shaun mecca


Here’s the “SpaceShip” music video.

I wrote this song just frustrated with seeing the lack of commitment to excellence really.  The video was meant to be a mockery of reality shows and having fun. The ‘concept’ I had together for my storyline was dope but the editor/director ( Shaun Mecca ) dropped the ball on this.

The audio’s not synced properly and just poor edit work done.  I know he could have put in more time and made this better, but I guess he’s not as particular with his reputation and art as I might be.  

At the same time, he’s a rapper, so I know his love is the music before htis probably. Not tripping too heavy . I love the energy the girls int he video put into this with me. We had a heavily fun time getting loose to this. 

Police were even called in the process of us fiming the two videos I did this day.  The other video was ‘Paradise,’ and it went super viral on FB. Over 230k views, lacking heavy promotion.

The house we were in is credits to my guy Izzy. His pops made a FLYYYYY house. Movie theatre and lifesize basketball players on the wall of a hooper.  Thanks to Izz for the support.

Also notice the cameo of eli4music . He introduced me to that south Texas, border cities life.  I had some fun out there for real.  Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, South Padre, and Weslaco. 

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