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You have made many posts about your changing hair colour. Which colour is your favourite? And have you ever done anything else with your hair? For example, shaved one side, with the top spiky and the other side long?

My favorite is black and red, although it’s hard to keep up with it. I have to color it once every two weeks because the red fades so fast.

I’ve never shaved one side or anything like that. I was thinking about shaving underneath because I have so much hair, but haven’t had the guts to do it yet. I might. I do have bangs now, so that’s been a change!

Creepypasta #1030: Copycat

Length: Medium

About a year ago I got a new neighbor. The day she moved in I have to confess to being a bit curious. She turned up with two large shopping bags and disappeared into the house. There was no van turned up full of furniture, no cars full of boxes, nothing, which struck me as very odd. For a start what was she going to sleep on?

For the first couple of days she just said hello when she saw me, which I had no problem with. I like to be on good terms with my neighbors.

Now I need to point out, I spent a lot of time sitting in my yard. I smoke, but not in the house and I had a very old dog that needed to go out to pee about a million times a day. In the summer I loved to garden and I’ve always been out there more than I’m in. My door is right next to the low fence that separates the two properties.

The next time I saw her she came scuttling over to the fence and introduced herself as Margaret, and I told her my name was Debra. She was a small blob of a woman who looked in serious need of a very long shower. Her clothes were baggy and nondescript, but she seemed friendly enough. She told me she hadn’t been happy in her last home as she didn’t know anyone and hadn’t managed to make any friends.

I told her a few little things about myself, just things like my name and how long I’d lived there, but I didn’t find her very easy to talk to. As the conversation dried up she just stood and stared at me. Before things got awkward I made my excuses and went back into the house.

After that things changed. Gradually over the course of a week or so I saw her more and more. Her kitchen, which was built on to the back of the house, overlooked my garden, and every time I went out I could see her standing staring out the window at me. I’d be out no longer than five minutes and she’d be there. 

Our conversations consisted of her either questioning me about everything I did, “Where was I going?”, “what was I doing?” and even “what was I cooking?” or those long weird silences where she just stood and stared at me while my brain fumbled about trying to make conversation and not be rude. These conversations always ended up with me making some excuse and coming back inside.

I tried looking busy and gardening. I’d stop for a little while and have a short chat and then say something like “Well, I’d really better get on” but she never took the hint. As I weeded and watered she’d still be there, hanging over the fence staring at me.

Sometimes one of the other neighbors would start chatting as they walked past. I’ve lived here a long time and I know most of my neighbors really well. No sooner than we started talking I’d hear this voice from behind me.

‘Hello Debra, nice day isn’t it?’

Part of me thought that the poor woman didn’t know anyone so obviously she wanted to meet the neighbors, but part of me wanted her to butt out.

I even tried lurking just inside my door to have my smoke, but that didn’t work either. I heard this voice drift across the yard, “Warm again isn’t it, Debra?”

Now I know I’m probably coming across as unfriendly, but I’m honestly not. It’s just my yard is my little bit of peace and quiet and I felt like I had nothing in common with this woman. I didn’t need a new best friend which is what I felt like she was aiming at.

Next thing I knew she’d gotten herself a little dog exactly the same breed as mine.

I put some clothes out in bags for the thrift store van, but before it came to collect she came knocking on my door asking if she could have them. I mean, what could I say without seeming mean and petty? I told her she was welcome to them. So now she was walking about dressing like me too.

I noticed a change in her mannerisms. It was like all that time she spent watching me she’d been taking mental notes. The habit I have of biting my lip when I’m slightly annoyed. The way I push my hair back out of my eyes. She seemed to me almost mirroring my behavior. I told myself I needed to get a grip and I was just being paranoid.

She got her hair cut and dyed the same color as mine. I tried to see it as a compliment.

I felt in some odd way that she was watching me and learning how to be a person.

She’d seemed so naive when I first met her, almost childlike, but she was changing.

The time that really got under my skin was when I left the house to go shopping, and there she was in the street talking to an old man that lives a few houses along. His vision isn’t the greatest and he literally stopped dead and his mouth fell open when he saw me. He’d thought he was talking to me.

A couple of weeks after that she got a tattoo. Not just any tattoo though, my tattoo. I have a large tribal one that runs down the left side of my back. Hers was exactly the same. She was so excited when she showed me it too. Like it was completely normal. I had no idea how she did it. I could only think at some point she’d taken a photo of my back when I was lying in the sun.

