shattering effect


Princess Alix of Hesse (and her elder sister Iréne), future Empress of Russia

The death of her mother … had a shattering effect on six-year-old Alix. She sat quiet and withdrawn in her playroom while her nurse stood in the corner, weeping. Even the toys she handled were new; the old, familiar toys had been burned as a precaution against the disease. Alix had been a merry, generous, warm little girl, obstinate but sensitive, with a hot temper. After this tragedy she began to seal herself off from other people. A hard shell of aloofness formed over her emotions, and her radiant smile appeared infrequently. Craving intimacy and affection, she held herself back. She grew to dislike unfamiliar places and to avoid unfamiliar people. Only in cozy family gatherings where she could count on warmth and understanding did Alix unwind. There, the shy, serious, cool Princess Alix became once again the merry, dimpled, loving “Sunny” of her early childhood.

R.K. Massie: Nicholas and Alexandra

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

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Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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I’ve seen a few “Pink Diamond allowed herself to get shattered to help the rebellion” ideas around and, honestly, they make Pink Diamond seem really, really clueless.

One of the ideas basically has Pink Diamond getting tired of Homeworld’s caste system and falling in love with the Earth and so she has her loyal Rose Quartz start a rebellion and shatter her to protect the Earth and show gems that they didn’t have to follow the life plan that Homeworld set out for them.

But those ideas don’t make much sense. For one, if it truly was Earth that she loved and wanted to protect, then it would be far easier to do so as a whole Diamond than as a shattered one. This idea assumes that Pink Diamond has no clue how much her sisters loved her, how her being shattered would effectively turn Homeworld against Earth. And, since Blue Diamond said that she and Pink were very close, I can’t see that Pink Diamond wouldn’t be at least slightly aware of how her sisters (or Blue, at least) would feel.

And, if Pink Diamond wanted to make sure that the rebellion showed that gems could make their own decisions, then why limit the rebellion to Earth? Why were all the Crystal Gems gems that were originally sent to Earth by Homeworld? Why not have the possibility of gems not on Earth gaining their freedom? Because Rose Quartz has made it abundantly clear that the rebellion was to protect Earth first and foremost. Freedom for gems was secondary, best. So if Pink Diamond did want that freedom, then why limit it to such a small subset of gems?

I think that Pink Diamond is a complicated character, and she probably didn’t spend her time on Earth petting her cat while laughing about how she would destroy the Earth. But not being a stereotypical villain doesn’t mean that she was secretly a Crystal Gem.

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I really want to take this blog and shove it down the throats of every Wattpad writer ever. Also can you do the cover for The Belles?

[insert evil laughter bc i have all the dirt on this cover]

So, the Belles is a cautionary tale. One of art direction gone wrong. One of our limitations as mortals and as artists with technology of this era.

On the EW page where the book cover was first revealed, there’s a cute video showing the photoshoot that was done for this cover. I wish I could embed it here, but alas, the function does not seem to be working. Here’s a screencap, to give you an idea:

The author also posted a couple different half-finished photomanips from a version of the cover that never was:

(are we all in agreement that adding the black and white zig zag was a terrible choice? Yeah? Yeah.)

As far as I can tell from the video, the entire shoot took place at that full-body distance. Which says to me that all the concepting/ comps done beforehand looked like the images above, and that the decision to make the cover a closeup of her face was, all likelihood, a last minute decision to scrap their original idea and just get a cover that worked, because the photomanips above weren’t for whatever reason, and deadlines exist.

There would be nothing wrong with this. except.

her face is noticeably out of focus. The full-body picture was zoomed in on more than its pixel information was equipped to handle, and as a result, got blurry! Compare the crispness of the text and the bokeh texture– hell, even of those flowers that were obviously and badly photoshopped on top of the real ones that were on her head– to her face or body and shit is #yikes. (I’ve checked around, in case it was some error with the specific file, but it looks like that everywhere.)

This is not a design “problem” so much as an embarrassing technical error that I…. cannot believe more people didn’t notice, tbh. And it really is a shame, because there’s so few fantasy covers featuring WOC on them! I wish the ones that existed were better!

