shaun watson

Shaun’s favorite holiday growing up was Christmas, but Steve’s favorite was Halloween. Shaun didn’t like it so much because of the dark, and the unfamiliar people, and the knocking on strangers’ doors. He’d much rather stay inside. But Steve loved it to pieces. He loved bobbing for apples and picking out pumpkins and dressing up and getting candy— he loved all of the traditions. He always declared that it was the best night of the year. And because it made him so happy, Shaun always went along with him and celebrated too.

Every year, they coordinated. One year they were ketchup and mustard. Another year, and they were salt and pepper. Once they were Batman and Robin. And another year Steve was Watson and Shaun was Sherlock, because “you’re the smart one.” It just wasn’t the same if they didn’t dress up and go out together.

Shaun never particularly liked Halloween, because of all that came with it. But Steve loved it all. There wasn’t a single thing about it he didn’t like, and there wasn’t a single thing about it that didn’t make him smile.

So now, every year, Shaun makes sure to at least carve a pumpkin, just for him.