script and he posts a condemning screenshot of said script. Honestly, not one Fannibal is surprised.
on a clear morning

slight spoilers for The Punisher series 
drabble based on those pics (you know the ones)

She probably looks out of place — tailored jacket, brand new shoes (her one reward for the past few weeks of hell), hair neat in a bun.  To get to the spot she has to pick her way over the ruined concrete of a building that has seen better days.  She stumbles twice but never goes down completely. She ignores the multitude of graffiti (because there are only so many ways she can been told to fuck off before she takes it personally) and instead keeps her eyes on her goal — a park bench that affords her a decent view of the Hudson.  

(she might look out of place but she doesn’t exactly feel it among the ruins)

She settles on the bench knowing she will have to scrub its imprint off her jacket later.  Her bag is wedged in tight beside her and she takes a moment to just look at the city. Her city.  For a brief moment she daydreams what it would be like to always see it like it is now — bright sun reflecting off the buildings, water so calm it looks like glass.  Then she is thinking about word count and deadlines and what the hell to do about Matt Murdock.  

Apparently, she can’t hold onto peaceful for very long.

She knows he is there before he says anything.  There is just a subtle shift and he is back in her life.  She turns her head slightly, eyes him for the first time since he stood tall on top of that building.  He looks wild, hair longer than she remembers and face half hidden behind a beard.  She wonders if that to protect him from onlookers who have memorized the face of Frank Castle (or if it is a symptom of something beneath the surface).  It takes a beat or two to find her voice.  “Frank.”


He sounds the same.  She hasn’t forgotten his voice (it helps that he talks to her in her dreams every now and then).

“I didn’t think you would come.”

“I didn’t think I would either,” Karen admits.  She makes a face, nose curling up.  “In fact, until I sat down I wasn’t entirely sure what I would do.”

He sits without invitation.  A little too close but she doesn’t tell him to move.  Her eyes are on the water once more.  “If you were smart, you wouldn’t have come.”

She snorts a laugh.  “Funny thing to say to someone when you need their help.”

There is a silence and she wonders if he regrets calling her.  Probably.  He had told her once to stay far away from him.  He must be desperate if he is the one pulling her back in.  She turns her head and finds his face impossibly close.  Frank has this way of looking at people — like he is breaking them down into their components just to be sure he knows how they tick.  He is doing that to her now, no doubt wondering what kind of trouble she has danced around these past few months.  She would like to tilt her chin up and proudly proclaim that she has done well but she’d be lying.  She knows she is not comfortable unless she is digging through the metaphorical dirt trying to find that one thing that would expose just how damaged this city is.  

He rubs his hands on his legsand finally sits back, giving her a fraction more space.  “Look, I gotta be smart about this…” He says and then squints, as if he is unhappy with his current line of defense.  “I just…I need people I trust.”

She sucks in a breath.  She knows it is a big thing — Frank Castle’s trust.  Not easily earned and only given once.  Her hand falls on her bag and from its depths she pulls a file.  “This is everything I have.  It should help you put together the pieces and figure out where this asshole…” He makes a face and she wants to point out that he has killed people.  “…is hiding.  If you find him…” She shouldn’t tell him that it is a good thing because it almost feels like she is an accessory to murder somehow.  She presses her lips together.  “If you don’t, if that file somehow winds up where it shouldn’t be — I’m not going down.”

There is something in his eyes, a flash of anger that reminds her he is a dangerous man.  He leans in again, his voice gruff.  “You think I’d let that happen?”

She doesn’t answer.  At least not directly.  Instead she stand, her hands smoothing out her skirt. She loops an arm through her bag and stares at him for a moment.  She realizes he doesn’t have a mark on him.  She had gotten so used to seeing his skin marred.  “Frank…” She begins and he is looking up at her like there is nothing else around them.  There are at least a dozen things on the tip of her tongue.  Be careful.  Watch your back.  Stay safe.  Call me when this is over.  Instead of letting any one of them actually come to life, she finds herself going another route instead.  



A painful amount of silence drifted between the two of them as the door clicked behind Genji. They heard the others muttering behind the door, but eventually they all faded off into another room, leaving the two to their own devices.

