shattered verse

Imagine a Shattered Glass ‘verse but everyone looks exactly the same as they do in the original continuity. 

The token adolescent companions are initially drawn to the Autobots because they have bright, “friendly” colors and pretty blue eyes and none of those creepy spikes or anything on them.

They learn how wrong they were really fast.

riawnacapri: 📝 This is for all you hairstylist out there! ✂️ #NinaDobrev’s New Do, #TheDObrev, (get it!?😜) consists of zero layers, just choppy blunt ‘pieces’ in order to maintain a full dense weight line (verses a shattered, wispy, airy line. Make sense?). It’s purposely a bit asymmetrical; and each 'piece’ is slightly disconnected to create that effortless texture. ✂️✂️✂️ Hopefully that helps! 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️ (And if not, maybe I’ll have to go back on the #BeautyCoachTour & teach ya 😘) I want to see your work! Tag me and hashtag #TheDObrev so Nins and I can check it out! xoxo 💋

The Little Things Pt. 7 - GOT7 JB (Drabbles)

The Little Things

Shattered!Verse Drabbles

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Member/ Pairing: Im Jaebum/ JB x Reader

Summary: It was the little things that made their relationship so special. Be it a glance, a touch, or a kiss, it was the random, happy moments shared between them that made trying worth it.


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           ❝– I have not come to FIGHT, I wish
          only to speak with you.❞

Finding the Crystal Gems wasn’t all that difficult, they were readily prepared to protect Earth with everything they had and the presence of a Diamond was hardly something to be ignored. She knew it was a risk, that they’d taken Pink before and they could just as well do the same to her but she needed answers, she needed to understand why -among all the gems they’d disappated so carefully without damaging a single gem- was it Pink that deserved to be shattered? Why HER? 

Of course her call for a peaceful talk could be ignored, she had nothing but stories of their fearsome LOVE for this planet and it was for that very reason she’d left her Pearl with her Palanquin, ready to send a message out that she’d perished if she didn’t return for an extended duration. She could return the fight and had weapons of her own but she was a leader at her core, not a soldier, these Gems far outmatched her with their fighting prowess.

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                     he  holds  out  little  hope  for  peace   ———-   though  to  say  the  mind  of  the  scientist  is  ever  truly  SILENT  would  be  a  lie  as  well  as  a  theoretical  impossibility .    he  will  spend  hours  mapping  thoughts  in  his  head  as  though  ‘twere  as  easy  as  connecting  constellations  with  a  fingertip.  and  though  he  may  wish  for  the  quiet ,     he  cannot  pry  thought  from  mind  nor  mind  from  body  much  to  his  disappointment .    though  he  can  come  close ,    and  in  attempt  to  do  so ,     lose  all  awareness  of  that  which  surrounds  him .

     a  steady  stream  of  thoughts  escape  him  as  mumbled  words  upon  his tongue  ;    numbers  and  words  much  too  quiet  to  be  easily heard .    he  talks    (  to  himself  )    though  does  not  listen .   distraction  would  be  unwelcome ,     but  in  such  a  public  place ,     it  undoubtedly  must  look  strange.

DDoS’ Mobile Masterlist - Scenarios

*** Please note that for the sake of mobile users, as things are often difficult in transition from desktop to mobile, for now this masterlist only has completed scenarios and masterposts. 

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fun fact; i’ve been writing a Shattered Glass TFP verse episode by episode in bulletin point styling and features things like Vince, Sierra and Sierra’s friend Mary being the humans involved, the special force division being blackmailed by Autobots to work for them, and a huge crushing amount of despair from the Decepticon side of things

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                   ABSURD .    in  their  right  mind  ,     none  should  need  a  test  of  intelligence  based  upon  a  game .     but  he  should  not  be  surprised  ;     humanity  had  a  way  of  making  something  out  of  nothing .   (   A  MEANINGLESS  DRIVE  FOR  ENTERTAINMENT  ,    POINTLESS  ,     TEMPORARY .  )   but  he  knows  it  is  impossible  to  change  anything  but  himself  so  he  has  given  up  trying .     a  roll  of  his  eyes  signifies  his  disinterest . 

              ‘     you’d  be  better  off  discussing  it  with  children  ,     or  other  likeminded  adults .     ‘

SHATTERED. i’ve lowkey decided on that not-so-modern verse, where it’s mostly
                             set in medieval/more fantasy/mythological eras. it’s when aleks is
                             actually conquest, rather than the modern-life incarnation?? and i.
                             have a few things to note:

  • the only name he goes by is Conquest. still hates being called Pestilence. don’t do that.
  • he’s blind and wears a white cloth to cover his eyes. he has developed, however, some sort of an ‘inner sight’ which resembles heat vision and allows him to perceive his surroundings. more here
  • wears a golden crown. not always, but often
  • his horse is named Glory; mostly resembles the shire horse. white in color with golden-tinted mane, golden eyes and mist-like golden flames engulfing the hooves. it’s a male, and is probably as stubborn and asshole-ish as his owner
  • has a bow and a spear (for melee) for weapons. able to summon additional energy spears to use as projectiles (or not) – essentially, they’re his arrows
  • and even if he says he’s not Pestilence, it’s not really true?? a lot of his attacks have some poisonous effects, the arrows (well, spears) especially
Movin' In (Izzie's Song)

Grabbing the last box off the back of the truck, Isabella wiped sweat off her brow with her forearm and nudged the car door shut with her hip. Moving was always miserable business, and Izzie wasn’t looking forward to unpacking any more than she had packing. But at least she could say all of their stuff was in the house now. Even if the boxes hadn’t necessarily been delivered to the right rooms, they were at least done hauling boxes into the house.That was a step in the right direction, right?

Of course it was. She just had to stay positive. They could totally do this. They had all summer to work out the kinks, and so long as they prioritized the unpacking they’d at least be able to clean up in their respective bathrooms and sleep in their own beds tonight. A nice home cooked meal would have been nice too after all the work she and her father had put in, but Isabella wasn’t holding her breath. Even if they had the time to unpack the kitchen before nightfall, they hadn’t had the chance to go grocery shopping; something her stomach was all too happy to remind her of as she stepped over the threshold with box in hand by growling loudly.

“Hey Dad,” the brunette called, placing the box on a stack by the door. “I’m going to go grab a take out menu from that place in town I saw in case we don’t want to go later, okay,” she questioned, taking the muffled shout from upstairs for permission. “Cool. See you later!”

And before her father could come down the stairs to inquire further, Izzie was ducking back out into the heat beyond the front door and jogging down the block towards the center of town where she’d seen the little place called the Mystic Grill.

Shattered Skies Part 1 [Open Rp] [Guardian ‘Verse]

Location: Guardian Angel Security main Briefing room

Time: 13:50:00

“Everyone here? Alright, Listen up!” A heavily Russian accented voice filled the briefing room as everyone else went quiet. “As of now, We are formally at war. Our employer, the Osean government, Is deploying us to the Southern Cross again. It seems the last time we were down there, They didn’t seem to get the memo. We’ll be facing Extreme aggression from both Aurelia and Laesath. Carranza isn’t too happy with the state of things either yet they haven’t chosen a side. So we may have one Ally here.” He paused. “Osea’s sending us in because they don’t want to pour any more oil on the fire than they already have. When we near the operational area, your squadron leaders will give you your orders. Dismissed!”