shave that upper lip

beauty products people should stop sleeping on

shimmer body lotion- this deadass will make you feel so good about yourself. Turns you into an instant goddess.

Hydrogen peroxide- take advantage of its bleaching properties!! If you have hair that you want less visible but don’t want the upkeep of shaving (like arms, tum, upper lip, tush, etc.), use this to lighten the hair. Also can be used on blackheads (but be cautious not to bleach any hair near your face). If you do this, gently exfoliate the area first and then use a cotton pad to apply this. Rinse it off after 20 ish minutes. Mix with baking soda and brush it on your teeth to whitten them. this can be done pretty often but be gentle and have limits please. Also gets blood out of anything.

Honey- honey is literally a miracle product I love it so much. Has anti bacterial and antimicrobial properties bc of its low pH and it basically has no water in it. use it as a face mask as often as you want. Mix with things like turmeric for extra results but be careful bc turmeric in particular stains your skin yellow for some time. Use in or as a hair mask to soften hair and prevent hair loss. Use in your tea, oatmeal, smoothies for health benefits but be careful not to microwave it bc that kills all of the good stuff. Also honey is best when its raw and it will say that on the label.

Sunscreen- do I even need to say anything about this. Do your best to get a natural one that does not have retinal palmitate bc that actually is really bad for you when its exposed to sunlight??? Capitalism is amazing. No rules

Face peel- these will usually be fruit based and you only have to use them for less than 10 mins usually. More gentle and even than physical exfoliators. Makes your skin nice and soft but don’t over exfoliate by using another exfoliating product afterwards and avoid the sun for a little bit afterwards.

Cuticle oil and hand lotion- basically just treat your hands kindly. Wear sunscreen on the back of your hands. Give yourself a hand massage when you can. The hands are the windows to your soul and they age like raisins if youre not careful

Dry brush- !!! ill probably do another post about this but basically you get a natural brush and brush your skin before you shower or you use the brush and an oil of your choice after you shower. Brush towards the heart. This will improve the appearance of cellulite, improve your circulation, help the lymph nodes thus detoxifying you, less dead skin, better digestion, etc. doesn’t take very long either!!!

Vlad and Radu Dracula the sons of Vlad Dracul (in Romanian Drăgul (the dear/ beloved one) and his sons are Drăgulea, because correctly in Romanian as in Latin the suffix “-ea” defines belonging, literally “of Dracul”).

Radwl, Wlad and Dragwlya are old Latin writing of their names, and are used in contemporary and 16 c. Hungarian and German documents. Radu’s letter to Brașov in La also included “Radwl, vaivoda Transalpinus” (Radul the Prince of Wallachia).

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What Every Woman Needs to Know Before Shaving Her Face

if you have peach fuzz 🍑 READ THIS. I’ve always shaved my upper lip because the hair right there was darker. But then I discovered the beauty in shaving your face. MARYLIN MONROE DID IT! It not only exfoliates beautifully and keeps your skin looking younger, but it also makes makeup application FLAWLESS. I love shaving my face 🙏🏻🙌🏻👱🏻‍♀️

The Little Things [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: i thought of this, tell me whatcha think!

It’s cold. It’s cold and Sebastian doesn’t like it one bit. His eyelids flutter open, bright orbs peering around the room. Something isn’t right. Carefully, he untangles his lanky arms from your waist, kissing your forehead. His black opaque boxer briefs scrunch around his thighs when he scoots to the edge, stretching his arms above his head, loose white ‘Cali’ tank top with a sunset flowing around his torso.

Light from underneath the bathroom door catches his eye and he pads towards it, wrapping his hand on the knob. He easily slips in, rubbing his eye with his fist, sandy brown locks jostled from sleep. “Bas, go back to sleep. I have to leave…for…work- ow.” Barry flinches, trying not to cut himself while shaving his scruff.

With a long sigh, Sebastian hops onto the counter, fingers curling around the edge. He takes a moment to appreciate one of his loves; Barry only has his undershirt on, blue skinny jeans hugging his hips like they were made just for him, shaving cream dotted on his upper lip. “I can’t sleep without you and Y/N, B.” he shrugs, eyes darting to the exit when the door opens. “Hey girl.” he says softly, watching you enter.

A little yawn comes from you. Shivering, you wrap your arms around your torso, pulling your Harry Potter t-shirt down to your black panties. “It got cold. No me gusta.” you hum, climbing on Sebastian’s lap. He wraps his arms with yours, swinging his hairy legs back and forth. “Barr, do you have to go?” you pout, knowing your boyfriend is doing the same thing behind you.

