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How about a HC where the reader has super thick hair that teamiplier loves to play with, especially Ethan, and then she comes back one day with it shaved off

Of course!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- You and Tyler being thicc hair dou™

- Hating it but everyone else looooves it

- Wanting to cut and shave it but you know you’ll hate it

- First cutting it short but that doesn’t help

- Them still loving your hair

- Fuck-it level approaching max capacity

- Coming back with a shaved head with your hair short on top

- you know the cut, the very nice shaved sides with floof on top

- That one


- Loving it

- The team loves it as well

Is cutting off all my hair a good idea ? I don’t have heat damage and i’ve never gotten a relaxer or perm but i wanna shave it off 😫


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i feel i have yet to express how much i love a series of unfortunate events so i will just have to share it with you until you understand too


handsome youngjae in skyway mv