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Harry Looks Better Than Me in Short Shorts

Let’s get started.

If I’m not mistaken, this started it all.  I mean, what the hell Harry, they weren’t short enough so you had to roll them?  I’m not complaining though.  In fact, good idea.  Great idea.  Do it again.

He did it again.  I don’t even know what this outfit is.  All I know is I love it and he should probably wear it again.  Keep rolling your shorts. And keep letting the butterfly and birds fly free.  Please and thank you.

He rolled them again.  I approve. And also I’m jealous of his legs.

Right about now is where I tend to black out because yellow shorts.

Everything’s blurry.  I can barely see.

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No matter your gender identity if you shave that’s perfectly ok and if you don’t want to shave that’s also perfectly ok.

You are a human and people have body hair, if you want to shave it fine, if you want to leave it natural fine.  But do not bash anyone who doesn’t share your opinion.


Figured I’d start sharing my con photos over here too, starting with a couple with Ian and some of my experiences. The first photo was at HowlerCon ‘16 right before he stopped the photo queue to gush about how touched he was by the gift I gave him (a fragment of a Bronze Age spiral pendant that I found years ago field walking in the Lake District, that I decided after swooning over him at WB3, I’d pass on to him).

The second is the “it had to be you” moment, which he told me a little about at WB4 before it aired, telling me how much he loved Steter teaming up and how intense everything got between them in what I guess was the wallet/key scene now! Also when he spotted me at the drinks reception on the Friday he headed straight over for a hug and remembered my name, asked how the archaeology was going. Just such a lovely guy! Can’t wait to see him at HowlerCon again!