So then the second issue with this cover is….. that title. And i’ll be honest, this cover was super disappointing bc I saw this:

Before it was released, and the title typography looks REALLY GOOD there! As gold on black, w a shiny-but-flat feel, with nothing else to compete with it, the effect is really lovely. But what ended up on the cover (with a much toned-down shattering effect) feels like a massive cop-out:

Not to mention tonally dissonant. It just feels weird. But the gold wouldn’t have been readable, they had to tame the effect to keep it legible on a more complicated background, and they had to reduce the shrapnel area so it wouldn’t obscure the imagery or other type. (They did not have to add that ugly bevelling effect on, but worse, around it. Bad bad bad.)

I strongly suspect that they commissioned that original type treatment from someone who specializes in 3D typography, and then handed if off to a designer who was asked to do the impossible in making it fit with what marketing had mandated of the rest of the cover. The type on a cover should either be created in constant communication with the rest of the cover, so they always work together, or you can create a huge fancy Type Thing and then build the rest of your cover around the needs of it. You can’t do both.

So, lessons we can learn from The Belles:


2) Don’t make a totally awesome badass type treatment without concern for how it will fit into the rest of the cover, because you’ll end up having to castrate it to fit, and that doesn’t make anyone happy.

Steampunk Doll By CS : “My daughter designed her own Steampunk Cyborg Doll costume for Halloween this year and she and her mom hand made it. The eye piece on the mask is the lens from a point and shoot camera from Goodwill. 

She’s posed in front of matte slate gray paper with two soft lights, one right in front of her and one next to the camera. 
The shatter effect and "old-timey” grading were done in Photoshop. 
Happy Halloween.“


I wonder what complications
Hide in the fracturing of your
Words, so exampled, so sharp,
With edges. Fragments of ice
Find the eye. I feel some kind
Of kindness that is painful and
Enlightening. I wonder until 
I become almost interesting.
You have an effect, like shattering.

isak trying to come to out his bros but running into the stumbling block that is the fact that evidently meeting even did not have the same world-shattering, universe-shifting effect on them as it did on him and they barely actually know who he’s talking about is somehow far funnier to me than it really has any right to be

Mina’s Monday Recs

Wow, what a week! There has been so much loveliness coming out of the fandom creatively in the last seven days. And since I’ve become sick of adulting, I decided to this a bit earlier instead :) (Of course, this rec list is – as it always is – based on my shipping preferences, and lately, as will soon become obvious, I’ve been on a bit of a Nyssa kick. Not to mention I have needed smut like I need air, which is also reflected in my choices for this week.)

Do you Take This Man? (NSFW) by yespleasehawkeye (Olicity) – AHHHH. So much smutty goodness in this fic, seriously. One thing I can never get enough of is the physicality between Oliver and Felicity when they’re established – I just think that their interactions have a different kind of sensuality to them when they’re kind of familiar with each other physically. (Like when Oliver is just casually touching Felicity under the table while they’re eating, lol.) And, of course, the fact that it’s set during Thea and Roy’s wedding (two of my OTPs for the price of one! :D) just makes this even more enjoyable. I love the lazy feel to this fic, and the way they keep going back to the dance floor again and again. Definitely one I will be rereading. :)

Carpe Diem by agentsofmariahill (Nyssara and hints of Black Assassin) – whoa. I will preface this by saying that there really isn’t nearly enough femmeslash fic out there, and there is nowhere near enough Nyssa fic either. So the fact that this is both is a bonus, for me. I love the way the author explored the different facets of Nyssa’s character – the way her father trained her, the way she slowly started questioning her sexuality, her beautiful relationship with Sara and her budding friendship with Laurel. Even if you’ve never read a Nyssa-centric fic before, I urge you to check this one out. It’s amazing.

