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It’s Gene’s 75th birthday and she gets quite a bit surprise that was made from everyone.

It was Nat and Shaun’s idea to get all of their family photos over the years(with a camera they found and fixed up decades ago) and put it together in a album book they found.

And for Gene it was the best thing ever and to remember Piper by.

(Also I’m sorry I messed up on the word little towards the end-oops)


Book Quotes [2/?] -  We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

“There’s an amazing world out there for you to discover, Henry Denton, but you have to be willing to discover yourself first.”

regret - a mix for shaun and the sole survivor

a thousand years (music box) joshuasandersmusic·i have never loved someone my brightest diamond·son warpaint·interlude (milo) modest mouse·afraid of everyone the national·late night foals·green knight (creep remix) memory tapes·hide & seek amber run·i don’t think about you anymore, but i don’t think about you any less hungry ghosts·fuck you archive·the noose a perfect circle·surrender the antlers

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Sole Party Day 7- How has your Sole changed from Vault 111 to now? Are they happy?

Gene is has changed dramatically since she left the vault and let’s just say she’s very happy now.

After the vault she was depressed big time. And I would imagine big time since your son is gone and the love of your life was shot right in front of you you’d be a mess.

Codsworth had to help her to get her ready and get a move on. After finding Preston and everyone else she got a little bit better, she knows now that she’s for sure not the only one. Gene, even though helping out people and the Minutemen still has this pain and feels such guilt. She thought maybe if she didn’t do that stupid sign up with the vault-tec rep she wouldn’t have to deal with this. Her ways of coping weren’t healthy either, she had the thought in the back of her mind it would be better if she just ended it. Codsworth stuck with her all this time, he didn’t quite understand what she was going through, but he was there to cheer her up and help her off her feet to continue.

Fast forward through events till now and Gene is much better. She met new friends to help her out, she met her new love that helped her through tough times and get her dark thoughts off her chest(you can’t keep anything from Piper lmao), there were still tough times but Gene realized that in this wasteland it’s not really the end of the world. After blowing up the Institute she felt the same guilt as before, but quickly made herself realize what good she did.

Gene sees that it’s possible to rebuild the world and humanity if you just work at it. She wants the Commonwealth to be a safe place again. She at least over the years strives to create Sanctuary a major place, and even helps out other settlements and towns. In her later years she’s quite the famous person around the land for what she’s done, and is highly respected.

After Gene is long gone people continue the work that she had started and move on to bring society together again.

So after all these events and amazing things would she be happy? Gene’s response would be “Hell yeah, you bet I am”.


So yeah I had a ton of fun with Sole Party!! It was really fun doing a post everyday for it. I would totally do something like this again! :O

Sole Party: Last Day!

How has your Sole changed from leaving Vault 111 to now? Are they happy? 

It has been a long road for Lola, but things are finally looking up. She has changed a lot. In some ways, the Wasteland has brought things out in her that she would never have realized were she to have never been frozen. She knows that she can depend on herself now, and she is finally getting to a place where she has two feet on the ground. Things are still hard, but she has fought through worse, and she knows she has the power to push onward.

The real stabilizing forces in her life are the people she has become attached to. Without her network of close friends and her kids, she wouldn’t have made it. She has worked hard to make sure the people she cares about are all taken care of and safe. With that as motivation, her life has new purpose and she is better off for it.

I think Shaun purposely made terrible coffee at Abstergo because of how much he hated the company.

What better way to get revenge on Abstergo than to feed them horribly made coffee and leave a nasty taste in the their mouths?

The man’s brilliant! I know I’d be pissed if I was in Abstergo, coffee’s everything to me!


So last night I killed all the raider leaders and Porter Gage, which I will admit was extremely difficult in a more emotional context, since I got attached to these raiders especially Gage who I made Rogue’s bestfriend.

I originally created this version of Rogue to be my raider character but after a while the killing took its toll, Mama Murphy, The longs, the settlements he’s wiped out all in the name of being a raider, wiping out far harbour, the children atom and Acadia and the worse thing and his biggest regret is letting synth Shaun die, I originally made him to be my evil playthrough but in the end I remembered the original Rogue playthrough , the hero of the Railroad and defender of the commonwealth, this Rogue is just a ghost. And he will no longer be the one to cause the commonwealth anymore pain.