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Can you do SS taking Shaun w them, but tratung him horribly due to him not being SS real son. Like when Shaun tries being nice SS is just a dick and glares at him.

*Spoilers regarding Danse*

Cait: smacks Sole round the back of the head for being such a bastard, drags them aside “The fuck is wrong wit’ ye’… he’s only a kid you piece a shit… you want him to end up like how I did? I can’t fuckin’ look at ye’ right now” Cait had never been this fucked off with Sole before, seeing Sole act in such a callous and abusive way reminded her of her own parents, and she’d damned if she’d let another innocent kid be corrupted by an abusive parent

Codsworth: “SIR/MUM!! I’m appalled you would treat young Shaun in such a way, he may be a synth, but he’s still your son…” Codsworth was disgusted Sole could be so monstrous to not only a child, but Shaun, who, even as a synth, thought of Sole as their parent and hero

Curie: “How dare you!… Shaun is but a child!” Curie took a crying Shaun in her arms as Sole looked on without care “I can’t believe you would do somesing… Somesing so… UGHH!!!” Curie could not process her own thoughts due to the immense anger she felt towards Sole, she kept a still tongue to try and prevent further upset to an already distraught Shaun

Danse: (Before Danse knows he’s a synth ) “Fucking synth, I don’t even see why you brought it with us soldier, you should’ve left it to burn back in the Institute” Danse’s hate was very much alive at this point
(Danse knows he’s a synth) “What the hells wrong with you? Shaun may be a synth, but let me remind you soldier… so am I, and I don’t think you’d fucking dare treat me like you’re treating him” Danse and Sole are directly glaring at each other, but inches from each other’s faces, an immense anger and hatred resonated between the two, a pin dropping would’ve set them off at each other

Deacon: “so after everything with the railroad this is how you treat synths now? Oh no and not just a regular synth, your fucking son?? You know what I’m fucking done with you man, and I’m taking Shaun, at least with the railroad he won’t be treated like fucking scum by those around him!” Deacon reached out a hand to a crying Shaun, picked him up as cradled him in his arms as he left Sole for good.

Dogmeat: Sees what Sole is doing to Shaun and immediately starts growling with a flared, demon like anger at Sole, he may only be a dog, but he understood what the situation was and would not have any of it

Hancock: “What happened to you man? He’s just a kid for christs sake… you either chill the fuck out and sort your shit out or I’m walking, and I’ll be taking Shaun as far away from you as possible…” Hancock never got angry like this but he refused to let an innocent kid be abused by anyone, let alone Sole, he was so pissed no amount of chems could calm him down at this point

MacCready: “ You know what? I can’t fucking believe you… after everything we’ve gone through to get Shaun and this is how you’re treating him?” Mac’s anger stemmed from his love of Duncan, anyone who dared abuse him Mac would go ape on, so to see Sole be an abusive asshole to Shaun it struck a nerve for definite, a parent abiding a child on his watch? Not a chance

Nick: seeing Sole abuse not just a child but Shaun, the person that had brought them together rooted a deep anger in the usually cool and calm Nick “If you think I’m gonna let you abuse this kid you got another thing coming… Now if you ain’t the right person to care for him, let me make it clear I’ll find someone who will you total scumbag” Nicks rage at Sole had his usually golden eyes bore a underlying ominous red glow, he was seriously pissed off with Sole.

Piper: “What fuck Blue?!?” She had to whisper as she dragged Sole aside, away from Shaun, “You think this is funny?? He’s just a kid you asshole, even if he is a synth… he doesn’t fucking know that, I honestly thought you were better than this” Tearing up slightly at her friend and lover Piper struggled to finish at Sole “I… I guess I was wrong… about you Blue… you’re not better than anyone else in this goddam wasteland.” Witnessing Sole abuse Shaun the way they did had completely demoralised Piper, what could she do when people couldn’t even show love and decency to their own kids?

Preston: Almost punched Sole for his actions, Preston was so mad at Sole he couldn’t even speak, no parent should abuse their child and Preston held that value close to his heart, so to see his general and his friend/lover abuse Shaun for not being what they wanted, pushed Preston over the edge, he simply took Shaun’s hand as Sole stood with a death glare aimed at Preston, then walked away, he wasn’t letting an innocent kid be abused for just existing

Strong: could only give advice to Shaun “little human learn that world cruel, hostile world, must be tough” that was all strong could say after having to literally thrown Sole away from Shaun as it looked like Sole was going to seriously harm him. “Little human learn from Strong, Strong knows how survive out here”

X6-88: crushed Sole’s hand when they raised it to Shaun, with Sole’s crushed hand firmly held in his own fist X6 gritted through his teeth “May I remind you who you raise a hand to, scum. Do not make me hurt you even more you piece of shit” Shaun being a direct creation inspired by father, X6 would destroy anything or anyone that posed a threat, including Sole


Maxson: After being sent away as a boy to be raised at the Citadel, Maxson had yearned for his parents all the way through his training but alas with his father’s death being the reason for his re location and his mother never being heard from, Maxson never had any real parents. So when he saw Sole abusing Shaun, it enraged him. However as Sole told Maxson the boy was a synth he was no longer so sympathetic to “it,” disgusted at Sole for brining a synth aboard the Prydwen Maxson shot the kid himself, then had Sole flown back to the ground. For bringing a synth aboard the Prydwen, Maxson would no longer entertain Sole’s presence in the Brotherhood. (Maxsons has been edited since the original Maxson edit)

Bit of a deep one to be honest, as always I hope you enjoy it guys!