Wish on a Star

HEY What if a make-a-wish child wished to meet Alcor? What would be his reaction? How would the determined representive track down/summon Alcor? What would the parents think? Just curious

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Luisa Shavell prided herself on her reputation within the ‘Realize A Dream’ foundation.

Whatever a child dreamed of, Luisa had managed to somehow eventually produce, though whether it was luck, skill, or some strange quirk of fate none could really say.

After the Transcendence, suddenly there were dreams no one had thought possible being requested – and, thanks to Luisa, filled.

If nothing else, Luisa was now highly skilled at bribing unicorns to act like, well, like how people thought a unicorn should act for a few hours. They were the most often requested Dreams, but privately, Luisa was pretty sure those would die down once everyone found out what unicorns were really like.

She just hoped that maybe unicorns outside the United States lived up to their reputations – ki-rin were supposed to be regal and majestic, right? Maybe European unicorns were nicer, and it was just a regional thing…not that Luisa would be finding out anytime soon.

But this latest Dream…might just be above her pay grade and skill level.

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Alice deep in thought….

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are these anything like shavelings?

The infant ones look and move almost exactly like this.