Genji moved so that he was sitting in a visitor’s chair next to the infirmary bed that Angela laid in. He leaned forward so that he could stare down at his feet while he wrung his hands in a habitual fashion to his own internal human struggle.

“I hope that everything is going to be ok… When they took you from me and I turned to see you weren’t with me any longer, I lost myself. The thoughts that went through my mind drove me to madness…”

Angela watched him closely, inspecting his body language since even his human nature peeked through despite the majority of him being inorganic. His shoulders heaved and he was tense, his fingers curling and uncurling with his fists. He awaited Angela’s response and didn’t speak.

“I’m going to be fine. There’s slight bruising around my neck and they thought my ribs might be cracked, but it turns out that was just more bruising. You saved me just in time.”

Genji’s gaze moved and she felt a shiver run down her back when a honey brown eye made contact with her blue ones. It felt strange to see any part of him looking disorderly or damaged, and she inspected the broken pieces. The side of his face with the missing visor also had a large dent in it that caved inwards but managed to avoid where one might think a skull would be. She noticed that an odd indention played at its center. Just as she was about to ask him about it, he spoke, “You asked what happened… The ringleader of the band of men had stolen your caduceus and managed to boost his own power by simply shoving his arm through the stream when he pulled a gun out. I only saw him at the last moment when he aimed it at you from my vantage point in the rafters. That was when I noticed that he actually had thirty men within firing range and they planned on using you as a human target practice…”

He paused and went quiet for a good few minutes and she wondered if he’d be ok. There was a sudden clash of metal on metal when he hit his fist against his thigh and a hiss of air went through a vent in his helm as he sucked it in.

“I lost myself when I saw them preparing to open fire on you. I promised myself that peace would be something I would strive to bring into the world, but I ended up destroying all of them in a merciless slaughter. Saving someone through the means of murder is not what bothers me, but how easily I slipped into that mindset”, he looked back at her over his shoulder and she gave him a faint smile.

“I know that the thought of it is hard, but there are times in the past when I thought I would never have to take up arms and defend others. I have killed and battled simply to save someone’s life. You are not alone, Genji.”

She moved onto her side with a cringe as her ribs shifted. The thin blanket that had been draped over her was pulled upwards so that it fell above her shoulders and she curled in a fetal position so that she could watch Genji. This was the man she somewhat remembered meeting the first time he was conscious after her maintenance on him. He looked so broken and confused, although the man in front of her now didn’t seem to have as much of an inward struggle about himself as he did something entirely different. As her blue eyes studied him, he rose to his feet and started to pace the other end of the room.

They both fell silent for a long time and Genji eventually ceased his pacing to look out one of the trademark windows of Gibraltar. Angela was content to just watch him although as someone who didn’t always entirely act human, there were times where he went completely motionless and she’d take bets with herself on how long it would take before he moved again. She did this until the sun began to set behind the ocean.

“Genji. You don’t have to stay here with me. It’s rather boring in here. Winston hasn’t even gotten a monitor in here so I can watch the news. I’d be perfectly ok if you wanted to go do-“


His response was blunt and a little terse. The green of his visor and a slightly annoyed looking brow perked at her from the hole in it. A tap tap tapping sounded as he came closer to her bed again until he was looming over her and reaching forth for her disheveled hair.

“You did not leave me in my time of need and while the injuries may not be the same, I feel responsible. I shall remain here until you are able to return to your room… Besides, you seem to sleep much better when I am nearby here.”

She didn’t plan on asking him how he’d known such a thing since she had an inkling of his behaviors at night, but her face flushed thinking about what he saw while he watched over her. Was it possible she did stupid things or spoke in her sleep? She shook her head to try and clear out the mental image.

When she looked up at him, she noticed that the annoyance in his eye had softened some and he leaned forward to gently tuck a blonde strand of hair behind her ear. His eyes scanned her face and a steel finger brushed against a cut down her cheek. She shivered at the coolness on the wound and he withdrew his hand, “Did I hurt you?”.

“No, it was just cold is all. I would tell you if you harmed me in any way, Genji.”

Slowly, and cautiously, he allowed his hand to touch her cheek again and this time it caressed her jawline and moved so that it cradled her head gently. With a sigh, one of relief, he pressed his cold helm to her forehead and closed his one visible eye, “You’ll think me a fool, but I was afraid that my actions had killed you. I could not have lived with myself.”