Tantric (NSFW) by lostolicityscenes (Olicity) – HOT DAMN. I am a sucker for road trip smut, and this was gorgeous. I love the poetic style and the way Oliver and Felicity kind of find each other, physically and mentally. I love that kind of discovery between them and how the physicality between them, while losing its novelty, never loses its thrill. And what gets me is that this fic doesn’t have a word of dialogue in it, but it doesn’t need to. In fact, the silence is kind of what makes this story so sexy. <3

It is not in the Stars (NSFW) by kaleidoscopes-and-carousels (Nyssara) – GIVE ME ALL THE NYSSARA SEXYTIMES PLEASE. Wow. What an amazing homage to one of my OTPs, set during the end of season 2 when Sara returns to Nyssa and asks for the League’s help. I think this fic sums up perfectly, for me, Sara’s mindset when she decided to break things off with Oliver – that this was never about not wanting to be with Nyssa and was far more about unwilling to face the darkness inside herself.

Strange Birds by darhkfelicity (Olicity with Laulicity friendship) – I will never, ever, ever get enough of the Laulicity friendship, and this fic is such a lovely homage to what has become one of my favourite ever girl-power!friendships on Arrow. I love how their early interactions in canon are addressed here, the way Sim dips into both my darlings’ minds and shows how they slowly become friends. And I adore the way this extends beyond the Olicity road trip while also working in details of some of the new spoilers we’ve been getting for season 4.

Sensations of Survival (NSFW) by arrow-through-my-writers-block (Olicity) – ahhh, I am such a sucker for smangst, and this is a wonderful one. Set the night that Oliver defeated Ra’s (I think?), it has some of my favourite things in it, including SHOWER SEX and apologies and pain and did I mention shower sex? :D There is something almost cathartic about reading this that I adore, and there is such a gorgeous introspective and quiet feel to it that is also ridiculously hot and something that I just can’t get enough of. Definitely my favourite by this author.

So, I found this waterfall by thevegantargaryen (Nyssara) – I love Nyssara fics that are set during the flashback years, and this is an excellent one. There is so much emotion and hotness packed into what is actually quite a short piece, but it doesn’t seem to be from how beautifully it is written. Both Nyssa and Sara talk about their dreams, about leaving, exploring the world, and the way that is inexplicably linked with their exploration of each other sinceriously tugs at my heartstrings and makes me ache for these two. <3

Wanderers by susannahmccormick (Olicity) – yayyyy, more road trip fic! :) Sus does such a great job with this series, and I am loving in particular the section about Oliver and Felicity’s mountain hike. AND THE PUPPIES. Oh God. I really like the domesticity about them – not only does it perfectly fit into what Stephen and Emily have been saying lately about how Oliver and Felicity have changed while on their road trip, but there is something so ridiculously endearing about Oliver thinking about holding a barbecue and wanting to do up the house and all sorts.

And then I found this delightful tag fic (picture is NSFW) by effie214 which kind of speculates on what Oliver and Felicity would be like their first night back in Starling. And as always, Effie’s way with words leaves me speechless, because I can totally feel Felicity’s conflicting emotions about being back, and about wanting to hold onto the comfortable oblivion of their road trip. And THE PANCAKES. I love it when Oliver cooks breakfast for Felicity. For obvious reasons. :D

I also came across this gorgeous Olicity graphic by waschal – I LOVE the angel wings on Oliver (I can’t help but interpret that to be a reference to the fact that the Arrow is Starling’s guardian angel <3) and the pretty colouring and the infinity sign around the arrow. I could probably write an essay about how much I love the symbolism of this, but I’ll stop there, lol.

Then there’s this beauty by captainolicitysbedroom, which was made for supersillyanddorky06’s fic, The Firebird (which I’ll admit I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but Matty is an excellent writer and I know, having read several of her other fics, that this one is as good as anything she writes). Plus, I love any art that feature’s Al-Saheem, because of reasons. ;)

I may have shrieked a little when I saw this lovely Laurel Lance graphic by blackprettybird, too. WOW. What a gorgeous homage to my pretty bird. I love the monochrome and the way the city is reflected – I think some people forget that when Oliver was off in Nanda Parbat, Laurel had to look after Starling on her own, with only Nyssa by her side. This is a wonderful reminder of that. <3

And my graphic rec list would be incomplete without this absolutely heartbreaking Nyssara edit by cherrychapssstick, which made me feel SO MANY EMOTIONS. I love the shattered glass effect and how it reflects the fragmented nature of Nyssa and Sara’s relationship. So dark and achingly beautiful. AH.

