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Pegg Characters and their Hogwarts Houses!

Hey! I got bored and made a list of all of Simon’s characters and what house I think they’d be! Feel free to message me if I’ve missed anyone, or if you disagree - I’d love to discuss it! :D 

Shaun Riley (Shaun of the Dead): Hufflepuff
Nicholas Angel (Hot Fuzz): Ravenclaw
Gary King (The World’s End): Slytherin
Tim Bisley (Spaced): Slytherin/Gryffindor
Benji Dunn (Mission Impossible Franchise): Hufflepuff
Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (Star Trek Franchise): Ravenclaw
Jack (Man Up): Gryffindor/Ravenclaw
Jack Nife (A Fantastic Fear of Everything): Ravenclaw
Dennis Doyle (Run Fatboy Run): Slytherin
Hector Honeycoate (Hector and The Search for Happiness): Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

Simon Pegg Characters as Zodiac Signs

Gary King Cancer

Nicholas Angel Virgo

Shaun Riley Libra

Tim Bisley Leo

Hector Capricorn

Dennis Doyle Aquarius

Sidney Sagittarius

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott Pisces

Charlie Wolfe Scorpio

Gus Taurus

Benji Dunn Gemini

William Burke Aries

Tell me which one you are!

I’m Dennis!

Idk why I made this just something I thought of doing.