While she was showing me, I noticed another tattoo on her other shoulder. It was of a crows head in a raggedy looking circle. Hard to describe but really nice. It was also oddly familiar. I went back in and stomped round my house, swearing under my breath about her. It was a couple of hours later that it clicked in my mind. I’d seen that tattoo before. There was a bar I went to occasionally a few miles away, and there was a girl there regularly, with exactly the same tattoo.

That night I decided it was time for some Facebook stalking. I started off checking out the Facebook for the venue, flicking through it’s albums, and suddenly there she was. The girl with the crow tattoo. I kept flicking through seeing if she was tagged in any of them. Suddenly I froze.

In this particular photo the girl with the crow tattoo was standing smiling. She had pale pink hair shaved up one side. Standing next to her, with identical hair, in almost exactly the same clothes was Margaret.

I took a screen shot of it and messaged everyone I knew with a copy. Margaret was freaking me out and I really wanted to talk to someone who knew her before.

Then a couple of weeks later I got a call. To begin with it barely registered who I was talking to. I was having a really crappy day. My little dog had escaped the garden. I’d popped into the house to make a cup of coffee and when I went back out she was just gone. I’d spent the day scouring the streets in a blind panic, so when my mobile rang my heart was in my mouth. My phone number was on her collar and I was hoping so much it was someone saying they’d found her.

“Hi, is that Debra?” the voice asked.

“Yes, who’s this?”

“My name’s Margaret. I’m the girl with the tattoo, and I understand you’ve been trying to get a hold of me?”

I was instantly confused. Were they both called Margaret? I explained about my neighbor and how I thought maybe they knew each other.

“If she’s who I think she is, she used to be my neighbor and her name’s not Margaret. She stole that from me. I haven’t got time to explain but I need her address. The police are looking for her.” Her voice shook with an emotion I didn’t understand.

So I did. I gave her Margaret’s address.

Within ten minutes the street was full of police cars, but they never found her.

They found my dog, in a bag in the freezer.

They found a wall covered in photos of me, taken through my windows during the night. There was even one of me getting changed, tattoo on full display.

I guess in a way I was the lucky one though, because when the real Margaret had called the police about her, not only had they found a wall covered in photos of her, they’d found her two missing children in the freezer.

She still hasn’t been found, and I’m guessing she didn’t manage to get away with more than a couple of carrier bags of stuff. So if you should happen to get a new neighbor, a small nondescript blob of a woman who seems overly keen to be friends I’d suggest you avoid her. Oh, and as a heads up, she’ll probably tell you her name is Debra.

Credits to: hrhdaf

Private Lives Chapter Twelve

Title: Private Lives Chapter Twelve

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  Female (Y/N Hastings)

Word Count: ~2300

Series Summary: Jensen Ackles is an incredible actor. You’re taking a break from being a doctor to figure out what to do with your life. When your worlds crash together, what secrets will be revealed?

Warnings:   This fic will have feels, okay? It’s going to be a drama.

Chapter Warnings: Talk of spousal abuse

Catch Up HERE

A/N:  This chapter took a long time to get out and I am sorry for that, but I hope you like this surprise chapter! I’ve been extremely busy between work, wedding planning, and doctors visits trying to figure out what is wrong, but I have been thinking of you ALL! Much love and please enjoy!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Thank you to all who submitted names to me. The two names chosen were Oliver and Laurel! 

Character: Jensen Ackles


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“Thanks, Mom!” I yelled, darting forward and wrapping my arms around Y/N. Suddenly I realized what I had said and my heart started pounding in my chest.

I pulled away and looked between Dad and Y/N nervously. At that moment, Gen, Jared, Tom and Shep came in.

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Life and Death

It must have been six hours already. You had been staring at a black wall, huddled up in the middle of a room, pulling at the sleeves of your sweater every so often to try and keep warm. It didn’t help, really. You had been freezing ever since you got here.  

Wherever here was.  

i don’t. really know what this is but… enjoy i guess?

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The Eldritch Effect - Kylux Cryptids AU

Major Donal A. Hux woke up in a hospital bed to discover that his career in British Army’s Parachute Regiment was over and he was sharing his room with a very attractive lunatic. His roommate Kylo Ren, estranged son of US Defence Secretary Leia Organa, has struggled with behavioural problems since early childhood- such as telekinesis and the ability to read minds. The strangest thing is that Hux doesn’t find that very strange at all. 

A Cryptid/Ghost Hunter AU in which everything is weird and no one is ever quite what they seem.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your recent comic with Kuroiro and Monoma!! I particularly like how the picture on Monoma's shirt changed! That was a lovely detail!