Angela allowed him to hold her and she felt his other arm move to pick her up just enough from the infirmary bed so that he could press her against his own chest. The familiar whirring sound of his inner workings make her eyes close. It was much more soothing than any heartbeat she’d ever found herself listening to, “I’m not selfish enough to blame someone else for my demise. We were dispatched together”.

Mentally, she scoffed at herself. Angela Ziegler, the hypocrite.

“I still could not have lived in a world in which you do not exist, Doctor Ziegler…”

Several days had passed and Angela had finally convinced Genji to go outside, even if she had to veil it behind the guise of a routine security check. He’d been staying in her room every night and wouldn’t leave when the other members popped in to check on her. At one point he even had an argument with Jesse about the amount of sun being let in. Genji had some form of cabin fever and a bad case of feeling responsible for her condition. It was driving her just a tad insane.

When he’d gone outside, she’d managed to slip into the shower and finally wash her hair. Tracer brought her a care package to the infirmary and thin hands ran through a rather extensive selection of shampoos and soaps. The first course of action, however, was to shave her legs. Days beneath a sheet with the inability to move was never good for personal hygiene.

The bathroom was similar to a small sauna with a metal tub at its center and showers surrounding the walls. As infirmaries went, it was a decent bathroom that could handle being used by at least seven women at once. She took advantage of the intimacy of it and found a shower bench, turning on the warm water and sitting under the spray. It was as if the entire week’s stress flowed from her body and circled the drain at her feet. Blonde hair stuck to her shoulders and fell easily past her lower back as she started to run soap and razer down her long legs.

She was either too content to notice or the sound had not found purchase in her ears when a door opened and closed behind her. As if by sheer luck, or the feeling of being watched, she turned her gaze to look behind her shoulder and found Genji frozen to the spot. One brown eyed stated at her, wide as a dinner plate, and his hand was outstretched behind him as if at some point his mind had told him to flee and turn back. Instead, he found he couldn’t do anything and he’d been caught red handed.

Angela’s eyes matched his in diameter and she instinctively covered her most intimate parts. As if turning away from him would hide her nudity, she faced her back to him and clutched at her naked chest, “Genji. I’m bathing! Please… Some privacy…”

She heard the door click twice again quicker than anything she’d heard before and she knew he was gone. With a sigh of relief, she finished her bath and made her way back to the infirmary dressed in a yellow tank top with a pair of blue shorts. Her hair had been tied back in a ponytail and she calmly brushed her bangs from her eyes as she searched her room for Genji.

She heard two familiar voices again and assumed they were arguing, but when she heard Jesse’s smooth, accented tones laughing heftily at Genji’s hushed ones, she couldn’t help but sit at the end of her bed and eavesdrop a little.

“Ya what? Walked in on her? Haha! Well, how was it?”

There was a hissing sound as Genji inhaled sharply and Angela imagined him taking a potshot at Jesse. The moment never came but she figured he probably wanted to as well.

“I’m not going to answer that! Are you a boy or a man?”

Jesse laughed again and she knew that sometimes his pauses were because he plucked a cigar to and from his lips when he spoke, “I’m a man who knows what he wants. Pretty ladies make life worth livin’. What about you? Afraid to admit the Doc is a looker?”.

There was a light growl from Genji but he fell quiet for a moment, “That’s not how I imagined seeing her in such a state”.

“Oh-ho, but you did imagine it? Boy-o, you’ve got more grit than I give ya credit for. Welp, ya better go and talk to her. Doll like her seems the type to hold grudges about that sorta thing. I could be wrong. ‘Sides, everyone’s taking bets about how long it’ll take you two to…eh, you know. Admit those feelin’s and all. Pretty obvious.”

There was the sound of metal on metal as Jesse patted Genji’s shoulder with his metal arm and then the click of spurs as Jesse left towards the mess hall. Angela still sat at the edge of her bed when Genji reappeared in her room and he just watched her from the doorway.

“You heard all of it didn’t you.”

It was a statement.


