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Lux: Okay, well, just…come over to Tasha’s place. It’s empty until she gets back from juvie. We could hang out. You could get your Christmas present. You could spend the night. We could spend the night together.
Eric: We shouldn’t do that.
Lux: Okay. I’m not just talking about that. The last time you spent the night, you slept on the floor. I just…I wanna be together. I need to.
Eric: What about, um, Cate and Baze? They’re not just going to let you stay out all night.
Lux: Then I’ll figure something out. Okay? You show up to Tasha’s, and I will take care of everything else.
Eric: Okay.
Lux: So, is it a date?
Eric: Yeah. It’s a date.

[Life Unexpected 2x12 - Teacher Schooled]

I loved them so much <3


Enter Nowhere (2011)

Three strangers arrive one by one at a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere only to learn they’ve been brought together for a reason.

A Must Watch!

The plot and characters are unique and very entertaining. The summary and the trailer don’t do it much justice, but you must watch it! If you’re bored or not, don’t miss this one. I kept putting it off for some time, but I watched it last night and it was incredible!

Very much like the Twilight Zone.

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