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Bearded Chicken Breeds-Dutch Owlbeard

The Owlbeard is a very old, if not the oldest, Dutch poultry breed dating back to the early seventeenth century. It appeared in many paintings from Old Dutch masters. They have no wattles and instead we find a beard and muffs, which cover the “chin and cheeks.” They also have a very striking horned V-shaped comb.  The eye color is brown-red and the earlobes are white. The color of the beak depends on the color variety. This also is the case with the leg color, which is white pinkish for the Cuckoo variety, light blue-grey for the White and slate blue for the Golden Spangled variety. The Owlbeard is known in Black, White, Black-laced Blue, Cuckoo, Golden and Silver Spangled, Yellow-white Spangled, Golden Pencilled, and Silver Pencilled varieties as well as the so-called Moorhead. The latter is known in White, Blue, Golden and Buff varieties with a totally black head. 

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Karls, you’re better than this, I know you are. I’m defending you and your choices (not your team’s because they make dumb things) but don’t drag this shitshow for too long. See what’s happening to kode with klossy applications? A lot of parents see that idiotic cracker face next to you and think twice before sending their daughters’ application form. You walk with a FEMINIST AF or a WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS t-shirts but then you’re still being asked about how you manage a relationship with someone so close to the worst administration around? That’s not how it works, you are a role model for young girls, and girls of your age too, then act like one. Your visibility increased exponentially in the last few years, you don’t need someone who’s power hungry and shows you around like a trophy just because he needs some promo or because he needs to clean his shady environment. Be your own boss, build your brand, be great on your own. I believe in you, and I trust you.

Things I NEED to see in Infinity War...

‘Steve why does this strange racoon want my arm’ ‘NO STEVE HELP HE’S TRYING TO TAKE IT’

Peter Parker NOT being hurt

A Buckynat kiss scene (you’re lying if you don’t want the the two hottest people on the team to hook up)

Dr Strange and Tony being AWESOME FACIAL HAIR BROS

‘I am T’Challa, King of Wakanda’ ‘I am Groot’

Steve trying to parent LITERALLY EVERYONE

A Staron kiss scene (I’m WAITING)

More Thor & Hulk banter

Peter Parker being safe and sound

MORE Bucky and Sam scenes

Someone calling Rocket a junk skunk

NICK FURY roasting General Ross (cause he can)

‘Before I kiss you Steve, you’re gonna need to shave’ - Sharon Carter 


Peter Parker being completely OKAY

Bitch slapping General Ross

Gamora and Natasha bonding over being BAMFs

T’Challa and Bucky being bros