shauna singh baldwin

So many big lies. Even in America. Nothing is free - not health, not good education, not housing. Only they say you are free. I think they mean you can buy blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans, so long as they’re jeans - this is what they call freedom. You can rent an apartment and it looks same as your neighbour’s. You can buy a desk, a chair, a sofa, and there are ten thousand others like it in the homes of other people. And thousands sit before a TV that looks like ours. This is individualism?
—  Sauna Singh Baldwin (We are not in Pakistan)
As a newcomer, if you knew what questions to ask, you would. And if your American friends or colleagues or teachers knew you did not know something, they would tell you. But since you do not know what it is that you do not know, and they do not know what you do not know, you do not know what questions to ask. And they do not tell you, since they do not know what questions to ask.
—  Shauna Singh Baldwin & Marilyn M. Levine, A Foreign Visitor’s Survival Guide to America, p. vii, 1992