I’M GLAD YOU BOTH CAUGHT THAT LMAO I’ve been meaning to draw Monoma with an actual Ditto for an age and a half but till I get down to that I guess his shirt will do haha

Anon said: You’re a wonderful person and I love everything that you do please keep up the good work

THANK YOU!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O* <3<3

Anon said: rip if kirishima had kept going he would’ve ended on he loves me not good thing bakugou was there

*whispers v softly* that’s why Bakugou stopped him omg - is it weird I’m glad there’s actually someone who counted the petals I thought no one was gonna notice hahaha

Anon said: I just woke up from a dream wherein I kept getting notifications that you’d uploaded something and each time it was a picture of Kiri except he kept getting closer and closer and honestly it was terrifying

ANON WHY OH MY GOD I’m sorry I’m laughing this is hilarious lmao don’t worry I don’t think that’s something I’m ever gonna do hahaha

Anon said: i saw that post about different hairstyles and bakugo with one side shaved hairstyle is aMAZING I LOVE IT

bOI THANK YOU that’s one of my fave possibilities for older Baku t b h (and it’s not the first time I drew it!!) (it’s also my personal fave hairstyle coincidences? probably not)

Anon said: can you draw Kenma and Kuroo just haging out

I can! But I’m gonna have to ask you to wait for a day in which I won’t mind the way the haikyuu fandom tends to treat my meant-as-platonic stuff so it might take a while for me to sit down and draw it, can I please ask you to stop sending me this ask? Not that I mind, but the amount of times you send it isn’t gonna change how long it’s gonna take, sorry m(._.)m

Anon said: Hii, just wanted to day that I love your style and the stories and ideas you come up with, you’re so great😆

NAW ANON YOU’RE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for being this sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD THO!!!!!!!!!! 

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Could you do something with Miss Martian being trans please?

“You did great out there M'gann” Nightwing said with a smile, “Thanks Dick” the Martian had managed to hide most of the flinch from his face and voice, a voice pitched way to high he thought. Zatanna bumped him as he tried to get out of the control room. “Oh Megan! I haven’t seen you in forever! we have to hang out, a girl’s day sometime?” 

“sure sounds great” again a fake smile and the voice that belonged to some other person, the idea of a ‘girl’s day’ of shopping for clothes made him want to throw up. He’d have to try on skirts and tops and play up Megan’s ultra girlly tastes. 

He finally made it to his room and slide the door shut. In a moment his costume with it’s dreaded skirt was gone, the feminine curves and long hair of Miss Martian were gone. He walked to the full length mirror and looked at himself. Right now he was a green humanoid shape, no clear characteristics. Which was somehow how he felt. 

Coming to earth had been a great choice, Megan had been a horrible one. Mars had been easier, you didn’t really have to pick, here on earth everyone was one thing or another, rather than more one thing than another. He’d watched a lot of Earth tv and connected with the character Megan, she was liked and likable. He’d liked the things she liked, cooking and horses and ‘girl’ things. The thing with Connor hadn’t hurt, girls liked boys that’s how that goes he’d thought. He’d thought he’d thought how uncomfortable he was in skirts or with the sound of his voice, his form all of it must just be adjusting to earth. 

At first even he had a hard time turning into boys. A mental block about the truth he suspected now. Once he got the hang of it, he found how much more comfortable it was. He tried not to think of the night that ended his relationship with Superboy, the look on his face when his ‘girlfriend’ turned into Connor and asked if he wanted to find out what it was like. He let out a sigh in the mirror back in his room, it was still embarrassing and hard to talk to Connor. 

His shape in the mirror rippled and he was Connor, twisting and turning looking at the curves and lines, the muscles. When he’d first started going out in boy shape Connor had been the base for the looks, big, muscular, manly. It was a lot better than Megan or Miss Martian thats for sure, but also still not right. He shrank down to a skinny boy of 18. Red hair shaved on one side long over his eye on the other, he dragged his long fingers through it. Green eyes a nose and lip ring, yeah tonight was a punk rock night. 

He’d found the basic shape awhile ago, mostly he stuck with this shape. A name was harder, but Magnus was sounding pretty good, not married to it. Magnus checked how his skinny jeans fit and pulled on his very patched jacket. There was an ID in the back left pocket along with a wallet for a Magnus C. Morse of Watertown Massachusetts. It said he was 21, enough to get into the gay bar in Providence, just 35 minutes from Happy Harbor. 