His one brow furrowed but he was in front of her before she could blink. She gasped as his hand was on her chin, tilting her face upwards so that it could meet with his calloused lips. He’d removed the damaged visor just as quickly as he’d come to her and it rested on the bed near her hand. His kiss was frantic, serious, and something else lingered behind it. There was desperation, fear, and…sincerity. The lips of a past playboy caressed her own and the range of emotion behind it led her body to act of its own accord. Both of her arms slid upwards and she laced them around his neck to bring herself closer. His own hands raced to her back and pushed her forward so that she arched into him. When he finally pulled away from her, he licked his lips and the slightest hint of a pant was on his breath.

“When I told you I needed to talk to you upon our return… It was about this.”


“Yes… I need to be with you, Doctor Angela Ziegler. I’m tired of being a patient… “

A little fic I’ll post on FF later, but bipalium was eager to read it so here you go ^^

This fic is an extended rewrite of this three sentence fic prompted by candy-of-doom.

1,824 words
Rated T

are the perfect lovers
- from ‘Tricks with Mirrors’ by Margaret Atwood

The first time Zoro had ever seen the face in the mirror, he’d nearly broken the bathroom door in his haste to escape the image. Because the face he saw in the mirror that morning, and all mornings after, was not his own. He knew what he looked like. He’d seen himself in the mirror before, it was only very recently the face had changed, and he still appeared to be himself in all of the photographs taken by his friends.

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golgothicterror replied to your post: DO LIKE ALL GUYS WITH SHORT HAIR SHAVE THEIR…

pretty much :T






when/if i get a boyfriend and he wants to shave his head “because that’s the guy equivalent of getting a haircut” i will punch him in the face and direct him to the nearest barber/stylist and bribe them to not shave his head

it’s been this peeve of mine since forever i mean my brothers get their heads shaved too but dad gives them a marines-style shave not just full on no more hair shave at lEAST THEY STILL HAVE HAIR ON THEIR HEAD UNLIKE OTHER GUYS I GUESS



  • Lady Gaga as Elizabeth; a bisexual, wealthy social doyenne consumed with art and fashion and owner of The Cortez Hotel who has a “nefarious plan” that will begin to unfold in the first episode
  • Matt Bomer as Donovan; a villainous denizen of the hotel and lady’s man involved in a love triangle with Elizabeth and Tristan Duffy, with a conflicted relationship with his mom, Iris, of which strains his relationships with women, and is left out in the cold when Elizabeth meets Tristan and becomes enamored with his antics, is desperate to win her back, he has also gotten into some “complicated circumstances”
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Will Drake; an incredibly wealthy fashion icon desperate to reestablish himself in order to move his family from New York to Los Angeles, as he sees a future of fashion there and needs to regain his “edge” and creativity, and to do so, he uses the hotel as his own property to set up his “fashion empire” by moving things around and evicting those in the hotel which angers other character, he will also be romantically linked to Elizabeth
  • Wes Bentley as Detective John Lowell; an LAPD homicide detective serving on the investigative task-force for “grisly murder” in or around the hotel
  • Kathy Bates as Iris; the villainous manager of the hotel with a close relationship with Donovan, John Lowell, and Liz Taylor while holding animosity towards Hypodermic Sally, and is the mother of Donovan, her job is to check people into the hotel, make sure everything is running smoothly within the hotel, takes care of every one of Elizabeth’s needs and does crossword puzzles in her spare time
  • Chloë Sevigny as Alex Lowell; the wife of Detective John Lowell and doctor who is grieving the loss of a family member and is struggling to regain footing in the wake of “other events”
  • Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally; a “very sexy bad girl” and drug addict who lives at the hotel who has a budding relationship with John Lowell and holds “an ancient grudge” against Iris, she will likely die before the conclusion of the season due to her streak of remaining alive in each season
  • Evan Peters as Mr. March; a mysterious “absolute villain” who will reside in Room. 64 of the hotel
  •  Angela Bassett as Ramona Royale; a “very over-the-top, dramatic, fabulous, gorgeous, sexy, strong, powerful” actress and frequent visitant of the hotel with a “strong, real, lasting relationship” with Elizabeth and animosity towards Donovan, when she is not at the hotel, she is attempting to improve herself as an actress to be taken seriously and land her desired roles that she hasn’t gotten previously, but refuses to belittle herself or do “anything” for the part, however she has been successful in the past as she can afford a mansion in LA, she also has “fabulous” hair inspired by Diana Ross
  • Max Greenfield; a “very disturbing” drug addict who “will not be checking out of the hotel,” he dyed his hair green and has lost at least thirty pounds for the role
  • Finn Wittrock as Tristan Duffy; a thrill-seeking male model who begins a relationship with Elizabeth while he seeks out drugs in the hotel, but realizes he finds his “best high” when hurting other people
  • Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor; an Elizabeth Taylor enthusiast who works as a bartender and maintenance worker who “cleans up messes” and works with Iris, and seems to be convinced that she is Elizabeth Taylor, Liz Taylor also falls into the LGBT+ area and has asked drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck “questions”, he also shaved his head as well as other body parts
  • Emma Roberts; will have “something great” with Mr. March towards the end of the season
  • Richard T. Jones as Detective Hahn; an LAPD detective investigating a homicide at the hotel
  • Helena Mattsson
  • Lily Rabe as Aileen Wuornos; a famous serial killer staying at the hotel
  • Naomi Campbell; a fashion magazine editor who “pays the ultimate price” for her critiques on Elizabeth’s taste
  • Mare Winningham
  • Darren Criss as Justin; a “Silver Lake hipster” who seeks refuge at the hotel from pesky trick-or-treaters, but ultimately meets a gruesome end at the hands of Iris after one too many room service demands
  • Mädchen Amick; the mother of an ailing son being treated by Alex Lowell


