shattuck st. mary's

Okay but imagine Connor was a hockey player as a kid

Like he was a really good player too

He started because Larry was a player, and kinda grandfathered him in, but he didn’t expect Connor to be so good at the sport!! He becomes part of a traveling team and the Murphys are so proud. Theyre thinking about moving to Minnesota so Connor can start at Shattuck St Mary’s, eventually get to the Q and be drafted.

And he even has a friend as well. Jacob McCarray.

They slowly become more than friends. They’re roomed together, and they end up getting together. And Connor is so happy, albeit having to hide all of this from his dad.

But they’re in their last five games of the season, and it goes to shit.

Connor’s a center, on the same line with Jacob, and he ends up checking this goonish 16 year old from the other team into the boards, takes the puck, and scores a goal, it’s tied one to one. The goon skates up to Connor and tries to start a fight but Jacob skates into the circle to protect Connor.

Jacob loses his front teeth and gets a concussion, as the goon punched his helmet off. Connor sees Jacob turn and fall and he freezes, trying to fight in place of Jacob but he loses as well because he can’t get over the fact that Jacob isn’t getting off of the ice.

Jacob’s parents take him off the team for because of the month and a half long concussion, and his parents start a fight with the Murphy’s, Connor can’t forgive himself.

He doesn’t skate, he puts away his jersey. (Against Cynthia’s will. He wanted to burn it.) They still move to Minnesota, where Zoe thrives in her sophomore year, starting jazz band. Connor doesn’t leave his room besides glows in for school and even then, he medicates his depression and anxiety with pot. When that doesn’t work, he goes on the ice to try to commit suicide. Or at least hurt himself bad enough to never play again.

He’s hospitalized with a broken jaw and a concussion.

Then the new school year starts. he meets Evan. And Jared. Jared makes an off color comment about the concussion and Evan hits him.

“D-don’t mind him. He’s an idiot. Wanna sit with us at lunch?” Evan stutters but Jared knows he’s kidding. Jared apologizes for being an asshole.

And Connor has two friends. And sooner or later he patches things up with his sister as well.

When Evan finally asks Connor out, they’ve been friends for their entire junior year, and Connor regales tales of his hockey career, and he notices that one day, his jersey goes missing.

Evan’s wearing it the next day, blushing bright red. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“You look great in it.”

And everything’s happy and good.

Then one day Jared gets jealous, evan fights with him and his mom, and is nowhere to be seen.

(You can plug in @connorxxmurphy’s words fail into this)

But when Evan wakes up, he’s got a certain Murphy jersey to use when Connor isn’t there.

Commentary on ESPN during the Canada-Russia semifinal

“Toews has been 44-2 playing with the maple leaf on his jersey.”

“Toronto should try and get him!”

awkward not-really laughter, hahahahaha

“Toews is a great young leader, great player for Chicago and now he’s going to show the younger ones how it’s done. Played for Shattuck St Mary’s, then North Dakota”

“It’s funny, you know, Toews went the college route, and Kane went the Juniors route”


“That’s right, great players, both of them”

“Doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there.”

“Doesn’t matter how you get there.”


Anthony Brodeur SSM 13’

Eight minutes of Anthony making saves set to awesome music? Heck yes.

Le fils de Martin Brodeur, Anthony Brodeur, a aidé son équipe de la Shattuck-St. Mary’s School à remporter une deuxième médaille d’or de suite au Défi mondial des écoles sport-études, mercredi soir, à Calgary.

Martin Brodeur’s son, Anthony Brodeur, helped his team, Shattuck-St. Mary’s, to win a second gold medal in the World Sport School Challenge on Wednesday night in Calgary.