“Cheers, my dearest!”

Drawn for the wonderful, beautiful Tess~ I planned to draw one of her characters but she requested the return of Lindenn, one of my old characters. In a way he’s such a miserable character, but I wanted to draw something hopeful and bright. Eventually came to this. :)

Happy belated birthday Tess! I hope you had a great day with friends and family! Keep creating amazing art and stories that inspire and enlighten people. No matter what people say or no matter what happens - never stop! Lots of love and hugs! <3

Shauren and Lindenn from one of my oldest story projects t.w.s.a.m.c.t.l. :) Doodled this between working on comics while listening to Bruce’s Worlds Apart. <3

We’ll let blood build a bridge over mountains draped in stars
I’ll meet you on the ridge between these worlds apart
We’ve got this moment now to live then it’s all just dust and dark
Let’s let love give what it gives
Let’s let love give what it gives