  • Jessica Lange; expressed interest in returning in a small capacity if offered
  • Taissa Farmiga; expressed interest in returning but offered “no promises”
  • Seth Gillaim; Denis O’Hare teased a “show-crossover” in an Instagram picture with Seth (in reference to Teen Wolf)
  • Connie Britton; expressed interest in returning in a recurring/guest role due to scheduling with Nashville


This season is being filmed in Los Angeles in a six-story Art Deco set. The story is set in the same town as being filmed. Ryan Murphy has confirmed this season will be “darker, grimmer and much more horror-centric” than the previous two seasons. The events of this season are based off of stories from downtown Los Angeles hotels, more specifically, the disappearance of Elisa Lam and “a surveillance video that went around two years ago that showed a girl getting into an elevator in a hotel that was said to be haunted…and she was never seen again.” American Horror Story co-creator Brad Falchuk said this season will be “less claustrophobic” and will not restrict the audience to the main building: “the hotel is the center, but [the horror]’s kind of dripping out”. Murphy confirmed there will be no musical numbers and Gaga’s role is strictly acting. Director/producer Michael Goi confirmed via Twitter that Hotel will take place in 2015-2016. The hotel within the story is The Hotel Cortez.

  • Ryan Murphy confirmed that Lady Gaga’s opening scene will be a “murder scene” shared with co-star Matt Bomer 


  1. Cheking In” /// October 7th, 2015
  2. Chutes and Ladders” /// October 14th, 2015
  3. Mommy” /// October 21st, 2015
  4. The Devil’s Child: Part One” /// October 28th, 2015
  5. The Devils Child: Part Two” /// November 4th, 2015


She's Obsessed with Me Dude: Part 1

Part ½



“Sooooo you will never believe who I ran into today.” My best-friend, Katie, said setting the groceries on the counter.

“Who?” I said cutting up vegetables for tonights dinner.

“Calum.” I rolled my eyes, “Don’t be like that. Mikey fucked up. Not the whole band. They miss you. Especially Calum.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“If I remember correctly he fucks groupies too.” It felt like lava in my mouth saying groupie. Those too eager whores ruined my relationship.

“I’m not saying date him! Just give him call and hangout. You guys were friends is all I’m saying.” She stole a piece of carrot off my cutting board. “When’s dinner going to be done?”

“An hour or so. Did you get any food that was on this list? This is all junk and booze.” I searched through the bags of ‘groceries’.

“Well you see what had happened was-”

“Stop beating around the bush. What is this for?” I snapped at her.

“A party…”

“You planning on drinking this much at someone’s party?” I asked scared for her health.

“No silly. I picked up what the boys wanted. I even got your favorite!” Her small hands pulled out a huge bottle of Greg Goose.

“Where is this party, Katherine?” I growls knowing the answer.

“Here. But listen-”

“Dammit Katie! No I don’t want to be around anyone today. Cancel it.”