Wiping his face clean, Barry maneuvers himself so he’s standing in front of you. His mouth makes a small popping noise and he cups your cheek with his right hand, doing the same to Sebastian. “I’ll be fast, okay? Just one crime scene, then I’ll be home.” Both of you stay silent. “Alright?” the speedster presses, eyeing the two of you.

“Fine.” you huff.

“Can you get food on your way back?” the Warbler muses, chin resting on your shoulder. Barry cocks an eyebrow, laughing faintly. “What? I want food, sue me.” he defends, scowling.

Shaking his head, Barry pecks your lips, then Sebastian’s, before speeding the rest of his clothes on. “Love you, sweetheart. Love you, Bas.” he mutters, grinning when you guys say it back. It’s the little things that count. He flashes out, leaving the two of you on the bathroom counter.

You crane your neck, peeking behind you. “Do you wanna take a shower, Seb?” you ask, wrapping your legs with his. “Then we can make waffles and watch trashy reality TV.” you grin, brushing his bangs from his hazel eyes.

A smirk appears on his lips and he kisses the side of your head, sighing happily while getting down from the counter. “Girl, you know me so well. I love you, babe.” he mumbles, walking to the shower with you. “Can I use your shampoo? That shit smells fantastic.”

I love hims a lot, I find his eyes really beautiful, HIs shaved upper lip is an interesting choide and I would love to know what other interesting choices he has made in his life and I”m prepared to find out as we set off on a lifelong journey together that is marriage that I want to happen 

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Litte drabble or hc request (you choose) of Luna insisting on shaving Noctis herself. Sense of power while holding him with a razor? >:D (make it fluffy and well whatever you want)


-Noct is nervous at first at the idea, but she’s so insistent, and he does trust her completely. She has steady hands and a silver tongue, so she convinces him fairly easily to let her do it

-Except for “I’ve helped Ravus before, does that make you feel better?” “Depends. How many bandaids did he need?” *smacks his shoulder* “NONE! ….One…. I WAS ELEVEN OKAY” *lots of laughter*

-It takes quite awhile, far far longer than it would’ve taken him to do it by himself. But that’s perfectly okay because it’s a calm, quiet, intimate moment between them that really helps to reinforce their trust

-Luna takes a lot of time early on to just get him used to everything. He has his eyes closed and she strokes his face until he’s calm and stops flinching at the unexpected touches. She lightly scratches her fingers through his short beard (think giving a cat scritches on the top of their head)

-Finally she puts shaving cream on his face, and surprises him with a kiss to the tip of his nose before she lathers his upper lip :D

-She’s very careful as she shaves his face, but she’s also quite good at it. She knows the contours of his face well, and it doesn’t take too many passes before Noct is fully comforted in her abilities and can completely relax.

-Cleaning him off and applying an after shave is kinda the best part for both of them~ Until he kisses her and she tastes the oils of the after shave and makes a face that reminds him of when a cat smells something it doesn’t like XD

-So of course he then rubs his cheeks against hers until she’s laughing and pushing him away so she can wash her face off~ >:D

There are no actual descriptions of Radu cel Frumos the brother of Vlad Dragula, but looking to the fact that they were brothers by one father Vlad Dragul and one mother Vasilisa Cneajna, they must have looked alike.

Here I’ll cite the account of Niccolo Modrussa the Croatian bishop (Nikola biskup Modruški ), who had actually saw Vlad in Hungarian prison (between 1462-75) and described him in his work De bellis Gothorum which was written by him in 1473 describes Vlad voivode in this manner:

“In fact, he was not very tall, but with large limbs, which impressed of power. His stern look was terrifying; нe had a large and aquiline nose with distended nostrils; on his thin and slightly reddish face were planted his wide open gray-green* eyes with prominent lashes ** that were framed by thick black eyebrows, which made his appearance look threatening. Besides that, his cheeks and chin were shaved, except the upper lip (mustache). The swollen forehead increased the size of his head. A bull’s neck was supported by broad shoulders upon which swung his dark curly hair***, which fell down from his head.”

Nicolao Episcopo Modrusiensi (born c. 1427- Grblju -  died before 29 may 1480)

              * Glaucos - pale greenish blue or gray-blue color.
              ** Cillia from the cilium - lashes or upper eyelids (supercilium - eyebrows)
              *** Subnigri - dark; for example, in Greece, the word is used to denote a dark reddish or light brown hair.
              (My translation from the Latin ©Elveo-art.tumblr)

So my artwork is a visual reconstruction of Radu voivode’s appearance based on description of his brother.

