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Hi,how are you i hope you will be fine.culd u do me a favour please.just remove this watermark.i followed your tutorial step by step you have posted here on tumblr but i couldn’t get it.i shall be grateful i f can do it for me.thanx in advance….

Hi love. I am sorry but I don’t do this stuff. I made tutorial so that you can do it yourself. It isn’t that difficult to get it right. Practice a bit and you’ll get hang of it. Just zoom in as much as you can when cloning.

shattereddreamx asked:

Hi,can i make a request please i need psd for alexis bledel's old photoshoot,if you are taking request then i will send pictures of that photoshoot.flawless psds and flawless blog <3 stay awesome <3

Yes, i’m taking requests… you can send me the photos! And thank you  so much for this words <3