“Bullshit. Today is your birthday! I refuse to let Michael squander it.” She tilted her pointed nose in the air.

“Fuck you.” I grabbed the bottle from her hand and headed to my room.

She clapped at my defeat, “Love you! Do something with that hair! And would it kill you to wear something other than sweat pants?” She yelled after I headed up the stairs.

“Probably!” I said taking a long swig of the burning alcohol.


Loud music bellowed from downstairs. All the way dressed and quarter of the way trough my bottle. I hadn’t begun to feel anything except a little warm. Katie had just text me to come down stairs and greet 'our’ her guest.

I put a dark gray Cobain tank on with a black lace under thingy to cover my bra, black skinny jeans, and my black Toms(Toms are the ugliest cutest shoes ever. Fuck you). My hair fell straight between my shoulder blades and parts sat on my chest. I grabbed the bottle and descended down to my own personal hell. There must have been over a hundred people staring at me as I took the last step off the stairs.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” They all shouted at me. I cringed at the noises.

“Y/n come see everyone!” Katie pulled my wrist towards the back door.

Calum, Luke, Ashton, and…Michael stood by our fire pit talking amongst themselves. While Katie had a death grip on my arm. She must’ve known I would b-line it straight into the middle of traffic rather than talk to any of them, especially him.

“Found her!” Katie chirped grabbing their attention.

They all looked at me with huge smiles, except Michael who just tilted his drink up and down his throat. His dark red hair was tucked under a black snapback. He knows I love it when he wears those. And he didn’t fucking shave, I love his stuble. Dammit to hell Michael! Fuck. I’m supposed to hate him for what he did to me.

“Happy Birthday Y/n!” Ashton gripped me into one of his Australian bear hugs.

“Thanks Ash. I can’t breathe.” I choked. He released me.

“I brought a bottle of goose, but apparently you’ve got enough.” Calum smirked.

“Maybe not.” I turned the bottle upside down glaring at Michael. He shifted under my glare and started typing away on his phone. Pussy.

“Eyes here.” Calum snapped his fingers at me.

“I’m sorry, but why is he even here?” No one answered me so I turned to Michael, “Why are you here?” I sneered.

“My groupie is on tour with another band.” He quiped.

“She get tired of you being a faded out, washed up, two pump chump?” Everyone was silent.

“Actually she began acting like you; a bitter cunt.” Before he could even smile at his words I chunked the bottle at him. He dodged it earning a shattering noise as it hit the fence. “You crazy bitch!”

“That’s enough! You promised you would behave of we let you come.” Luke yelled.

“She started it!” Michael defended.

“I’m going to need that other bottle Cal.” I scoffed taking his hand in mine leading us back inside. I heard Michael’s faint cursing as I closed the door.


The remainder of the party was uneventful. People had begun to thin out, and the state of the house became more apparent. I said my good-byes to Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Apparently Michael left a long time ago. I don’t fucking care. My body felt heavy as I drug it up the stairs. Missing a step and falling, I mentally cursed myself for drinking too much. Animalistic noises were coming from Katie’s room. I didn’t know whether to gag or congratulate her.

I could see the light from my room under the door, which is weird because I turned it off before I left. People better have not fucked or are fucking in there. The police would be arresting me for murder at this point, well at least assault with a deadly weapon: my fist. That was lame. I’ve never even been in a fight.

I opened my door and about shit myself at what I saw. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. There’s no way I’m drunk enough to hallucinate. Michael “Cheat on his Girlfriend” Clifford laid cuddled up to a bear he had gotten me for our anniversary. Guess I forgot to burn it with the other shit he got me. His hat had fallen off his head, and the red spikes sprawled out in every direction. He looked so innocent and peaceful. Maybe for a second I could pretend he didn’t completely fuck me over.

I sat on the bed and ran my fingers threw his soft hair. Honestly it always reminded me of cotten candy. His lips were so plump and red, I just wanted to kiss them until his soul came out(I watch too much Harry Potter). His green eyes fluttered open at my movements.

I instinctively retracted my hand, “Sorry.” I mumbled.

“You don’t ever need to apologize to me.” He mumbled groggily sitting up.

“Michael what are you doing in my room?” I slurred a bit.