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hi. it’s la'shaunae
im in a very toxic and verbally abusive environment and im scared that ill hurt myself soon if i dont leave.
i cant find work (so pls dont send mean anons telling me not to “beg” online)
ive been trying very hard to sell my clothes but im still not really making money from that
and i do not know what else to do but i trust all of my online friends
ive been stressed and crying almost 80% of the day EVERY night and i just want to be more happier for once
ive been trying to get noticed online by modeling companies but i have been unsuccessful with that.
just donating a lil will add up eventually
i gave my family all that i had and now im left with nothing and not getting help
my bank account was closed bc of my hospital bills putting me in debt
im gnna save up in my paypal (bc my bank account closed) to move out
i dont know where the fuck ill go but ill have somewhere to go thats not here.


The Murder That Banned Trick Or Treating
Shauna Howe

On the 27th of September 1992 in a small Pennsylvania town, 11 year old Shauna Howe was walking home from a girl scouts halloween party when she was abducted. Howe was raped before being chucked into a creek, it was blunt force trauma from the fall that killed her. For 10 years this case went cold

In 2002 the case got a break. The DNA off Shauna’s body matched that of resident James O’ Brian who was in prison for attempted kidnap in 1995. This then led authorities to James brother Timothy O’ Brian and Eldred Walker. In 2006, all three men were charged with murder and sentenced to life.

The Oil City council banned late night trick or treating until 2008.

A few days later, Shauna sends Sylas a text.  They’ve become fairly good friends since that day when he offered to be their chaperone when an adult can’t take them.

Shauna:  Hi!  Are you busy?”

Sylas:  Naw, what’s up?

Shauna:  Can you take us to the park?

Sylas:  Sure, be there in a bit.

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Captnswann’s Birthday Page | Happy New Year, 2017!

A big (belated) happy new year to everybody. Hope you all had an awesome Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and an amazing start to the new year. As a mini celebration, I’ve decided to open up a new project.

As many of you have probably seen before, I do have a birthday page (you can find it here) which I slowly add to each time I find out someone’s birthday. I try (TRY!) to get a little gifset/graphic or a drabble out on everyone’s birthday but sometimes this is late. I don’t have many birthdays on there right now (since my theme got messed up a few weeks ago) so I’m trying to branch out with people’s birthdays.

What you’ll need to do if you want to be on my page:
- Send me an ask with your name (or nickname) and your birthday.
- You can include some of your ships//fandoms as well as gift preferences if you like and how old you’re going to be (this is optional but the gift preferences and ships will make my life easier).
- Reblog this post please!

*We do not need to be mutuals for you to send me an ask, though it would be awesome if you were following me, and I’ll probably pop up after beause I’m very nosey. Ask anyone. So, you know, if you wanna start talking to me, just pop up in messenger. I’m always hoping to talk to more of you.

What you’ll get on your birthday:
- A promo post on my blog.
- A space on my birthdays page (HERE).
- A Happy Birthday message on your birthday.
- A little gift on your birthday.

Oh, and for people that don’t want to see stuff like this for some reason, I’ll be tagging them all with #shauna does birthdays just to make your life easier.

And that’s pretty much it.

Thanks guys, and Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2017 is a better year.

Another note for some people that are confused, I recently had a URL change so emmascaptn >> captnswann.

Walk closely with people you love, and with other people who believe that God is very good and life is a grand adventure. Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like less than you are. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep traveling honestly along life’s path.
—  Shauna Niequist

It’s official! 

On January 5, 2017, the first ever boutiqueshipping day will commence! To participate, all you have to do is use the tag “boutiqueshippingday2k17” somewhere in the first five tags, or @ this blog in your post! 

You can post anything, from fanfiction to fanart to headcanons, revolving boutiqueshipping! And it doesn’t have to be just for the anime or the games, you can do whatever version of the ship you prefer. 

Have fun, and don’t spread any hate towards other ships!! 

Shauna’s super cool art process!

Okay ‘cause people have asked how I worked I’m gonna put together a lil process post for my Mari illustration to show you guys how it all looks! I’ve never done this before so bear with me, hahaha.

Step 1: Sketch!

For my illustrations I usually start off with a teeny tiny sketch that I just transform and stretch bigger to clean up some.

Step 2: Inking!

I ink using the G-nib pen in Manga/Clip Paint studio! The size of my brush varies but I try to make everything a certain thickness ‘cause I feel my art looks better with thicker lines.

Step 3: Flats!

