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Epsilon shattering in Tucker’s head is so different from when it happened to Wash in PFL.

With Wash, Epsilon was hurting and lashing out. He was suicidal. He didn’t care about anyone else. He cared about Allison. Maybe Carolina. He cared about himself and his own pain. He wanted it to end. He was so desperate for it to all be over, he didn’t even consider the other life he was taking with him. He didn’t think about Wash’s psyche. Or maybe he did, and just didn’t care. Or he couldn’t come to terms with being implanted into the same Freelancer that the Counselor and Director told him had died because of his mistakes while he was still part of Alpha. Either way, Epsilon wasn’t thinking of Wash when he tried to kill himself.

With Tucker, it’s leagues kinder. Epsilon was better. He befriended Tucker and the lot of them. He genuinely wanted to help them, and knew he had a purpose there. A good purpose. He wasn’t hurting nearly as much and found comfort in his relationships with the Blues and Reds and Wash and Carolina. His shattering wasn’t angry and careless. He left messages. He carefully constructed fragments of himself to help his friends. His departure wouldn’t be as traumatic as it was with Wash. It would still affect Tucker’s mind, for sure, but it wouldn’t be as detrimental. 

And as much as I love the fanfictions that decide that Tucker would suffer just as Wash did because I am a sucker for pain, I can’t help but question their reasoning’s behind their choice to write it that way. Epsilon was his friend. His best friend. He would control the fracturing as much as he possibly could. He would protect Tucker from the trauma he caused to Wash. He learned from his mistake, and would never let that happen again if he had the choice.


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I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

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You’re A Wizard Harry!

Kiki’s 200 Follower Celebration Word Challenge

Word Prompt: “This ain’t Hogwarts!” from @percywinchester27

Pairing: Dean x witch!Reader

Word Count: 838

Warnings: like two cuss words, but that’s it

A/N: So I finally managed to get well enough to whip this together. Hope ya’ll enjoy. xoxo

Word Challenge Masterlist

It was a calm Sunday afternoon. The world seemed to be at peace at the moment, and any nearby cases had already been dished out to other hunters, so the Winchesters were enjoying somewhat of mini-vacation in the bunker. Which for Dean meant two things – his favorite beer, and some well-deserved siestas.  In fact, he was just in the middle of the later when the sound of shattering glass interrupted it.


Dean jerked upwards from his pillow at the yelp. With still drooping lids, he went to turn towards his bedside table, failing to realize how close he was to the edge of the mattress. “What the -,” he was cut short as he felt himself slowly teeter on the edge. Unable to regain his balance, with flailing arms he collapsed onto the cold floor with a heavy thud.

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Ruby: “So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion!”

Sapphire: “We couldn’t have know they would do this…!”

Ruby: “This is where they’ve been! All the ones we couldn’t find! They’ve been here the whole time!”

Sapphire: “Rose couldn’t have known!”

Ruby: “This is punishment for the Rebellion!”

Sapphire: “It’s not our fault!”

Holy shit.

Shattered, deceased fallen of the Crystal Gems in the Rebellion. Collected. Physically melted together.

Fusion Experiments.

This is 1,000,000x more disturbing than Bloodbending.

chapter 55

juliette said “we were up very late last night” but i honestly think they were intimate maybe only 40% of the time, and in between that they were literally just tangled against the other, speaking from their hearts between kissing and touching. hair touches and face cradling and goosebumps and whispers and squinting at each other in the darkness. and then like four separate times they’re like “okay we need to go to bed” but end up rolling back over to each other again and embracing under the sheets as if their relationship will expire with the sunrise

Some Bismuth thoughts

Was it ever confirmed if Rose shattered Pink Diamond before or after she bubbled Bismuth? The consensus seems to be that it happened after Bismuth was bubbled - making Rose a giant hypocrite - but it would make sense (and still make Rose a hypocrite) if Bismuth was bubbled after Rose shattered Pink Diamond.

It could be that Bismuth saw Pink Diamond get shattered and went ‘holy shit, Diamonds can be shattered? Let’s take the war to Homeworld and deal with the other three!’ and then made the Breaking Point for that purpose. But Rose - maybe horrified by what she had done and also horrified by the toll the war was taking on Earth - refused to even consider the idea of attacking Homeworld.

Which would leave Bismuth with a lot of (justified) resentment - oh, so it’s fine for *Rose* to shatter a Diamond, but when Bismuth makes a weapon for doing exactly that then it’s *wrong*. And freeing Earth from Homeworld is fine, but freeing Gemkind from the Diamonds is going too far.

I know that Bismuth was bubbled before the final battle with Homeworld, but that might not have been the point where Pink Diamond was shattered. The final battle might have been when one or more of the other Diamonds attacked in response to Pink Diamond’s shattering. Unless it’s been confirmed that Pink Diamond *was* shattered in the final battle for Earth, in which case never mind.