shattered shitposts

If you didn’t complain about problematic things in games over a decade ago you are never allowed to complain again for that series. It’s a rule. Even if you were only 16, 13 or even 10 or younger when it came out. Even if society was just.. crappier 10+ years ago.

Simply. Not. Allowed!

No, really guys. When I post that someone unfollowed me and I say that I don’t care, I check to see if all my bros are still here

Ginny, Luxy, Meda.. you three are my closest bros on this site and yours are the ones I check first. There are a bunch more that I check. JBlatherings, BLT, Inky, Tin, Badger, Izzy, Trollin… Then there’s Doodles, Weiner, Lavi, Knives, Jay, Salty, Vik, Belgravia, Indie-Crew, all of whom I look up to.

No one else has spoken to me. 

I don’t know anyone else. The people I know, I care whether they leave.

This all sounds really mean if I didn’t list off your name. I’m sorry, but I just don’t know you. Please chat with me sometime.

I am literally squishing my cheeks from all you guys you’re all cuties.

This is now an unbiased TF2 fandom and personal blog. I’ll post what I please but try to tag shakier artists’ work with their name I’m not getting into anymore drama so everyone be cool, ok?

Ok we cool.