The population is exceedingly large, the ground thickly studded with homesteads…and the cattle very numerous… hares, fowl, and geese they think it unlawful to eat, but rear them for pleasure and amusement…Most of the tribes do not grow corn but live on milk and meat, and wear skins. All the Britons dye their bodies with woad, which produces a blue colour, and this gives them a more terrifying appearance in battle. They wear their hair long, and shave the whole of their bodies except the head and the upper lip. Wives are shared between groups of ten or twelve men.
—  Julius Caesar on the Britons

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I'm a trans boy who's on testosterone, and has been for about 2 years, so I have quite a bit of facial hair and I usually shave my upper lip but I've let everything else kinda grow because my parents are weird about me shaving (because they think I have to have facial hair to look like a boy) but I'm not sure how I feel about having facial hair when I'm little, it makes me a little insecure, is it weird for a little boy to keep his facial hair?

It’s not weird at all!
Hair is normal for EVERYONE.
Girls, boys, etc. Everybody has some hair and it is completely fine.
If you want to keep it, yay!
If you want to shave it, yay!
There’s no lose in this situation, darling.

If it is truly bothering you then you may want to get rid of it so you don’t stress. But I promise, promise, promise that you are not any less little with facial hair. 💞

It does not make you gross. It does not make you big. It is apart of you. And it is your choice if you want it or not.

~ Mod Lynn

Digital face chart for the girls with facial hair. I feel like people are afraid of facial hair, as if it’s something that needs to be dealt with straight away or the person isn’t beautiful. Although big brows are back, there is still a standard in the beauty community. They can’t be too thick, they must be groomed properly so there are no stray hairs and you can’t have a unibrow. You rarely see beauty bloggers or celebrities with facial or body hair, like it’s something to be ashamed of, even though everybody has it it but in different shades.

As somebody with pale skin, but dark & thick Greek hair that stands out, I realise women with facial/body hair or ungroomed, bushier eyebrows aren’t appreciated or seen as much in the media. I wanted to create a face chart to show that you don’t need to pluck your eyebrows, get your upper lip waxed or shave your face to be beautiful or wear makeup. It’s a choice to do those things, and I don’t think anybody should feel like they have to if they don’t want to just to fit in with the standards of today.

I chose a brown smokey eye to accompany her thick brows and a pop of burgundy in her waterline. I wanted to keep the face fairly neutral, so chose a chocolate brown lip to go with it.

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Has Worick ever considered shaving his body hair?

He shaves the top hair of his upper lip when it is really bushy. Same with his chin. The rest he leaves unless its hot, then he’ll buzz his carpet. He doesn’t like the drapes to be long either in case it gets caught in something. It is always shoulder length

Teach Me

a Man from Uncle fic : 6 chapters : 8,926 words

Summary: 6 different scenes where Illya and Gaby teach each other some skill. 3 for Illya and 3 for Gaby.

Music: (different song for each chapter)

Note: I will never grow tired of Napoleon cock-blocking and then being a little shit about it. 

Ao3: [read]

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In fact, my whole problem with any discourse on terms like “butch” and “femme” and who gets to use them versus who doesn’t, in arguments about butch problems vs femme problems and in general arguments about women and gender conformity, is that these arguments just ignore that women of color don’t fit neatly into these categories because of historical racism and cultural context. Even though the terms “butch” and “femme” have historically been coined by and used by black and Latina lesbians and black and Latina trans women, over the years, as LGBT spaces have become more racist, the history behind this terminology has been obscured and appropriated. 