I use the magic wand tool to select areas, expand selection, and fill in the area whatever color I want. I generally put all my colors on different layers so I don’t have to worry about coloring over something wrong!

Step 4: Air-brushing!

This is where I kinda start shading everything? I lock my layer, gently go over it with the soft airbrush tool, and darken up the area a bit. I try to generally make sure I follow the rule of light direction and etc but I’ll be honest at the end of the day for my illustrations I just want it to look as cute, shiny, and bubbly as possible while still making some sense. I just want it all eye catching! ^^;

Step 5: Shade and highlights!

Okay! Now this is where I get it all to look real crisp and shiny. On a multiply layer I go over with my G-pen tool and just put in a more solid shade (I use clip layers to do all this now so I don’t color out my lines!) and on another layer I will add in highlights.

Step 6: Color lines and add finishing touches

And finally this is my favorite part ‘cause it means I’m just about done! I will go over all my linework on a clip layer (or just lock my lineart layer if I feel like it) and color my lineart so everything looks real soft and sleek! I try to avoid leaving any black lines if my picture doesn’t use any black in it. Usually my eyelashes are left black but this time I decided to color them to match the pupil color.

I will also go over anything with more airbrushing on a addition layer if it’s not shiny enough for my desu taste. I kinda went nuts with this, ho ho! 

But that’s basically it… my illustration work is real simple. I just want to make my pieces real cute and alluring. A lot of my coloring right now is inspired by official Sonic art from a few years ago. Not gonna lie…hahaha.

I hope that helps someone!!

okay so i know how many people (excluding sc0rose shippers) want Rose Weasley to be a lesbian and when i found out i thought it was beautiful, but then i thought who is going to be her love interest? and then i thought of the beST ORIGINAL CHARACTER SHE COULD HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH. I now ship Rose with Dean and Seamus’s daughter, Shauna. That love would be so beautiful. They’d meet because their parents were friends but then they’d spend more time together at hogwarts, and fall in love. And Rose would be scared about telling Al&Scorp, but when she tells them they just start dying laughing because that means all three of the “new golden trio” is queer. Imma start posting hella about these two girls and i dont care if nobody else likes it

No but just. XY cast singalong movie nights feat. The Pyroar King.

Nearly everyone tries to convince Lysandre to voice Scar because he could do a goddamn terrifying Be Prepared. He insists on voicing Simba instead, and thus the very amused kids are treated to the sight of Lysandre standing on the sofa singing I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, also featuring Calem as Zazu. (They’re also amused when Sycamore promptly casts himself as Nala. They’re slightly grossed out in an, “Ewwww, mushy stuff!” when they get to Can You Feel The Love Tonight. There are much pointed clearings of throats.)

Serena and Shauna promptly team up to be Timon and Pumbaa. They do a cracking Hakuna Matata with Lysandre, and Shauna’s luau is the stuff of legends.

Diantha does the most goddamn terrifying Be Prepared known to humanity.

And Lys still totally cries at Mufasa’s death.

Light Cannot Exist Without the Dark

The man was bent over a well-polished, and well-worn suitcase of some sort. He unhinged the latches and pulled out an object that gleamed with a golden skin. The setting sun was shinning brilliantly across it’s lavish exterior and caught the corner of Shauna’s eye with a bright metallic reflection, forcing her to look away. Cars started honking in the distance, followed by the sound of many ambulances—all unheard in its redundancy like background music, or white noise. She rested her head against the wall and began to read some of the graffiti under the hollows of the bridge. One message was offensively sprayed out in black chunky block letters, it read: “You are all sheep.” Eye roll. Another image revealed a mural of bleeding angels surrounded in exploding stars that read: “The Kingdom Will Be Back.” Eyebrow raise. The loftiest of ideas had been scrawled out over a few lines of what looked like some sort of white chalk, it read: “Suffering is not bad, suffering does not lead to suffering. Evil leads to suffering.” Shauna blinked, oddly comforted by this.


mespirited  asked:


S: How stealthy are they?

not very, she’s quite the loud character

H: What is their deadly sin?

extreme cuteness

hmm… not sure actually. none of the seven sins can really apply to her. shauna’s too good 

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

textiles, PE (including dance), drama/theatre and music!

U: What’s their voice like?

shauna’s a really good singer! she prefers dancing, but she often sings randomly and her little quirk in the XY games is that she sings some of her sentences so, somewhat canon?

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast? 

croissants with chocolate and some tea. v french