shaun merton

Misfits: Homosexuality and Nazis
  • (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE IN WHICH THE NAZIS WIN THE WAR: Curtis, a muscular black guy, and Rudy, who is white, are sitting at a table with 2 smoothies. Shaun and a few soldiers burst through the door, looking for an escaped prisoner. I know mentioning their skin colour seems pointless but bear with...)
  • Curtis: What's going on?
  • Nazi Shaun: What do you think? It's a raid. Who are you?
  • Curtis: I work here.
  • Nazi Shaun: And you?
  • Rudy: Er- I'm his (holds had) gay lover. I'm the giver, he's the taker. I'm the butch, he's the bitch. I'm the sausage, he's the muffin! (He awkwardly laughs)
  • Nazi Shaun: (While smiling) You are aware that homosexuality is illegal?
  • Rudy: (Quickly lets go of Curtis' hand) Oh! I were joking! Cos er- He's my cousin. From t-
  • Nazi Shaun: Shut the fuck up.