shauna x serena

Pokemon X Y anime Headcanon Part 1/Idk lol

(Summary: I was wondering what the pokemon anime’d be like if it closely followed the video games. Just some head canons I had for a while, and I’d like to discuss it with anyone who’s interested. If I’m wrong about anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know! You also might have to hit the wiki for this.)

For starters (pun unintended, I swear) I was unsure wether Calem or Serena would be the main character or rival… I thought about it for a while and I realised something: I head canon that Serena’s starter is a Fennekin and Calem’s is a Froakie, so since Froakie has the dominant (water) type, Calem is the rival. Shana is stuck with Chespin.

As for nicknames, I like it when trainers name their pokemon. It gives them something that sets them of from others like them. When I learnt that Calem and Serena’s old names were Xavier and Yvonne, I thought it’d be cool if they named their starters that. Though, I think you get a male Fennekin if you play as Serena, Idk. (I loved grass type so I chose Chespin!) A player I knew DID get a female fennekin, but I’m not sure which gender she chose.

By the way, if you chose a Fennekin, Shauna gives you a Chespin named Chester at the end of the game that her starter gave birth to. But for the anime, I like to think that she named her chespin Chester, and at the end of the anime, she traded a swirlix for a spritzee with Serena. This’d also be a good chance to demonstrate how some pokemon can evolve while holding certain items.

Oh, how could I forget Tierno and Trevor? Seeing as the two already went on their own adventure, I’d give Tierno pokemon that dancet, like a Kirlia, or a Spinda, etc. Trevor would try catching mysterious pokemon to study, like Solrock, Lunatone, Xatu, etc. (Especially if they’re not from this region, making them extra useful to keep in the pokedex)

That’s all for starter pokemon, I’ll write more later!

Li'l Cute Name

And here’s my first comic for our X playthrough! It’s.. really unfortunate that our protagonist got named “d ”. He was destined to wind up with the in-game nickname of “Li'l D”. Ah well, it’s kinda perfect considering the occasional immaturity of the hivemind =P

Shauna’s hair was wreking havoc on me, but it was kinda growing on me in the end. I’m now worried that I’m going to like Shauna because she’s so fun to draw. Serena’s hair was really fun to draw, too.

Also, I forgot that Serena no longer wears her hat because she’s our rival now. But then when I realized how much fun I could’ve had with the sunglasses, I decided to stick with it.

Also also! I meant to give our trainer’s hat the Twitch purple color.. but I forgot, and now I’m too tired and sleepy and lazy to get to it now. Ah well.

I kinda hope we don’t wind up with Richard. We need to have a more cooler/pretty boy name. I saw Descartes being thrown around somewhere. That sounded pretty nice!

Let’s see if this prediction of mine I made last night comes true!