He turned invisible and slide through the wall, gliding down the halls past teammates. Some day he’d tell them, once he’d hammered out names, and all the details of his face. He couldn’t stay Miss Martian of course, but Mr. Martian was dumb. He slide into the seat of his car and became physical again to start it up and start the drive. Martian Manhunter Jr, would be embarrassing, Gar would know, he always had good ideas. Magnus dreaded telling him most of all, his life had been turned inside out so much already. “hey kid, guess what your alien kinda sister is your alien kinda brother, what’s on TV?” Magnus asked the empty car. It wasn’t funny, some day he’d tell them but not tonight. 

so im gettin my hair cut tomorrow and idk what im doin but im tempted to do an undercut and shave one side,,, instead of all around and just leave the top long? just shave like the back and left sides 

Uta x Human!Reader ||1||

|| CHAPTER 1||

((A/N: SO…. Yeah, reader doesn’t talk much, but I don’t feel like this is an introduction? This whole thing happens right after the end of the manga, google makes me sad but still inspired because before I didn’t how the plot would work out and now I have a decent plot idea. I don’t USUALLY write on this blog but whatever. Enjoy Tokyo Ghoul fans!))

“I want to be like Cinderella, but without the shoe. The shoe makes it complicated, it’s easier if he just knows my face, you know?”

“Then what’s the point in getting a mask?”

“Because that’s my ‘shoe’.”

“I thought you didn’t want a shoe.”

“I know, that’s why I’m getting a mask.”

“But with a mask-”

“-and when it falls OOooOff~ he’ll see my face and then BOOM. Babies.”

______ rolled her eyes at her friends’ antics. Connie was an energetic, tall, unnatural blue-blonde with a passion for dancing. Recently, her friend had discovered raves and, without really understanding them, had taken up an obsession with getting a mask like she had seen on Google images.

______ smiled gently, almost shaking her head at how Connie would always take an extreme turn in something and then forget all about the next week.

“Hey, don’t space on me. Keep looking for the mystical medieval door with the barrels,” Connie ordered, frantically whipping her head from side to side into alleyways.

________ sighed.

“This place probably doesn’t even exist, Conn. Just order one offline,” she groaned, shielding her eyes from the hot sun of the day. She was getting tired of running around looking for this mythical mask shop.

“Let’s go get coffee or something,” ______ suggested.

Connie grimaced at the other girls impatience. “_____, I need a mask. Besides, you just aren’t looking for the right-” Connie suddenly stopped at the entrance of an alleyway, a smug grin growing on her face. She crossed her arms and directed her grin towards her friend, who stopped and noticed the small standing chalkboard pointing into the alleyway. “MASKS” it said in big letters under the arrow.

“Signs~” Connie finished, practically skipping down the alleyway.

“Connie! Wait!” ________ called trotting along after her.

The alleyway curved slightly to the right and split off in both directions. The right lead back to the street, and down to the left were two artfully colored barrels on the left side of the alleyway.

“Foooound iiiiit~” Connie sang, running down to the door, _______ close behind.

“Art Mask Studios,” _______ read the wall beside the door aloud.

“I feel like this should have been obvious,” Connie laughed, before pushing on the heavy wooden door.

________ followed Connie into the studio, a blast of air conditioning pushing back. Inside was a relatively large room with checkered floors and square paneled walls. A few masks adorned the walls and inside the cases all around. Some were tribal, or festive, others were creepy, or even just animal themed.

“I don’t see anyone,” Connie whispered to _______, as they awkwardly stood in the quiet space.

“Maybe they’re in the bathroom or something,” ______ suggested, stepping over to a case look at the masks inside.

'They all look sad,’ she thought, looking at the greek theater-esque masks. The one in the middle was blue and plain faced, with slitted eyes and many lighter blue water droplets coming from the eye corners and nose. A moon symbol garnished the forehead.

“Ha. This one’s kind of ironic,” ______ laughed quietly.

“Can I help you?” sounded a voice from the far side of the room.

______ looked up from the case and almost jumped out of her skin.

A pale man with dark hair, shaved on one side, and piercings leaned against the doorway. His hands, which were covered in black tribal tattoos, were shoved in the pockets of his baggy black cargo shorts, a short sleeved, black v-neck covering the rest of him. He also wore dark sunglasses.

_______ froze but Connie only paused a moment.

“Hi! I’ve heard a lot about your shop and came down for something custom. Are you open for commissions?” she asked quickly, sounding a little higher pitched than usual.

The man reached up to scratch his neck and pushed off the door to walk further into the room.

“Yeah, sure. I’m free for commissions,” he said. ________ had a chill run up her spine at his voice.

He jabbed a thumb towards the room he had come from. “I was just working in the back. I’ll take your measurements back there, if you’re okay with that.”

