shauna x serena


Li'l Cute Name

And here’s my first comic for our X playthrough! It’s.. really unfortunate that our protagonist got named “d ”. He was destined to wind up with the in-game nickname of “Li'l D”. Ah well, it’s kinda perfect considering the occasional immaturity of the hivemind =P

Shauna’s hair was wreking havoc on me, but it was kinda growing on me in the end. I’m now worried that I’m going to like Shauna because she’s so fun to draw. Serena’s hair was really fun to draw, too.

Also, I forgot that Serena no longer wears her hat because she’s our rival now. But then when I realized how much fun I could’ve had with the sunglasses, I decided to stick with it.

Also also! I meant to give our trainer’s hat the Twitch purple color.. but I forgot, and now I’m too tired and sleepy and lazy to get to it now. Ah well.

I kinda hope we don’t wind up with Richard. We need to have a more cooler/pretty boy name. I saw Descartes being thrown around somewhere. That sounded pretty nice!

Let’s see if this prediction of mine I made last night comes true!