shave legs

Whatever made you think

That nymphs shave their legs?

That they felt shamed by their textures

That they were bothered by their womanhood

That they didnt wear their hair

the way they wore fuzzy thistles on their brow

And round their necks.

Whatever made you think

That mermaids sharpened shells

To shelp off the soft thin kelp

Beneath their arms?

That they would want to be smooth

And innocent looking

As a little girl.

They arent intimidated by extentions

Of their grace.

Whatever made you think

That a goddess would be bothered

By a soft garden between her legs?

Morrigan must revel in it

A show of power

That she is a woman

Her legs a fertile plain.

She does not ignore her animosity

She wear it upon her thighs.

Aphrodite knows that her beauty

Has never been impeded

by fruitful womans body

She wouldnt carve away anything that is hers

Just as she would never wash away the seafoam

From which she was born.

Freya understands

That with blood, and hair, and fertility

Comes wisdom

She does not regret her age

Or yearn for the nakedness of childhood

Her place is among valkeries.

Amoung the raw and the wild.

Even though she wears hair upon her legs

As she does feathers upon her back,

They are lusted after and admired

They are holy and glowing

They are blessed and flowing

Even though they have legs like a doe.

I am an animal, along side any rabbit or elk

I am soft and lush

I am holy and glowing

I have earned this badge of womanhood

Along side my mermaid eyes

and nymphish hands

My aura is as bright as theirs.

anonymous asked:

Okay so like imagine shaving your legs and then being super silky smooth™️ and just being hella excited and bugging Loki all day to feel

  • you hated shaving your legs
  • absolutely hated it
  • it just took so long, and it was a whole process, and you rarely had the patience to do it
  • and even then, you almost never shaved higher than your knee
  • but on occasion, you got a random burst of energy
  • and felt the need to properly shave
  • and afterward, you would revel in the soft, silky smoothness of your legs 
  • and wonder why you waited so long to do it in the first place
  • so, naturally, you have to show of your newly-shaven legs
  • it was just a thing you did
  • whenever you finished shaving, you would find the first person nearest you
  • and all but shove your leg in their face, encouraging them to ‘feel how smooooooth’
  • this time, it just so happened to be Loki that was lounging in the living room, reading, when you came out of the shower
  • and you just grinned
  • and Loki hardly had time to look up and process you
  • before you were plopping yourself next to them, kicking your legs across their lap

“Loki, feel!” “I beg your pardon?” “Feel. My legs! I shaved them, for the first time in, like… well, a while, and they feel all silky, and smooth, and nice, you have to feel!” “I have to?” “Yes.”

  • Loki looks at you like they aren’t quite sure what to say, or even think
  • but they do as you ask
  • and just nod slowly

“That is… very smooth.” “Thank you, it took, like, an hour to do it.” “That long?” “It’s a tedious process.” “I see…”

  • you go through the same little act several times throughout the day
  • and Loki is a good sport, and plays along every single time, with little snarky commentary
  • which is a lot, coming from them
  • but by the fifth time you do it later that evening, Loki just pauses
  • and stares at you

“Y/N, I really don’t see what the big deal is. Is it really that important?” “Listen here, you little shit, energy for shaving comes around once in a blue moon, so you better believe I’m going to show off my hard work every chance that I get.” “Alright, alright. I suppose that’s fair.” “Yes, it is. Now, feel!