Speaking from my perspective as a South Asian woman who is neither gender non conforming nor feminine, South Asian girls are expected to be feminine in demure ways, and at the same time they can’t be “sexually” feminine because our traditionally conservative, collectivist families would lash out at us if we were. So, for example, I have many Desi friends who like wearing makeup, but their parents or friends of parents will hiss discontent. I remember that my own father was reluctant to let me start wearing nail polish, even though he’s far more “liberal” (again, a relative term) than most South Asian fathers. Thankfully, I’ve never had an interest in makeup or dresses or skirts. But flash forward to me turning 17, and suddenly my parents wanted me to gain interest in femininity. They wanted me to talk about boys, to get makeup done at Mac for prom, to get my upper lip waxed, to shave my legs, to wear more dresses and skirts. They are obsessed with my body weight. And it’s very paradoxical! My parents want me to wear makeup and skirts, but I have a very good friend - another Desi girl - who is very feminine, very beautiful, and very confident in herself. She likes wearing crop tops and tiny shorts and makeup. And, of course, our family friends call her a sl*t, say that she’s a bad influence, gossip about her when her mother isn’t there. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell my mother that I dislike some of her friends because of the things they’ve said about my friend. Let’s go further - my parents adamantly refuse to let me watch Desi soap operas because they don’t want to inculcate the “wrong ideas” in me, and at the same time they’re concerned about my lack of a boyfriend and my disinterest in femininity. 

So, it’s like, a woman of color is expected to be feminine by general society and by her own culture, but at the same time she’s constrained by racism. Other factors include colorism, class disparity, transmisogyny, and fatphobia. You’re going to look at a woman of color who is hairy or fat or dark-skinned and immediately think that she’s butch or gender non conforming, even if she presents or wants to present as femme or feminine. You’re going to look at a woman of color who is curvy and who wears minimal makeup or slightly “girly” or has long hair and immediately think that she’s femme or feminine, even if she presents or wants to present as butch or gender non conforming. 

We also forget that a woman of color’s body is either hypersexualized or desexualized. So for lesbian women of color who want to present as butch but are curvy or have to perform femininity to protect themselves? They’ll be excluded by white butch lesbians. There are trans women of color who have to present as feminine to survive day to day. So for lesbian women of color and other women of color who want to present as femme or feminine but are poor and can’t afford the highly expensive makeup products, or can’t incur the wrath of their conservative families? They’ll be excluded by white femme lesbians and other white femmes. 

You fix your hair in the front-facing camera as you wait for your boyfriend to answer his FaceTime. It sucked that you weren’t with him, especially today, but you understood that his job took him far away and you fully accepted it. Besides, it wouldn’t be long until you were back in his loving arms. All you had to do was wait.
Henry finally answers your FaceTime call and his sleepy face appears on the screen, the sun streaming in from the window, lighting up his face. It’s daytime where he is, but just barely. You flick your bedside light on to illuminate your face a little better. Despite the tiredness, Henry’s face splits into a grin when he sees you on his phone.
“Happy anniversary!”
“Happy anniversary,” you reply with a smile. “You look exhausted.”
“It was a late night last night and I just woke up,” he says before biting back a yawn. You feel a pang of guilt in your chest.
“Why don’t I call back a little later? We don’t have to do this now.”
“Yes, we do. I have another busy day ahead and you have work in the morning and by the time we’re both free it won’t be our anniversary for both of us any more so yes, we are doing this now.“
You stick your tongue out at him. Henry sticks his tongue out too in retaliation, making you chuckle.
“I miss you so much.”
“I miss you too, babe. So, so much. I’m having so much fun here and I’m so excited about what I’m doing, but I can’t wait to come home to you. And when I do come home, we’ll celebrate our anniversary properly.”
“Really? What did you have in mind?”
“Dinner, candles, champagne…maybe something else, if you know what I mean,” he says with a wink. You feel your cheeks flush and Henry’s chuckle exudes from your phone speakers. Even when he was far away, he could still make you blush.
“Only if you promise to shave.”
Henry runs his hand over the stubble on his chin and upper lip.
“You don’t like it?”
“I don’t mind it but I’d rather you didn’t give me a rash.”
“Depends on where that rash is.” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, making your blush darken.
“Henry! Stop!” You try to hide your heated face with your free hand as Henry laughs.
“Okay, okay, I’ll stop. I just can’t wait to see you, babe. I can’t wait to have you in my arms again.”
Your heart swells in your chest.
“I love you so much, Henry.”
“I love you too, sweetheart.”
You chat for a little longer before Henry looks at the time and sighs sadly.
“I have to go.”
You can’t help the pout that forms on your face.
“I’m so sorry, baby.”
“It’s okay. You have a busy day and I have work,” you reply, forcing your pout to turn into a small smile.
“I’ll talk to you soon, okay? Have a good day tomorrow and I love you so much.”
“You too. Don’t work too hard today. I love you.”
You both blow kisses and wave as you both end the call. Henry’s face disappears from your phone screen and you can’t help but feel sad. As you place your phone on the night stand, turn off the lamp and snuggle into your bed, you begin to count down the days until your boyfriend is back in the bed beside you.

