Oh man, so I love how in Star Trek: Into Darkness, Carol gets all nerdy over the torpedoes - it was so cute and totally reminded me of myself when I’m really excited about stuff.  So I was thinking about that, and then I was thinking about my OC for Star Trek, who is a weapons officer, and she’d be totally excited about the torpedoes too.

So here are Carol and Sindari being all excited about torpedoes (any torpedoes really) and Alianna being exasperated by them off in the distance :)

(Alianna is captainpinetree/Leigh’s OC, Sindari is mine. Sorry if you don’t like OCs OTL )

Work in progress of my LotR OC.  I am nervous posting but Leigh said I should, so I did XD  I think my colouring skills are improving? (Still bad tho)

For the record, she will one day have hair, I just don’t know what I want it to be yet, and I usually do the skin first anyways, so yeah.  She is not a bald elf.