“Yeah, sure!” Connie replied quickly, while ______ felt uneasy with being in any small space with such a strange stranger. The man led them to the back where Connie sat in a high stool and ______ leaned against the wall.

“Name’s Uta, by the way,” he mumbled, fumbling about the messy desk on the opposite wall. He pulled out a measuring tape covered in paint specks from a drawer and returned to Connie.

“I’m Connie, and this is my friend, _______,” Connie replied.

Uta extended his chin to _______ with a mumble.

“Have you got anything specific in mind?” he asked Connie, guiding the tape around various circumferences of her head.

“Totally! Okay, so like, I just discovered raves, and all the ravers I’ve seen have these cool masks on, so I thought why not get one? And I really wanted it personal so I thought, why not do like a Cinderella inspired thing, you know? I don’t know, I thought it’d be cute,” Connie explained, suddenly bashful.

“Cinderella. Hmm,” he repeated, taking time to scribble down sizing notes on a pad. He scribbled Connie’s name above.

“Do you go with her, ________?” he asked, not looking up.

“Huh? Oh! No, no i don’t. I, um… I’m not into dancing,” she sputtered, caught off guard.

“Aw, well that’s no fun,” he said, going back over to Connie.

“Yeah I know,” Connie pouted. ______ glared.

“Extend your chin for me?” he asked Connie, who obliged promptly.

“That’s alright,” he continued. “I’m not into the party scene too much either. People like me don’t do well with the public.”

'At least he’s conscious of his image,’ ______ mentally grumbled.

He scribbled down the last sizes and clicked his pen, turning to lean back against the desk. “Well, that should do it, really,” he announced.

“Great! I don’t have a budget so go nuts… Reasonably nuts.” Connie instructed, hopping off the stool.

“Reasonably nuts,” he repeated. “Alright. Expect a call from me in a week or so.” He plucked a white card with the studio logo and phone number off his desk and handed it to Connie.

“'kay. Thanks so much!” Connie grinned, then fled out the room, _______ following.

_______ stopped however as they passed the case from before.

“_______?” Connie asked, stopping in the doorway.

“Yeah, give me a second,” she mumbled, looking down at the blue mask.

Connie shrugged and closed the door behind her with a loud thud, leaving _________ alone.

'It is beautiful,’ ______ thought, lightly placing her fingertips on top of the glass.

The light seemed to only shine on the tears, and the curves were so elegant and human. _______ wasn’t sure how it would be to wear it, or even if she would consider wearing it. Wear it where?!

“How is it ironic?” breathed a voice on her neck.

________ jumped at his voice and spun around to stand face to face with the strange Uta.

'B-back up, buddy!!’ she thought.

He was so close to her face, they were almost touching, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“U-um,” was all she could manage.

One of his eyebrows quirked upwards slightly, and she grew more confident in her small amount of humility.

“Well. Usually people wear a metaphorical mask to hide their sadness. And this one’s doing just the opposite… It’s a mask to show their sadness proudly,” she explained quietly, not meeting his eyes.

He stayed silent, staring at her intently. _______ felt awkward and her face grew red hot. She felt him lean forward and she leaned back away from him until she was back against the case and had no room to go. Now, they touched and ______ grew red at the contact, putting up hands to defend herself.

“Um,” she finally got out, turning her head away from him as he leaned into her neck.

Slowly, he took a deep breath through his nose, inhaling the scent of her. He moaned low when his stomach growled aggressively, his tongue suddenly darting out to taste the skin of her neck. ______ squeaked and shoved him off of her, rushing out the door without a word. Uta watched her go, hearing her squawk to her friend quickly about 'nothing lets just leave’.

His stomach growled loudly again, almost painfully and he placed a tattooed hand on his abdomen. “Not tonight…” he said to himself. “We can eat tomorrow…”

celestialxforveerxbright  asked:

I'd love to see either Jennie or Lisa with short hair. Jennie would look great with a sharp a-symmetric 60's style bob, dyed a neutral blue. LIsa would look amazing with one side shaved the other bob length and wavy. kept natural color or a pastel pink. What do you think?

I’d definitely love to see either of them with short hair! I remember being quite shocked when seeing the picture Jennie once posted with that bob wig but the way you just described it gives me the feeling that it might not look too bad ? I’d love to see her with blond or light hair tbh and for Lisa definitely wavy, I’m not that in for side cuts tbh but with some pastel pink that fades from her blond hair I can totally picture this! 😍


“the first reason was because if you had a rehearsal for a school band you could leave a lesson, that was the first reason we started this band.”