bojack s4 had terrible animation and character design that shat its pants halfway before being something feasible but the blinking was good, i would say

whoa… it’s fucked up how like….. i have ancestors who lived in the dark ages….. they shat in the street and performed hard labor and they had children who i descended from…. what the fuck… ever think about that guys. don’t think about it it’s weird. i don’t like that. which caveman was i descended from.


Anti: Sakura is a terrible mother

SP: We didn’t get this memo sorry.

ANTI: Sakura is still an insecure fangirl 

SP: *Makes Sakura prioritise her daughter over Sasuke showing that she’s not the least bit insecure about their relationship. While she looks at him fondly and misses him she still chooses to quell her feelings and makes sure her daughter is alright*

ANTI: Sakura is useless and Naruto and Sasuke have to save her ass all the time

SP and Kishimoto: I’m sorry what? We can’t hear you over Sakura’s badassery.

Her dad may not be around but Sarada has got one hell of a mom.

SP just redeemed itself by the slightest bit. You still have a long way to go though.

Florida friends - if you have a laptop computer of any kind with a functional battery, even if it’s old, slow, the screen is busted, the wifi doesn’t work, a tribble shat in the keyboard, whatever - charge that fucker and keep it charged. If you lose power, the USB ports of a fully charged laptop can be your new BFFs and breathe life into a dying phone several times over. When Harvey hit here and we lost power, my dinky little Chromebook is what kept my phone alive through multiple recharges so I was able to communicate with friends and family, check weather conditions, activate the flashlight as needed, and so forth. At no point did I even turn the computer on - I just used it as a portable phone charger, and the thing saved my ass.