You Heard Me (Jack Gilinsky)

omg ok so I’ve been like stalking your blog for the last two days and I love everything I’ve seen. I was wondering if I could get an imagine where you’re touching yourself and your bff jack comes over and hears you moaning his name but then gets upset cuz this whole time he thought you liked the other jack so when he hears you he gets really turned on and then you moan his last name and then you can take it from there maybe 😚 please pleaseee and I’m sorry for the long request 😅🙏🏻


Request By: @ayyashslay

Preface: I’m bad at writing graphic stuff, I get a lil’ shy. Sry. 

It was a rare occurrence for you to feel the need to touch yourself. It was a rather taboo subject for you to even think about. However, you were home alone, and like always your thoughts traveled to your best friend Jack Johnson.

You instantly felt your blood pressure spike as images of Jack touching you flooded your mind. Oh god, you wanted that. You wanted to feel his dark hair brushing against your neck as he grinded on top of you, leaving open mouth kisses along your collarbone. 

You shut your door and immediately dive into your crisp clean sheets. You almost felt bad for ruining them, like you soon would, almost. 

The thoughts of Jack entered your mind once more as you slip your lace panties off. You fingers travel down your stomach, over your hips and to the place you need them the most, “Jack,” you mutter in a tone louder than you anticipated, “Ah, yes, Jack.” 

Jack Gilinsky 

I contemplated whether I should at least knock on the door but that thought quickly left my mind when I heard a distant moan within the house. I opened the front door as quietly as I could and proceeded to shut it behind me clicking the lock. Was I really walking into this? 

“Baby,” the voice was all too familiar. Her. I walk towards her room being as quiet as can be to investigate further, “Mm Jack, yeah, oh, yeah.” I stop in my footsteps when I hear the word ‘Jack’ leave her lips. It couldn’t be. I’m hearing things. 

“Jaaack.” No, I’m definitely hearing it. Clear as a bell. I press my ear against the door, feeling betrayed. How dare she moan my friend’s name, how dare she touch herself whilst thinking about him. Of course her and I were just best friends, but my feelings went so much deeper than that and this week of vacation kind of made me feel like she could have felt the same. Obviously not. 

“Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack oh god baby, I’m so close-” I feel my cheeks turn red with anger, “oh Jack-” I feel for the handle and just as I turn it she moans again, “GILINSKY.” 


Here you are. Yourself sweaty and embarrassed, the sheets drenched. Him red and surprised, jittery from the incident that just happened. You wish your life could just end right now. 

“I’m sorry,” you whisper breathlessly, “I-” 

Jack stops you, “it’s okay…I was actually worried it wasn’t me.” 

“Excuse me?” Your tone was more surprised that you anticipated. 

He steps forward, closer to the bed where your naked body lie underneath a single sheet, “you heard me.” 

Does anyone want a pt 2 with the sexy sex? Let me know ! - Bri 


Greetings from Flint. I spoke with Black Men For Bernie to get their input about, well, Bernie Sanders himself! Take a look. Great chatting with you Bruce C. Carter and Shaun Ross. 

Remembering Sunday || Shaun && Toby.

Toby moaned on the floor, images flashing before his eyes. He had no idea where he was. He was in and out of conciousness and he had no idea what was happening around him. He didn’t even know why he was on the floor. Had he been hit? Had he fallen down the stairs? Worse still, had he fallen off the roof? As he tried to get up, he failed, laying limp on the floor. More moans escaped his lips, not being able to form any words. Was he going to die? Was anyone going to find him? He hadn’t even had the chance to get better for… For who? He thought he was bleeding. His head just felt so heavy. So Toby just laid where he was, his eyes shut and memories flashing in his head. He was the boy. The little boy was Toby, and he had failed to protect himself.

Coffee Break || Josh and Shaun

The boy sat there on his bed, the book open in his hands, a small smile on his lips. his eyes ran over the words, absorbing their meaning with great passion. Josh adored the written word and would read twenty-four hours a day if it was physically possible to do so and be healthy. Unfortunately he had to choose between the two and he had already lost a night’s sleep to the wonders of The Night World.

His head leaned back a little to allow his jaw to open up fully so that the deep vibrations of a oxygen consuming yawn could fill the air. Smiling as his lips came together again he placed his bookmark between the pages and placed the book on his pillow, deciding to go for a coffee so that he could remain concious for a while longer and settle into his normal sleeping routine once more.

“I think I’ll go find Shaun,” he smiled speaking only to himself as he often did.