- bitty has freckles. all along his shoulders, down his back, dotting his face in the summer. also: acne scars, also on his shoulders and back and dotting his face here and there, because his teenage years were not kind to him in that regard
- shitty is like. so hairy. he has the darkest thickest hair all over his chest and arms and legs and it gives him a great stache and flow but there is also hair everywhere else, he is like a rug basically. also has a chipped tooth, right in the fromt
- jack with stretchmarks!! i will preach this one till my dying days. stretchmarks on his tummy and hips from being a chubby kid, ones on his booty and arms from getting that Zimmermann Bod™ and dont forget about all those calluses and scars from years of playing hockey
- lardo, also with stretchmarks, big ol’ lines on her thighs and boobs and hips. hair on her upper lip she has to wax/shave twice a month to keep away. also has some scars on her thighs from a rough time when she was younger
- chowder and his braces!! even when they come off his teeth are still crooked. he has acne scars as well, mostly indents on his cheeks
- ransom has oily skin and has acne into adulthood. stretchmarks on this boy as well, going across his lower back from hitting puberty.
- holster, big ol’ scar on his forehead from when he got hit in the face with a puck. has a couple of warts on his feet. bacne to this day
- dex with his bright orange hair, deeply freckled skin!!! his irish heritage comes out strong in his looks. also, big ears, and crooked nose from that summer he fell off his bike and busted his face all up
- nursey with a tattoo on his arm to cover up a surgery scar. nursey with big, bushy eyebrows. and don’t forget about his big feet they’re like size 13 at least
- kent has burn scars on his legs from a freak oil fire accident while manning the kitchen at an amusement park one summer, had to go to PT to keep the skin from tightening too much. chipped tooth as well, scarred hands from years of practice

basically what im trying to say is these guys rock their bods even with their imperfections and you should too

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(Simi-urgent) so I as mtf am currently faced with the predicament of more prominent stages of male puberty in the fact that I am starting to grow noticeable hair on my upper lip. I feel like shaving would push my dysphoria further and be bad but at the same time I can't leave it because it's causing dysphoria too. I'm not out and it's not an option to come out if that makes a difference in the answering of my question. Thank you very much for reading and or responding to my question.

Chrissi says:

Hey honey!
I feel you, I’ve been there, it’s not nice.

I know there are some doctors that will prescribe blockers before transition, but if you are under 18 you’d have to get parental consent, so you’d have to be out in some shape or form. So I’m not sure if that’s useful to you.

But guess what? Some girls have facial hair, and that’s okay. I’m not just talking about trans girls, but cis girls too. In fact, a lot of us do. So, as such there have been methods developed for women to deal with this issue.
So I’m guessing you don’t have too much hair on your face, so this should all be viable advice.

1. Pluck it. Oldest trick in the book, and very successful, get some tweezers my love.

2. Epilator. This is a little device that plucks all your hairs out in rapid succession, using witchcraft and pain to fuel its sadistic little journey around your body. There are ones specifically designed for the face of a lady.

3. Bleach. Some ladies, if there isn’t much hair, bleach it so it isn’t so prominent. There are kits designed for this.

4. Laser or IPL (Intense pulsed light) If you have some money spare, you could pay Han Solo to blast the hair of your face with a laser gun. This hurts, like being shot in the face with a big laser should, but is permanent. IPL is cheaper, doesn’t hurt, and is still permanent. But you need more sessions to achieve results.

5. Shave. I know you don’t like the idea of shaving, but it generally speaking is the easiest method. The way I limited dysphoria was by using a lady shave. VENUS! Pink and smells nice. good stuff.

NEVER USE HAIR REMOVAL CREAM ON YOUR FACE. It is evil stuff made by Sauron and Satan from the fires of Mt Doom to burn off all the skin on your face. It also smells like bums. Who wants a face that smells like bum?

Good luck sweetie. <3

Fox says:

Chrissi, you are perfect. omg

I love how when girls talk about their mundane challenges in life (periods, bras etc.) guys are always like “At least you don’t have to shave every day!”

Meanwhile straight guys expect women’s genitalia, armpits, legs, upper lips, between-eyebrows, arms and fucking grandmother’s asses to be as smooth and hairless as a slab of polished marble, while letting every hair on their own body from the neck down grow so wild and unbidden that you need a damn lawnmower to find their genitals

Like, do they think women can just retract their body hair into their skin at will or something?