And then, because I love Black Assassin both platonically and romantically, here are a couple of lovely videos that are dedicated to the wonderful pairing that is Laurel and Nyssa. There’s this one by wondertwinc, which goes ever so slightly AU in that they’re actually together. And wow, do they have great chemistry! I will forever love the milkshake scene, and the scene in 3x16 where Laurel agrees to let Nyssa train her, and the part where Nyssa said the last few weeks with Laurel had brought her happiness. Nothing makes me happier than two badass ladies supporting the hell out of each other, saving each other and having a beautiful friendship (and, in this video, something more). This video is certainly one I will rewatch. Again and again.

The second video is by vigilantelawyers, which I also adore and which made me fall in love with the pairing even more. What an apt song choice, and with a lovely selection of clips from the show, too. I think we see here how Nyssa has mentored Laurel in training her, but also how protective Laurel is of Nyssa – to the point that she says she doesn’t want to lose her after everyone else she’s lost. Also, I don’t know if there’s a technical name for this, but I love how at one point there is two of Nyssa and then later there is two of Laurel. It looks super cool and just makes this video even more gorgeous. :D

That’s it from me! I know this week has been Nyssa-heavy, but hey, she’s a cool character and I love her to pieces. You know the drill – if you liked anything on this list, be sure to let the creators of these wonderful fanworks know. Reblog their work. Give kudos. Leave comments. Leave a lovely message in their askbox telling them how much their fic/edit/video made your day.

In other words, spread positivity so all the hardworking people who give so much to the fandom get something back. Thanks, and see you next week! :)

(And graphic artists, I’ve linked to your works, but if you want me to take down the actual images, I am happy to do so. Just shoot me an ask. :))

Recs from last week

My fics

Scent Swap Pt. I

Alternatively titled “It Was an Accident Pt. 2″ XD, here it is! This is the first part of my two-shot inspired by the Seduce Me Otome CD, which just so happens to be on sale *cough* bless you Michaela and Fae *cough* Let me know whatcha think, and the second part will be up soon!

As the rapidly dwindling hot water ran down your back, and the familiar, heady smell of a conditioner that definitely was not yours swirled around the shower, you couldn’t help but laugh at the irony to the situation.

It hadn’t been too long ago that Sam had accidentally used your shampoo, resulting in an adorable confrontation in the bathroom. Watching him in a flustered panic was just too good, and you’d had your fun teasing him, even kissing his cheek.

But now, the shoe was on the other foot.

The bottles did look almost identical, and you’d been in a rush - Suzu and Naomi were going to be here to pick you up for school any minute. Stepping out of the shower, you quickly wrapped a towel around your body. Walking to the vanity, you picked out your usual perfume and tried applying it to your wrists and neck, but it did nothing to diminish the smell.

With a sigh, you resigned yourself to dealing with it for one afternoon - you could always wash your hair again when you got back home. Flicking on your hairdryer you started to work, and as your hair slowly dried, the potent smell of Sam’s shampoo surrounded you. A pleasant shiver ran down your spine, and his panicked words echoed in your ears.

“I smell manly as hell! Like a demon… and stuff!”

You giggled, chewing your lip. He was honestly too dorky for his own good. That was probably one of the reasons you’d fallen for him in the first place, not that you could ever admit that. The only people you’d confided in about your crush were Naomi and Suzu. You hadn’t told any of the other boys obviously, but the suggestive comments and teasing smirks were leading you to suspect they’d probably figured it out.

In a strange way though, Sam’s goofy words were right. While the earthy tones and musky scent of his conditioner were familiar, there was something else too. You’d noticed it over the course of time the boys had spent in the mansion - the aura of natural power and energy they gave off. Did demons have different scents based on their abilities or strength?

Shaking your head, you decided to think more on the idea later. With your hair now mostly dry, you pulled it back into a low ponytail in the hopes of drawing less attention to it, and secured the towel a little more tightly before heading to change in your room.

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