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I have to read a memoir and/ or biography over the summer for my AP English class. Do you have any good suggestions? (Gay stuff is preferred but not required)

“An Underground Life: Memoirs of a Gay Jew in Nazi Berlin” by Gad Beck

“Last Watch of the Night” by Paul Monette

“You Can’t Shave in a Minimart Bathroom” by Shauna Marie O’ Toole

“Geography of the Heart” by Fenton Johnson

“Gay Men and Women Who Enriched the World” by Thomas Cowen

“Fun Home” by Alison Bechel 

(If you want a light hearted memoir that isn’t going to make you burst into tears, I recommend “You Can’t Shave in a Minimart Bathroom” also idk if Fun Home actually counts as a memoir because it’s a graphic novel?) 


First there were Catman and Black Alice…then Strix…and now, at the Women of DC Comics panel at NYCC today, gailsimone announced the fourth member of the New 52’s Secret Six…THE VENTRILOQUIST! TOP NOTCH! I ADORED Gail’s re-imagined Bat-villain in Batgirl, and was hoping to see Shauna and Ferdie again! Still though…only two slots left? I guessed Floyd wouldn’t be part of the team, since he’s currently appearing in New Suicide Squad…but I HAD hoped to see Scandal again, and obviously I expected Ragdoll, given the dialogue exchange he shared in Batgirl #31. That being said, I CANNOT WAIT for Secret Six to return! Gail Simone, with Ken Lashely on art, and Dale Eaglesham doing the character designs and covers? Hard to see me not swooning over every panel of this book!